On March 28 at 00:00:01 UTC, new improvements will be incorporated to ROS 16 HF Modes for 2250 and 500 Hz. It will improve even more the robutness again HF slow fadding and interferences. This possibility also that two stations can transmit with ROS 16 at the same time, however, that is not the main of ROS HF modes. The real objective of these improvements is to optimize the power of the rig (QRP communications).

In the case of ROS 8 bauds these improvements are already available (only we have to wait people with v2.8.0 change his old version).

Changes have been programmed previously in the software to avoid the chaos with the different versions. You just have to wait for D-Day and H-Hour and  if you are using latest version you should not have problems during the transition from the old to the new protocol.

To celebrate this new change, I have prepared a new version that measures the S/N Rate  and that allows us to estimate how much power you can reduce without losing the link. It will ready on March 28.

Thank you all for experimenting with ROS and contribute to its development. Enjoy it



  1. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hello Viktor,

    The windows performance Monitor show the mean Value of all processors.

    ROS show the maximum value of any processor


  2. Viktor Moser Says:

    Dear OM Jose Alberto,
    there is a significant difference in CPU usage indicated by ROS and the Windows Performance monitor. Normally it would not bother me, but there are mane dropouts due to CPU overload. Even disabling of the waterfall diagram doesn’t cure the problem…
    If you find a screenshot helpful, please let me know where to send.
    Nevertheless, thank you for the free distribution of ROS!
    73, Viktor

  3. RA3GGW Eugene Says:

    v5.8.3 – it’s cool ! Thanks!


  4. RA3GGW Eugene Says:

    Hi, Jose!

    When I started v5.8.0 this do return – “Run time error ’53’: File not found”
    May be it haw only me?
    My system – IBM ThinkPad T30 1.6Ghz 1Gb Windows XP SP3
    I hope my info be a useful for continue develop this soft.


  5. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    In LOG/ADIF menu you have to say where is the ADI file.

    ROS.ini is not neccesary to copy in the new versions.

  6. G3VCG Don Says:

    Hi Jose,
    I have installed ROS on a new computer running Win7.
    I also copied Ros.ini and adi files.
    When I run ROS and click on Stats it shows 0 in the qso box although there
    are 80 qso’s shown in the adi file.
    Can you please tell me how to get ROS to “see” the adi file ?
    Many thanks

  7. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    No possible in this momment.

  8. F5SZY Says:

    Hi José
    I have a suggestion : The resizing windows by stretching of the edges with the mouse would be very practical José. Best 73’s de F5SZY /Yves

  9. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hola Luis, descárgate el ROS F.A.Q en Español.

  10. Luis Guillermo Viñas Says:

    Por favor alguien me puede indivcar donde consigo como usar el Ros 16 y si existe un tutorial para este modo en español.

  11. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    It is a false alarm. You have to send an email to your antivirus support.

  12. Robert HB9DPZ Says:

    Hello José
    Is it normal to find the
    BitDefender Alerte Antivirus
    Nom Virus
    in your program ?
    Error ADIFdata.exe not found
    Vy S 73 Robert

  13. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    where is the link?

  14. IK4LHD Giuseppe Says:

    Ciao Jose

    volevo chiederti se è possibile aggiungere un collegamento per
    a me molto utile quando faccio collegamenti.
    Buon lavoro ancora complimenti ti seguo giornaliermente. Giuseppe

  15. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hi Alan,

    We tried ROS on WIN98 in Radio Club Carthago and it was not possible. We have problems with a DLL (another different). We downloaded the DLL and tried register but we could not registered.

    So, i think ROS only run for WINXP or superior.

  16. Alan G4GQL Says:

    Hi Jose

    forgot to add the message I get

    ”A required DLL file MSVBVM60.DLL not found”



  17. Alan G4GQL Says:

    Hi Jose

    I have loaded ROS into Vista and tested it with my FT817, works great!

    I cannot get it to work with WIN98 on a spare laptop I want to use for ROS

    Get message that some files are missing

    I did download file folder to CD and used CD to load onto my old Toshiba running win98

    Do I need any patch or any idea how to add the missing files

    I did set up which is OK, then install which then gives msg that files are missing

    regards es 73

    Alan G4GQL

  18. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Ok, i undernstand.

    I’ll remember for future versions.

  19. PE2KP Says:

    I know, but i can not put my FT1000mp M5 in PKT USB with my interfaces. That is only working in LSB. For RTTY, PSK, SSTV its all working, but not with your programme. If i can put it in reverse mode, ik will be good working to USB. Naw i can not do notting with this mode ROS.

  20. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hi, Adriaan, the standard is USB. Otherwise it would be a chaos for others Hams trying copy you.

  21. PE2KP Says:

    Haw can i setup it in reverse mode? I most transmit with my FT1000mp use PKT-mode LSB on 20 meter.

    73, Adriaan PE2KP

  22. George Says:

    keep it up Jose,
    Very good job indeed, I chech for any improvements / mods on a daily basis.
    I supported you from day 1.

    best regards es 73s de MALTA


  23. Giuseppe Ascione Says:

    Thank you for your efforts, I really appreciate it

  24. Federico Kremer Says:

    Si gustas, te ayudo.

  25. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Existir existe, pero tendría que ponerme primero las pilas con el Linux y luego adaptar el código. De momento voy a terminarlo para windows que no es poco.

  26. Federico Kremer Says:

    ¿existe la posibilidad de contar con una versión para Linux?

  27. Dan Says:

    Hello Jose,

    Your latest post is perhaps showing signs of a new humility entering the discussion.
    It was written in a nice style without the name calling and threats.
    Now, to bring ROS in from Pariah status, you should remove the ridiculous “blacklist”, apologise to all those hams who you have threatened with legal action, get your ham licence and join the worldwide community of experimenters.

    Then, perhaps you will have a chance to be seen as a serious contributor to the art of ham radio.

    Good development, keep up the new mood, it can only be good for you and those who support you.

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