Selective decoding

From 3 August 2011, the new ROS Mode accepts selective decoding and it will not be compatible with the present ROS Mode.

In position ALL decode any message (recommended for SWL operation).

In position RN6AM only decode RN6AM transmissions (recommended for QSO operation).

3 Responses to “Selective decoding”

  1. VK7XX - John Says:

    re “Selective decoding”

    Finally…. I suggested this feature well over a year ago. THANKYOU, it is long overdue.


  2. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    I will try for next versions

  3. Charles Mintoff Says:

    I wonder if it is possible also to add the very popular logbook MXLOG Thanking you in advance.
    Charlie 9H4CM

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