New ROS Mode: ROS4 (Cuba-Australia Mode)

Jesús CO2DC from Cuba asked me for a mode to can stablish communication regularly with his friend Tim VK4YEH on Australia. 

ROS1 is too slow, so i have created this new mode that is fast enough for  a keyboard to keyboard communication (75 characters/minute)  and slow enough for a long path.

This mode has been baptized as “Cuba-Australia Mode

Enjoy it!

5 Responses to “New ROS Mode: ROS4 (Cuba-Australia Mode)”

  1. Tim Roberts Says:

    3 way qso using 4/500 on 40m.

    Jesus CO2DC , Gary ZL3GH and I VK4YEH had a successful 3 way qso on 40m 7055 today using 4/500, from about 0900z to 1000z.

    Grant VK4JAZ also joined in for a short time


  2. Tim Roberts Says:

    GE Guys

    Jesus and I have been playing with the new Cuba-Australia mode, and have discovered that 4/500 is at least 1dB better than 4/2250 on the Cuba to Australia path.

    Of course we have only looked at a small snippet of the spectrum and time of day. Our chats ave been from about 0830z until 0930z on 40m, 7055MHz.


  3. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:


  4. Tim Roberts Says:

    Jesus CO2DC and I had a nice QSO using 4/2250 today.

    Thankyou for the new feature Jose.


  5. Tim Roberts Says:

    Thanks Jose

    I look forward to using the new mode. We had a successful QSO on 40m using 7/125 a few days ago.

    I have to say that each new version gets better and better, and that I very much enjoy using ROS. It has the potential to be a real competitor to PSK


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