Changes on 40 meters

7050 USB  is replaced by 7055 USB

4 Responses to “Changes on 40 meters”

  1. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    They are legal in 2700Hz equal than us.

  2. Juergen (DF5WW) Says:

    I think it too but the reality says others ….. Much SSB-Stations between 7050 and 7060 kHz so the allowed bandwith in this part is 2700 Hz and that´s the ssb bandwith … they´re legal there and some ssb op will not change up to 7060 + +

    But we will se what happens …. i changed the frequeny to the new one with CO2DC (we was in QSO on the old one when i read this message) …..

  3. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:


    7050-7060 for Didimodes.

    7060-7200 SSB

    I think SSB operators have enough wideband above 7060.

  4. Juergen (DF5WW) Says:

    I think it´s not a good idea to change the ROS frequeny to 7055 kHz … ROS is used in the upper sideband and the ssb stations are working in the lower so i think it will be give a lot of QRM from ssb signals in the “new” channel …….

    73´s, Juergen

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