IARU Region I and II. 18 Mhz Band

Complaints and Claims in http://www.iaru.org/

One Response to “IARU Region I and II. 18 Mhz Band”

  1. Edgar Schuell DL5MCQ Says:

    When I came home from vacation on September 6th I realized that ROS

    suggest 14,101 MHz in mode 16/2000 on 20 mtrs. When stations use this

    mode on 14,101 MHz USB they are causing a lot of trouble in the World

    Wide APRS Net14 overlapping with the GMSK APRS signals on 14,103

    LSB making decoding of APRS signals impossible.

    I`m user of Net14 and also user of the fantastic digital mode ROS.

    I suggest to use ROS 16/500 on 14,101 MHz USB like on 14,078 MHZ

    to solve this interference problem in the future.

    I know that it is hard to find frequencies for the increasing numbers of

    users of increasing new digital modes. So we should be careful not to

    disturb each other.

    73 and have fun with digital modes

    Edgar Schuell, DL5MCQ


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