Interfaces with audio potentiometers

Some interfaces have external or built-in potentiometers for the audio input adjustment to the soundcard. Unfortunately, this potentiometer is adjusted in some interfaces for a minimum volume output and it is not appropiate for weak signals detection. Test have shown that you could loss until 10 dB of reception if this potentiometer is not properly adjusted.

Recommended to adjust this potentiometer for the maximum audio. After, adjust the audio input properly using the Windows Audio Mixer until the ROS VU marks about -5 dB or -4 dB.

5 Responses to “Interfaces with audio potentiometers”

  1. Dave Says:

    no other software open mixw closed down if I try to use com port instead of cat or vox only showing 3 com ports

  2. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    do you have other software opened?

  3. Dave Says:

    Can not configure rig scan does not find rig using rigexpert with ft-1000 mk v

  4. sigi Says:

    ps switching off the preamp in mixer and using higher level in the interface gives also better performance

  5. sigi Says:

    i made SEVERAL weak signal tests with dream (drm decoding) and also with ros, olivia, psk digi-sstv ….and many others ….

    in some interfaces turning pot FULL up would give tooo much audio …
    some user use speaker out!!

    hard to control the level this way as in some interfaces turning up give so much power that the win mixer is overloaded if you pull the record mixer just a bit up …. what i found out best is to make a mix of both

    put the record mixer to center (that you can put it higher or lower if needed) …. now turn the pot of the interface up to give you the right level …. that way it works much better
    and you have enough headroom in the mixer for going higher or lower
    (gives also best dynamic range of soundcard)
    beta fuction control

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