TEST ON 502 KHz with 2.5 watts

Message transmitted by G0NBD with 2.5 watts using ROS1/500 was copied 100% at Paris by F5WK .  (633 kms. using  an antenna round  1/400  efficient in 500 Khz band)

Congratulations for the experiments.

From: f5wk.michel@gmail.com
Subject: F5WK has received your Radio Message
Date: Mon, 3 May 2010 00:44:13 +0200

********** Please don’t reply to this email ********************
F5WK has received your Radio Message sent at: 22:44 UTC
Received Message: ‘<G0NBD@HOTMAIL.COM> 1234567890:) 2.5 W <STOP>’
Operator Info:
Callsign: F5WK
E-mail: f5wk@mterrier.net
Locator: JN18hp
Station: IC-7400 30 watts + vertical antenna
ROS Version: 3.5.1 Beta
Signal Info:
Channel: HF
Symbol Rate: 1 bauds
BW: 500 Hz
Frame Acquisition: 18/20
Final Acquisition: 11/16
Frequency Shift: -0,5 Hz
Symbol Error detected by Viterbi: 24%
S/N (2500 Hz): -33 dB, Fade Marge: +2 dB
Vumeter Level: -7 dB
CPU Usage: 34 %
Congratulations for the QSO 



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