ROS CAT have been configurated for an optimum operation with ROS.


* Fast scanning
* Automatic setting interface parameters (RTS, CTS, DTR)
* Automatic Mode selection (USB, DIG-U or Packet-U)
* Automatic shift configuration for Packet-U mode (FT-950 and others)
* WIDTH to 2400Hz
* Contour to OFF
* Preamplifier OFF below 15 Mhz
* Preamplifier ON above 15 Mhz
* NR Filter to OFF
* Notch Filter to OFF
* VOX to OFF
* Split Mode to OFF
* SWR flag
* SWR Protection: In case of Hi-SWR, transmission is cut automatically.
* Squelch flag
* Power Slider on  main panel (Power in Watts or %)
* Tune operation on main panel
* PTT and CAT through the same or different port (virtual ports are not needed) 

Note1: These features are not available for all radios.


Tuner, Power Slider and Squelch Flag:


SWR Protection: In case of Hi-SWR, transmission is cut automatically. Useful for Beacon operation. (With the Test Tone Switch, this feature is disconnected)


HI-SWR Flag:


Thanks to:

EA5HUK (old EB5DBW): FT857
EB4FMT(Digicat): TS2000, FT736, FT817, FT857, FT897,
EA5HJY: FT950, IC725, IC707
F1BLZ: FT847
EB1MS: FT897
G0NBD: FT897
RN6AM: FT990
EA8TL: IC7000
EA3BKZ (Astroradio): PowerSDR
EA3OG: FT817
LA2VRA: FT2000
PA0HOP and PE8ROB: FT857/897
F5BQV: FT897
F1VS: FT897
F1EX: FT817
DD5XL: Ten-Tec Jupiter
DK5GM: FT847
VE2JD: TS-850

28 Responses to “ROS CAT”

  1. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    no idea Gerd

  2. Gerd Krause Says:

    Hello I have a problem with the Cat control:
    Yaesu FT757GXII
    I always get the message: “Rig not found”
    For all other programs the cat control works. Only at ROS and Opera not!
    Is there any help there?

  3. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    What is your CI-IV adress?

    should be “5E”

  4. Vic Says:

    Hi everybody.
    Does any have success with CAT + IC-718?
    I already get a message “Rig not found” but my IC-817 work nice with other program using CAT.
    Is it mu own problem or common one? Who know solition?
    Thanks in advance…

  5. Frans Says:

    I am using an IC7000 and can’t interface it to ROS v6.1.9 or v6.1.8 on either on XP or windows 7. When using XP it is also asking me to install “Insert “NI Server Explorer 7.0″ disk and click OK.” several times. I have been igoring it and it seems to be operating OK.

  6. ea3gnr Says:

    retiro lo dicho!!!
    ahora funciona 100%, el ROSCAT FUNCIONA!! detecta la emisora y pasa a modo emision, cosa que antiguamente nunca habia funcionado 🙂
    espero pronto poder mandar reportes y contactos en este modo



  7. ea3gnr Says:

    la icom 775DSP no es detectada de ninguna manera, uso el DIGICAT y funciona perfectamente el cable con HRD, por lo cual descarto fallo del cable


  8. Walter Says:

    Hallo Jose
    many thanks vor the Info.
    Now its all O.K.

  9. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hi, Walter.

    For the FT847, you have to select “Audio input by Mic” if you want do PTT via CAT.

  10. Walter Says:

    Good morning,
    I use FT847 and FT897.
    CAT PTT have always work with those RIGs but now with the Version 6.1.7 only
    with FT897.
    In the old Version 6.0.3 its works fine
    Hope you can solve this problem.Thanks in advance
    73 de Walter DL2OL

  11. Pat Says:

    Good evening.
    I use IC-703+ and interface is microKEYER II.
    CAT have always work with those RIG but now with the Version 6.1.6
    I become always the message “RIG not found”.
    I use digital settings
    Computer generated audio fed to : Line input (rear) not Microphone.
    Hope you can solve my problem.Thanks in advance
    73 de Pat ON2AD

  12. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    do you have the audio input by Mic or by Rear connector?

