New Macros

To configure Macros, click in Configure/Macros or click Right Button Mouse over any Macro Button.


Select the colours clicking on the Macro Button:


To eliminate a button left the name empty:


When Clear TX is checked, TX window is erased when you press that button.

2 Responses to “New Macros”

  1. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    I suposse it is for all modes, not only for ROS.

  2. Dr. H. Peuker, DL2DSD Says:

    Hi hams,

    please protect our dx-cluster. Do not produce ROS-spots for shortwave QSOs with QRB < 3000 km. Everybody with an amateur radio licence knows: DX means long distance.
    Dr. H.Peuker, DL2DSD

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