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New ROS Alarm

6 August, 2010

New Alarm Options has been inserted in ROS software in the new Alarm Menu.

You can select the PC Speaker as before or play an audio file. In this case you would need have at least 2 soundcards.

You can select a song to wake up, for example “Chimo Bayo – Asi Me gusta a mí”


EB5DBW, the Spanish Burt Reynolds

6 August, 2010

In the late 70’s,  Burt Reynolds (Bandit) used a CB Rig while drove a Black Pontiac Trans Am in the film “Smokey and the Bandit” 1977.

Today, the new Spanish Burt Reynolds drive a Bus and uses ROS (The Bus is slower than Pontiac, but the consumption is similar, about 30 litres/100 km :- ). 

His name is Emilio, EB5DBW and when he is the co-pilot he does QSO’s in motion.

On Sat 31 July, Emilio did a Great QSO with CO2DC on 40 meters using 50 watts and the ATA-100 placed in the Bus Door. He could be decoded by Jesus exclusively to 4 bauds. ATA-100 is about 1.5 meters and it is a very inneficient antenna for DX on 40 meters, but ROS4 does the rest.

Pumares y los reproductores de DVD Nevir

6 August, 2010