  13. Waletr Says:

    The CAT – PTT on FT847 do not work

  14. Yvonnick Says:

    Good evening,

    I have a problem to configure the cat.

    If I chose for setup :
    Rig Control = CAT
    Company = Kenwood
    Model = TS-850
    I have ” RIG NOT FOUND ”

    My interface is : Kenwood IF-232

    73 .from f4byf

  15. Pinto Says:

    Boas noites.
    No meu caso, com o TS 2000, depois da V6.0.3 nao trabalhou mais.
    O PTT e o audio via (com5) funciona bem, mas o cambio de banda e a freq. no.
    Boena manera de poner los ussuarios de la Kenwood fora de joego (jogo).
    Ja tenho saudades da V6.0.3 (Que boena eras V6.0.3) Voelve.
    Pinto – ct1ano

  16. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Sorry, ROS CAT doesn’t work with old interfaces that requires supply interface by RTS pin.

    Use other interface.

  17. jean michel Says:

    my cat stop working with version 6.0.7 and 6.08. I use a kenwood ts870s with an adaptator usb/rs232. My tx worked well with cat on version 6.0.3

    any changement possible??
    many thanks in advance and happy new year

  18. Ulrich Says:

    Hallo José ,
    up to now I could use either PTT or CAT but not together.
    Today I load update V6.0.5 and all components work accurately together !
    Congratulations !!
    (my equipment: IC 718 — usb/cat-interface ONE (DC2PD/DC6JN9) — PC

    73! de Ulrich DO7UB

  19. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    You have an email

  20. F5SZY Says:

    If I chose for setup :
    Rig Control = CAT
    Company = Kenwood
    Model = TS-950
    I have ” RIG NOT FOUND ”

    My interface is : IF-232C for Kenwood

  21. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    With Rig Control = COM you cannot control the CAT. The option should be Rig Control = CAT.

    New version will include RTS+DTR option.

  22. F5SZY Says:

    Good morning José

    My Computer and Radio Setup are :
    – Windows 7 Ultimate X64 bits and 6 Go RAM

    My configuration with ROS 6.03 is:
    Rig Control = COM
    PTT Port = COM3
    PTT Pin = RTS + DTR
    ROS v6.03 works perfectly. All is ok

    My configuration with ROS V6.04 is:
    Rig Control = COM
    PTT Port = COM3
    PTT Pin = only RTS. ( not work )
    with only DTR ( not work )
    Impossible to choose RTS + DTR
    ROS V6.04 does not work
    1) In the menu Scan is grayed
    2) The CAT does not work . Impossible to change frequency
    I assume that for TS-950SDX IS NEEDED RTS and DTR but in your version 6.04 is not possible de put the RTS – DTR together in PTT Pin.

    I forgot to say you that in version ROS v6.04 the button TUNER do not appear and that Power Slider + the button Tune do not appear also
    I come back for the moment in ros v6.03
    Best 73′s José and Happy New Year 2011

  23. Iñaki(EA2CVV) Says:

    Gracias Por contestar tan rapido, te he mandado un correo con la respuesta, sigue sin funcionar.

  24. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Tienes un correo

  25. Iñaki(EA2CVV) Says:

    Buenas tardes, alguien puede ayudarme?

    con la nueva version del programa 6.0.4, no hay forma de que me reconozca la kenwood ts440s, antes no tenia ningun problema, tengo dos cables com, conectados uno para la kenwood y otro para la Icom 7400, con esta ultima no hay problema, pero con la kenwood que es la que utilizo para digitales, no hay forma, alguna sugerencia?

  26. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Thanks Bert,

    You have an email.

  27. Bert Says:

    Hi Jose,

    as I told you by eMail, CAT to a Ten-Tec Jupiter doesn’t work properly.

    But if you need some help at testing, feel free to contact me. The Jupiter and myself are happy to support your development.

    73 de Bert, DD5XL

  28. francesco Says:

    buon giorno sono ik1lry non so come mai non riesco a scaricare il ros v6.0.4beta vi ringrazio ik1lry op francesco

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