APC (Automatic Power Control)

This new system adjusts the RF Power depending on Fade Marge you want to have and using the reports recieved. Thus, communications can be more efficient.

In the APC menu, select the Fade Marge and the Power Limit for this system. +10 dB is an enough value for Fade Marge, but you can experiment with lower values. 

APC is switched with the APC switch.

Important: Logically, this system requires a CAT interface and a rig with the possibility of controlling the RF power by commands, unless you have a robotic arm connected to the serial port.

3 Responses to “APC (Automatic Power Control)”

  1. Mike G0AMO Says:

    Thanks Jose – I have CAT but for an ICOM706 so no power control I guess. Thanks for reply 73 de Mike G0AMO

  2. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hi Mike,

    First, you need to have CAT and the posibility of adjust the power in your Rig via CAT.

  3. Mike G0AMO Says:

    On APC there are no slide controls to adjust – all I can see are two empty columns??

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