EB5DBW, the Spanish Burt Reynolds

In the late 70’s,  Burt Reynolds (Bandit) used a CB Rig while drove a Black Pontiac Trans Am in the film “Smokey and the Bandit” 1977.

Today, the new Spanish Burt Reynolds drive a Bus and uses ROS (The Bus is slower than Pontiac, but the consumption is similar, about 30 litres/100 km :- ). 

His name is Emilio, EB5DBW and when he is the co-pilot he does QSO’s in motion.

On Sat 31 July, Emilio did a Great QSO with CO2DC on 40 meters using 50 watts and the ATA-100 placed in the Bus Door. He could be decoded by Jesus exclusively to 4 bauds. ATA-100 is about 1.5 meters and it is a very inneficient antenna for DX on 40 meters, but ROS4 does the rest.


One Response to “EB5DBW, the Spanish Burt Reynolds”

  1. Craig Says:

    Groovy man!!

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