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QSO Venezuela-Australia

31 July, 2010

Francesco Picconne YV4GJN sent this screenshot of his first QSO with Australia in ROS with VK2CBL at 1:00 UTC. He was using ROS4 and 70W to a Carolina Windom short Antenna and he could be decoded at Twente SDR too. Congratulations! 

Francesco in Twente SDR:

RX4: 01:02 @ 62,5 Hz: VK2CBL  VK2CBL  VK2CBL  de  YV4GJN  YV4GJN  YV4GJN  kn  <STOP> -21 dB
RX4: 01:05 @ 60,5 Hz: VK2CBL de YV4GJN My name is Francesco, m<QTH is Valencia Venezuela, Locator:  FK50xf  <STOP> -18 dB  8080 km @ 264º
RX4: 01:09 @ 58,6 Hz: VK2CBL de YV4GJN Station: ROS v4.8.8 Beta Rig IC-706 MKII 70 Wtt. Antenna Carolina Windom short  <STOP> -20 dB
RX4: 01:14 @ 58,6 Hz: VK2CBL de YV4GJN tnx fer QSO, 73. VK2CBL de YV4GJN sk”MY FIRTS QSO IN ROS AUSTRALIA NICE NICE 73 EQSL CC” <STOP> -18 dB