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Krasnodar-New Zealand on 14103 (10 watts)

11 April, 2010

New QSO Europe-New Zealand, RA6DJ (20 watts) with ZL2FT (10 watts) at 16 bauds with a ¡¡ Fade Marge of only 2 dBs!!.

In thats conditions is bettter down to 8 bauds (taking advantage of the ROS Auto RX options). Marge of 2 dBs is very poor for a long DX communication over HF. 

From Twiter (

via @ZL2FT: Woked Ivan RA6DJ on 20mtrs 14.103mhz Ros at 0424utc , 100% copy both ways, i was running 10 watts into my inverted vee with a Ic

Thanks for the info, Jason, and congratulations. At 8 bauds you could have used only ¡¡5 watts!!. At Twente i only could copy the messages from RA6DJ:

RX16: <04:24 UTC> <-15,6 Hz> ZL2FT    ZL2FT    ZL2FT    de  RA6DJ  RA6DJ  RA6DJ  kn  <STOP> <2 dB>
RX16: <04:26 UTC> <-15,6 Hz> ZL2FT   de RA6DJ My name is Ivan, my QTH is Krasnodar, Locator: KN95ma S/N: -21 dB, Marge: +2 dB  <STOP> <4 dB>
RX16: <04:27 UTC> <-15,6 Hz> RRRRRRStation: ROS v3.3.0 Beta, TS-850S 20W Ant. A3S Yagi tnx fer QSO,  GB 73. ZL2FT   de RA6DJ sk  <STOP> <-2 dB>
RX16: <04:28 UTC> <-15,6 Hz> Long path , Jason73!!! <STOP> <5 dB>
RX16: <04:29 UTC> <-15,6 Hz> 73! All the best!QSL via e-qsl ZL2FT   de RA6DJ  sk <STOP> <6 dB>