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How to import ROS.adi to MIXw logbook

11 September, 2010

Click in Import ADIF and select your file ROS.adi. QSO’s are not duplicated.

How to import ROS.adi to fldigi logbook

11 September, 2010

Click in Merge ADIF and select your file ROS.adi. QSO’s are not duplicated.

ROS on Facebook

11 September, 2010


Direct link:

User Profiles

8 September, 2010

The new feature allows ROS sharing between multiple users (four) that use different macros or personal data.

Click on User Profiles to enter Usernames.

When you start ROS select the user.

ROS Hungarian translation

8 September, 2010

Hungarian translation courtesy of Biro Tamas HG1DFB. Many thanks!

CT1BWI, 599 in Australia

8 September, 2010


73, CT1BWI

Netherland-Brunei QSO

7 September, 2010


Had a nice QSO with V85TX:

TX16: 17:27 V85TX de PE2KP V85TX de PE2KP <STOP> 14,103 Mhz
TX8: 17:30 V85TX de PE2KP My name is Adriaan, my QTH JO22xe, S/N: -14 dB, Marge: +12 dB V85TX de PE2KP <STOP> 14,103 Mhz

RX16: 17:36 @ -15,6 Hz: PE2KP de V85TX S/N: -10 dB, Marge: +13 dB pse k <STOP> 0 dB 14,103 Mhz

TX16: 17:38 V85TX de PE2KP tnx qso , info , QSL via Buro – No eQsl , 73 cul PE2KP <STOP> 14,103 Mhz

Lot of QRM of calling stations , but nice QSO over 10850km with 50 Watt
and dipole.

73, Adriaan PE2KP

Link to QRZ

7 September, 2010

Click on the QRZ icon to go directly to QRZ site.

Soundcard configuration

6 September, 2010

Test your soundcard configuration selecting the right Recording Input  in the Windows Mixer. There is only two possibilities to connect your external Rig:  Microphone or Line-In. If you have select Wave IN  then you have a wrong ROS soundcard configuration. WAVEIN is only for web SDR’s (like Twente) or for decode an example audio file (like TheManOf TheVara.wav).

 Click in Options and Recording.  

Select your Recording Device:

Finally, select audio Input (Mic or Line IN)  and adjust the Input Audio level.


Output Volume can be adjusted using the slider in ROS. It works only in TX mode, at the momment.

ROS Spot Display

5 September, 2010

When somebody send a spot to you, the message will appear in the next display. With these two icons you can show/hide the message or reply to the Spotter.

If you want to reply click on Monitor icon:

Enjoy it