Mr. ROS Interview on Onda Cero Córdoba

367. José Alberto Nieto ea5hvk. Ros, un innovador sistema que rompe barreras en las comunicaciones digitales

One Response to “Mr. ROS Interview on Onda Cero Córdoba”

  1. marc f5rku Says:

    hello dr om
    congratulation for prog and developpement
    i am secretary of french club F8KKH
    we active a special call for our 90th anniversary in concordance with french legislation
    a real problem occur our activation
    our special call TM90RCNF special call is not agreed with ROS program

    are you abble to rectifiate this problem soon ?
    for information this call is active from february to july

    i hope ROS mode should accept such a special authorized call soon

    best regards

    marc F5RKU secretary of F8KKH club

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