How to import ROS.adi to HRD logbook

Click in Logbook -> Import

Select your ROS.adi:

With ROS v5.5.7 or superior QSO’s are not duplicated in HRD.

(thanks to EA8TL)

2 Responses to “How to import ROS.adi to HRD logbook”

  1. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Try v3.6.1


  2. Leslie Says:

    Thanks for the latest version but will not installo i9n Windows XP Proffesional. i have tried on 3 computer, 2 desk top and one laptop. All with the Pro. OS. All previuos programmes work just fine. Will not save anything at all. Will you make fix for this. I am sure there will others with the same problem.
    I do not think there a big difference betweenXp Ome and other versions.
    Never experienced this problems at all..
    All computers have XP Pro. OS.


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