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England-South Africa on 30 meters

26 June, 2010

Great QSO reported by Dave, G3ZXX. 9035 km between England and South Africa (Ben ZS6ANZ) on 10144. Congratulations!

Just thought that it might be NEWS worthy, but I’ve just had a QSO with Ben ZS6ANZ, on 10144.

Contact was initially established using 8/500 but we had to change to 4/500 to complete the QSO.

Cheers & 73
Dave, G3ZXX

Australia-Canary Islands 17948 Km!!

26 June, 2010

New interferences  🙂 of John VK7XX in Europe. This time with Jorge EA8TL. ¡¡17.948 kms!! with ROS4.

S/N: 0 dB  (It means 29 dB!! of Fade Marge for ROS4)

Congratulations to John and Jorge for this Great QSO.