ROS on 27 Mhz

New ROS frequency for enthusiastic CB users

You need a SoundCard Interfacing to use ROS with your CB Rig. Some interfaces use a optocoupler to switch the PTT. The optocoupler output current is not enough for a lot of CB Rigs. You should use then the typical 2N2222 transistor or, if you want a complete isolation, use a reed relay.

On Rig Menu, set PPT via COM and select your Serial Port Number. Pin is usually RTS (according your interface).

To do test, you can active the ROS Beacon.


Some enthusiastic CB links:

10 Responses to “ROS on 27 Mhz”

  1. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Está en 12 idiomas. Donde pone “languaje”, ese significa idioma.

  2. Agus Ostolaza Says:

    Hola para poder moverse en este programa existe versión en español, es una pena pero es que en ingles no tengo ni idea.

  3. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hola Jose Manuel,

    Lo cierto es que para DX todo el mundo está en los altos, y ROS no va a ser menos. De hecho la frecuencia internacional de llamada es 27555 (ilegal).

  4. José Manuel Says:

    Hola José Alberto,

    Con la nueva versión de ROS, se ha cambiado la frecuencia CB a 27.505 Mhz. Ya comentaras el porqué. Mi opinión es que la frecuencia 27.395 Mhz está dentro de los 40 canales concedidos en España y era más legal si cabe.

    Un saludo.

  5. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hi Ron,

    I have a PC on 27505 in Beacon-Report mode, but no signal at the momment.

    Expires time will be more great for the next year, and i suposse in the future the software will not expires. But now, i am working in a automatic CAT software for ROS. So, i have a lot of work yet 🙂

  6. 19PG149 Ron Says:

    Well i tried it out for a few days,calling and calling but no luck.
    That seems strange because when i watch the ERC list there must be a few users.
    Maybe we must say, next Zaterday the 18è we try to make some connections and see what happens.
    Let us tried out ROS and make it a new mode we can used on 11 meter.
    (Its nice to watch the amateurs using ROS on 14mhz and see what distance the can make)
    I have one question for MR. Jose Alberto;
    is er a final ROS? someone that not expires after a few days, that would be great.
    And Mr Jose,what ever the say,keep going on,your doing a great job for a lot of amateurs.

    greetings the Ron

  7. 30SK79 Agustín Says:

    There are some stations at 27.500 (hello RON) but they are few.Now,I calling on 27.505 for ROS mode many TNX José Alberto for remenber CB users.

  8. 19PG149 Ron Says:

    great idea, used it now for sometime on 27.500 mhz usb,because its the digital frequencie,there are not so many stations yet,but i made a connection with a french station. I will give it a try to see if anyone responds to me in ROS,keep up the good Work.

    greetings the 19PG149 Ron

  9. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hi Dejan,

    Tomorrow from 10:00 UTC i will be active on 27 Mhz with ROS 4 bauds.

    We could try a QSO.

  10. Dejan Says:

    ROS at 27 mhz, it should be tried out 🙂

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