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Dr Livingstone, again?

30 July, 2010

New African Record on 30 meters, this time a QSO of G0NBD with ZS6ANZ of 9438 kms using 20 watts  and 35 feet of  scaffold pipe    (home made vertical) . QSO started with 8 bauds (Marge 5 dB) and they finished using 4 bauds for more guaranties. Congratulations and thanks for the report. 

TX8: 19:35 ZS6ANZ de G0NBD k <STOP>
RX8: 19:36 @ -11.7 Hz: G0NBD de ZS6ANZ S/P: -21 dB, Marge: +5 dB <STOP> -21 dB
TX4: 19:36 ZS6ANZ de G0NBD S/N: -21 dB, Marge: +5 dB My name is Graham, my QTH is Wallasey nr Liverpool, Locator: IO83LK ….how copy ?? <STOP>
RX4: 19:39 @ -15.6 Hz: G0NBD de ZS6ANZ GE Graham My name is BEN, my QTH is VAALMARINA, SOUTH AFRICA,, Locator: KG43cc oCEs <STOP> -21 dB 9422 km @ 152º
TX4: 19:40 ZS6ANZ ok Ben fb , hr 20w 35 ft vert tnx vg dx qso . 73  gd dx ? tnx fer QSO, 73. ZS6ANZ de G0NBD sk <STOP>

Recieved at Twente SDR: