Germany-Australia 15943 Km on 14112

Congratulations again for Tim VK4YEH and Sigi DG9BFC!!  Earth is too much little for you 🙂

Hi jose, I got a real good copy here with Tim:

I have only a wire dipole of 2x30m running east – west …. so with a beam on 20m it should work much better
on 20m the dipole fires almost no signal in tims direction (modelled the antenna with mmana) but still copy on both sides
yes the 15943km IS AMAZING ….it is dark (night) so 20m is almost closed … but ros still does a print 🙂

RX4: 21:40 @ -5,9 Hz: DG9BFC de VK4YEH QG62ll 73 tks for contact S/N: -22 dB, Marge: +7 dB <STOP> -14 dB 15943 Km @ 061º

So now I got a second qso with tim … one on 40m and one on 20m ….

Your soft really rocks!



3 Responses to “Germany-Australia 15943 Km on 14112”

  1. DK6AO Says:

    Schön! Nur – TX Leistung bei Dir und Stationsbeschreibung der Gegenseite sind interessant!

  2. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    It is a false alarm. You should send an email to bullguad support. They will review ROS and will fix the false alarm.

  3. Ernst Wagener Says:

    …congrats, sigi, de ernst, dh1bbj

    to Jose: downloading v4.3.3 I got this message: bullguad has stopped malware, infected file: Ros v4.3.3.Beta-Zip

    sri, 73, ernst, dh1bbj

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