ROS: First impressions of G0NBD

Subject: Re: ROS v3.6.0 Beta
Date: Thu, 13 May 2010 18:01:56 +0100

qsl  On 7  meg last night 2400 bst   had  qso  with  ve9dx  east coast  Canada , both using  ros / wide / 8  over  30 mins qso  , with  -NO- errors  apart  from my  live typing   … I would  say that  was the  first  long  error  free data   qso  with the  usa  on 7  I have  had since the   amtor -arq  fell  out  of  use .. and  then  I was using  250  watts  to the  vertical  Ae  (35 feet) …with  my  skanti  trp5000  marine  set ….  this time    only  20  watts  rf to the  Ae …from  the  ft897-d !


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