New improvements for ROS1/2250

On April 9 at 00:00:01 UTC, a new improvement will be incorporated to ROS 1/2250. Now this protocol will use  a more diversity in frequency. This mode is the best opcion for QRP extreme over a HF channel. 

As before, changes have been programmed previously in the software 2 weeks ago, so you should not problems during the transition.

Also, by suggestion of Vladimir Shabaldas (VA3LLZ), i have add an option of RX AUTO to can receive automaticly at all the differents symbols rate.  As this require more CPU usage, you can decide if you want auto decode 16 and 8, or if you want auto decode at 16, 8 and 1.

You must check CPU Usage Gauge to know if you can use this option, or you can select AFC +-78Hz to reduce CPU Usage. As you have realized working with ROS, AFC of 78Hz is enough for the most of QSO’s.  

This new version will be upload today at 00:00.

Enjoy it

6 Responses to “New improvements for ROS1/2250”

  1. Ernst Wagener Says:

    Hi, Jose, downloaded V.3.5.2, mni tnx, now waiting for Next contact and calling CQ. Tnx agn es Best regards, ernst ,dh1bbj

  2. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Set AFC to 78 and Symbol Rate RX to “16-8”, and close the others programas

  3. Özhan Says:

    Hi Jose,
    Version 3.5.1 spends almost all of CPU power.(%85-95)
    There is something wrong.Pse do check it agn.
    Selam from Izmir

  4. VA3LLZ Vlad Says:

    Yes, It was bad conditions. Thanks.

  5. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    I think i have received something your at Twente 🙂

    RX1: CQ VA3LLZ K
    RX1: CQ VA3LNJ&@!G,
    RX1: ]C7PR%C\)5LAT5TJ

  6. VA3LLZ Vlad Says:

    Thank you wery much Jose Alberto!!
    Will test new version on weekend.
    73! Vladimir VA3LLZ

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