New record: 19411 km!! 30W + dipole

Great QSO of EA3FHP ( with Pete, ZL2AUB using 30 watts and a simple dipole. They was using intelligently 8  bauds instead of 16 bauds

Note:  The record is in distance, not in Power.

2 Responses to “New record: 19411 km!! 30W + dipole”

  1. PhilW Says:

    Congratulations to EA3FHP and ZL2AUB. Very nice work indeedd.

  2. Minto Says:

    it was a great result. My name is Minto, a Ham Rad from call sign is YC 0 KH.
    I hope I can copy ur dipole. Any specials on that..???
    Pls Info
    rgrds, 73

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