Amazing: QSO Venezuela-Russia with several RTTY stations transmitting into the bandwidth during the RTTY Contest 2010: 



4 Responses to “ROS QSLs”

  1. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Download ROS F.A.Q. and read the Question number 12

  2. DJ1TU Says:


    With 4.50 I found out, that there is a hidden logbook. I have exported al my qso to ADIF and imported to DX4WIN (my normal loggbook program). So I found today about 10 calls, which are underlined, but the earlier not.

    Where are the loggbook data saved? (in Ini odr in adi)
    How can I get all the qso in the ROS logbook.

    Many thanks for the nice mode, which performs very well.

    73 de DJ1TU Klaus

  3. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hi Piero,

    I dont know how work eQSL. You or somebody could send an email to eQSL to include “ROS” in the database.

  4. IK5FKF Piero Says:

    Since 25 February, I made some QSO Ros mode. Then I stopped because I believe that 2250 Hz is too fast for a digital transmission.
    Today I downloaded version 2.9.2 and I’ll do some tests with 500 hz.
    I saw the eQSL …. the ROS was not available so I have indicated OLIVIA, others indicate MSFK16 or FSK441.
    It would be helpful to use all the same way, for example HFSK.
    Better yet do insert ROS mode in eQSL
    Thanks for your attention and IK5FKF 73 de Piero

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