10 dB Audio Output Attenuator

Some soundcard interfaces need an extra audio attenuation to avoid ALC saturation. A 10dB attenuator has been added in Soundcard Menu.

(And Happy New Year 2011 )

5 Responses to “10 dB Audio Output Attenuator”

  1. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    For the next version, attenuator to 10 dB.

  2. SIGI Says:

    hello jose
    okay cat does not work (yet) in newer versions …
    the audio attenuator is fine … but a bit to much …
    without using the attenuation i have to put wave and line out near minimum (one marker up on both sliders)
    so very difficult to control output power

    with attenuation i can put both sliders to max but do not get full output
    about 3-5 db missing or so
    so only 10db would be better
    something lower possible???

  3. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Open your email

  4. Attila Says:

    I am keen amateur of all modes and especially those new was. ERC#0241 after I got work, I turned to the new v6.1.4 beta version of ROS , release of the first error message “713” I want to ask you what to do next ?? Regards Attila YO5BYV 73&DX

  5. Attila Says:

    ??????? ERROR “713”

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