Australia-Twente 16792 Km !! on 14115

This message was intercepted at Twente SDR (long wire antenna) from John VK7XX to F4FHY on 20 meters and ¡¡16 bauds!!.

This appear in my personal stats as the Farthest Contact recieved.  Now we understand why ARRL say that “ROS could produce interferences on HF Bands” 🙂 

John, don’t use ROS in Australia, please. You are producing interferences at Twente, hi hi  🙂

5 Responses to “Australia-Twente 16792 Km !! on 14115”

  1. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    John, IN38ng is the point separated 20.002 km from your QTH.

    In your “Stats menu” should appear what is your farthest message.

  2. John - VK7XX Says:

    Oh I forgot, my locator is QE38nq and not IN38nq.

  3. John - VK7XX Says:

    For information, this contact was via LONG PATH. I do not have distance calculator for long path so maybe someone can work it out.

  4. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Maximum possible would be: 6367 x PI= 20.002 Kms 🙂

    For VK7XX Locator it would be in IN38nq, approximately in the point where Bismark was sunk.

  5. SIGI DG9BFC Says:

    just checked that locator of vk7xx to my station … distance is 16679km so i could make a new record for myself but not beat the distance of 16792 😦 … so to beat that record i have to search for another vk station that has a greater distance

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