Liverpool-Brasil 25w Antenna vertical

Nice QSO reported by Graham G0NBD on 20 meters,  25w Antenna  35 ft  vert.  He was transmitting with 8 bauds, and PY6HL was using 16 bauds.


RX16: 22:09 @ -7.8 Hz: >>> G0NBD G0NBD de PY6HL PY6HL S/N: -19 dB, Marge: +7 dB pse kn <STOP> -13 dB

TX8: 22:10 PY6HL de G0NBD S/N: -13 dB, Marge: +10 dB Tnx – fr call My name is Graham, my QTH is Wallasey nr Liverpool, Locator: IO83LK how copy ? <STOP>

RX16: 22:11 @ -7.8 Hz: >>> G0NBD de PY6HL – >>> Name ED, Qth Bahia, Grid: HH05lf – Station: ROS v4.8.2 Beta >>> IC-706MKIIG 25w Broad Band Dipole – PC Asus >>> G0NBD de niq6HL – ae <STOP> -12 dB 8319 km @ 216º

TX8: 22:12 PY6HL de G0NBD ok ED good copy .. hr 25 w .. 35 ft vert .. ft897-d ..ok many thanks tnx fer QSO, 73. PY6HL de G0NBD sk <STOP>

RX16: 22:13 @ -7.8 Hz: >>> G0NBD de PY6HL – >>> Tnx nice qso dr Graham, hpe meet agn sn on ROS or JT65 Best 73 anfL de PY6HL sk …-.- <STOP> -16 dB

TX8: 22:14 PY6HL de G0NBD ok Ed many thanks ..nice dx qso hihi 73737 from wet liverpool hihi <STOP>

RX16: 22:15 @ -7.8 Hz: Tks Bye om …-.- <STOP> -15 dB

One Response to “Liverpool-Brasil 25w Antenna vertical”

  1. Minto Says:

    I hope oen day I can copy ur antenna.
    My call sign is YC 0 KH , a Ham Rad from Indonesia

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