Similar to eQSL.cc and HRDLog.net, QSO’s can be exported to HAMLOG.EU easily. Thanks to Zoli HA9RQ.

Select  Open QSO exported  if you want check the QSO recorded.


20 Responses to “HAMLOG.EU”

  1. antonio Says:

    tnx very good qsl 73 ik1hgi Antonio

  2. ROLAND Says:

    Bonjour à tous & toutes,
    Mon inscription est récente, je suis satifait de découvrir ce site web afférent à la radio localisation, ceci me plait beaucoup, meilleurs félicitations à toute l’équipe de HAM-Radio. Cordialités de F11DQP de FRANCE. 73,s

    Hola a todos y todas,
    Mi registro es reciente, me SATIF para descubrir este sitio web en relación a la ubicación de la radio, me gusta mucho, la mejor felicitación a todo el equipo de la HAM-Radio. F11DQP cordial de Francia. 73, s

    Hello all & all,
    My registration is recent, I SATIF to discover this website relating to the radio location, I like this a lot, best congratulations to the entire team of HAM-Radio. Cordial F11DQP of FRANCE. 73, s

  3. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Over the file ROS 6.5.3 Beta.exe

  4. Peet Nel Says:

    I don’t understand – where must I right click to find the send to to create a shortcut

  5. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Right button–> Send to–> desktop create shortcut

  6. Peet Nel Says:

    When I unzip the file and install the program, there is no shortcut available. How do I create a shortcut for this program on my desktop.

  7. f6fxl Chris Says:

    Hi José, i am back in France after 1 year in Slovakia and very surprised by yhe Ros software progress , congratulations for these evolutions. But i have a problem with cat putting always my ic746 on antenna 2 even with 1 in the setup. A solution?
    Thanks 73

  8. 9W2XAN Says:

    I am From West Malaysia, My Facebook is Amizan Yutaka, to be friend with me please go there,….73s.

  9. Dusan Says:

    tnx very good qsl 73!

  10. teruna_9w2xcp@yahoo.com Says:

    i am a Ham From malaysia ….at my facebook nama is teruna indera kayangan byeeeee

  11. antonio reis Says:

    taksthe prog. de ct4rc

  12. vittorio Says:

    73 all operator radio in de world de iz8iet vittorio my city is caserta italy sud os 30km city napoli – my preferenze qso all digital and ssb 40m 20m

  13. Basil Rodriguez Says:

    I am a ham from Manila. I became a ham when I got my ticket in 1983.
    I created the PH Ham Ragchewers Group at FaceBook. My facebook account name is: Basilio Rodriguez You can find my picture there.You can also post your picture but do not forget to tag them.73 and Mabuhay
    de DU1BR Basil

  14. Frank Says:

    Me parece que este log EU ,es marabilloso,por que asi puede estar al dia
    de sus contactos 73 de EA5DXB Frank.

  15. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    open your email

  16. Vlad Says:

    The problem with the TS 590, no management СAT, virtual com3 (USB) 115200
    help thank

  17. Victor Manuel Lopez Jiron Says:

    Es muy Bueno amigos

  18. John Says:

    Please cancel my previous message. After 45 minutes of trying, rebooting computer many times and searching through registry for errors and running the install about 50 times, suddenly and for no apparent reason, it worked and my old version is now updated. 🙂

  19. John Says:

    I cannot install ROS
    When I start the ROS Install.exe I get an error message that says ” Error registering. Close all applications and run ‘install.exe’ again. I have closed everything but I still get this error message. Can anyone suggest what I should do now ??

  20. d'alise valentino Says:

    tnx very good qsl 73

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