How to insert the callsign in ROS

 Now you can insert the Callsign, Name and Locator Box automaticly doing double click.

   Only in the case of QTH you have to:

    1) Click on the QTH Box
    2) Double click on the QTH data that you are recieving in the RX screen


8 Responses to “How to insert the callsign in ROS”

  1. Juergen (DF5WW) Says:

    Now it works …….. tu

    73´s Juergen

  2. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Donwload v3.9.2 again

  3. Juergen (DF5WW) Says:

    In ROS 3.9.2 the doubleclick don´t works here ….
    In ROS 3.8.9 it´s usuable ….

    73´s Juergen

  4. Goetz DJ3IW Says:


    I am not asking for a general change but just for an OPTION to change this frequency (only for my personal use).


  5. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    It is better center the tones on 1000 Hz than 1500 Hz if it was possible. Frequency response is better. For this reason, ROS 500 Hz is centered on 1000 Hz.

  6. Goetz DJ3IW Says:

    Yes Jose, I would like the tones for ROS 500Hz bandwidth centered also on 1500 Hz audio – as an option. Right now when switching from 2250Hz bandwidth to 500Hz bandwidth audio frequency is shifted to 1000 Hz.

    Greetings Goetz DJ3IW

  7. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    I dont understand the question very well.

    Tones are generated by the soundcard, not for the radio.

  8. Goetz DJ3IW Says:

    Hi Jose,

    would it be possible to add an option for a different audio center frequency when using 500Hz? All modern ICOM radios have the DATA mode (for digital with soundcard) centered on 1500 Hz and it cannot be changed. So it would be nice to have the option in ROS to use 1500 Hz also for 500Hz modes.Greetings de Goetz DJ3IW

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