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Germany-Australia 15943 Km on 14112

21 June, 2010

Congratulations again for Tim VK4YEH and Sigi DG9BFC!!  Earth is too much little for you 🙂

Hi jose, I got a real good copy here with Tim:

I have only a wire dipole of 2x30m running east – west …. so with a beam on 20m it should work much better
on 20m the dipole fires almost no signal in tims direction (modelled the antenna with mmana) but still copy on both sides
yes the 15943km IS AMAZING ….it is dark (night) so 20m is almost closed … but ros still does a print 🙂

RX4: 21:40 @ -5,9 Hz: DG9BFC de VK4YEH QG62ll 73 tks for contact S/N: -22 dB, Marge: +7 dB <STOP> -14 dB 15943 Km @ 061º

So now I got a second qso with tim … one on 40m and one on 20m ….

Your soft really rocks!


¡¡400 miles with 150mW on LF Band!!

19 June, 2010


150 mW erp on 137 KHz , 400 miles into France MF-1 .. not bad eh ?
From: “Michel F5WK” <>
Sent: Saturday, June 19, 2010 8:36 PM
To: <>
Subject: Re: LF: 137.500 kHz ROS beacon
> Hi Gary,
> Not even a faint trace on a QRSS3 spectrum but:
>> RX1: 19:23 @ 5.9 Hz: 9 <STOP> -37 dB
>> RX1: 19:28 @ 5.4 Hz: O4WGT <STOP> -34 dB
>> RX1: 19:33 @ 5.4 Hz: G4WGT <STOP> -31 dB
> 73,
> Michel – F5WK JN18HP

Firs ROS QSO on LF Band

19 June, 2010

First ROS QSO on 136.5 Khz by Graham G0NDB and Gary G4WG.


TX1: 20:02 G4GWT  DE G0NBD  QSX 137 <STOP>
TX7: 20:06 G4GWT  DE G0NBD  QSX 137  <STOP>
TX7: 20:07 G4GWT  DE G0NBD  QSX 137  <STOP>
RX7: 20:08 @ 3.3 Hz   <STOP>
TX7: 20:09 no copy 137 pls  send  mf-1  mf-1  bkbk <STOP>
RX1: 20:10 @ 4.6 Hz: G0NBD
TX7: 20:12 G4WGT, de G0NBD S/N: -28 dB, Marge: +7 dB ..100% at  mf-1 sig just on the  edge this is what  printed
: túlD  Gk¬n  G0  ouo+zte eo
just need  a few  more  db’s   and will  be ok  …  my  rx is via  500  tuner .. sig ok .. 138 sig ok .. pc monitor  off  -no carrier- ..pls agn  ..btu  de g0nbd  <STOP>
RX1: 20:15 @ 5.0 Hz: G0NBD G4WGT PWR 150 NOW K <STOP> -25 dB
TX7: 20:17 G4WGT, de G0NBD S/N: -25 dB, Marge: +11 dB ok G ..looks better on spec lab ..pls agn  mf-7 bk <STOP>
RX7: 20:19 @ 3.3 Hz: G0NBD de G4WGT OK Graham just got my upper lower case wrong way, I can go more if you want, I n  n try 200 w K <STOP> -24 dB
TX7:  20:20 G4WGT, de G0NBD S/N: -24 dB, Marge: +3 dB ..200 watts  egor hihi .. no  thats 100 % print  Gary  we are  running out  of  first’s  to  do 🙂  thats fine now ..  no  qrm  this end , clean signal  on the  spe lab plot ..looks like the  x2 cct works !!  im runing 50  50 watts   just  decode  via delft at mf-1  ok
congratulations on the  first   137  ros  tx and  qso is the  time to  as for  reports on the  rsgb ref  ..that will   get  JR hopping  🙂
btu de g0nbd  <STOP>

ROS on LF Band

19 June, 2010

Now you can experiment with ROS MF (100 Hz)  in LF Band on 136.5 Khz USB.

ROS in Portuguese

18 June, 2010

ROS v4.1.1 has the option of Portuguese language.

Translation courtesy of Werther Krohling PU1BRA

Thank you very much!

Screen Resolutions in ROS v4.0.0 Beta

15 June, 2010

Now with ROS v3.9.3 Beta you can select the following screen resolutions:


ZB2BL in Gibraltar Chronicle

15 June, 2010

How to insert the callsign in ROS

11 June, 2010

 Now you can insert the Callsign, Name and Locator Box automaticly doing double click.

   Only in the case of QTH you have to:

    1) Click on the QTH Box
    2) Double click on the QTH data that you are recieving in the RX screen

ROS in German, Dutch and Czech

9 June, 2010

ROS v3.8.5 has the option of German, Dutch and Czech Interface.

Translation courtesy of Robert DL5GAC,  Henk PA3EZN and Zdenek Habala OK2PAD

Thanks to all


8 June, 2010

ROS v3.8.4 has the option of Italian Interface.

Translation courtesy of Andrea Massucco IZ1IVA. Thank you very much!