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ROS ADIF files

29 May, 2010

In the latest ROS versions now you can export your contacts to ADIF format using ADIF Button.

Select Path Folder on Log menu.

Changes on 10 meters

29 May, 2010

At the suggestion of some USA operators, we are changed ROS 10 meters frequency: Now is 28295 instead of 28305.  

USA Hams of the  “ROS is not SS” Platform are not agree with ARRL about ROS is view as SS, and they dont see any different between MT63 and ROS, except a more robutness for DX.

So they are going to use ROS on 10 meters.

Congratulations and enjoy ROS

New ROS Beacon System

29 May, 2010

Beacon Intelligent System has been incorporated to the ROS software.

You can select three Beacon Modes:

Beacon Report Mode: ROS tx a message every X minutes. When ROS decode any transmission, a Report Special Message is transmitted automaticly with the Signal Information Report.

Beacon Mode: ROS only tx a message every X minutes. Dont send any Report Special Message

Report Mode: This time ROS is only is listening. When ROS decode any tranmission then send the Report Special Message

After send the  Report Special Message beacon is disabled and it is re-armed only after a period of 2 minutes without detect any ROS activity.

At this way, Beacon don’t interfere when others users are doing a QSO in the same channel. Beacon only work when the channel is empty.

 Report Special Message can be defined by the user on Beacon Menu

ROS in French

29 May, 2010

Now, ROS v3.8.0 has the option of French Interface.

Translation courtesy of Jose F4BSX. Thank you very much!