ROS Polar test

Polar test?….passed 🙂


5 Responses to “ROS Polar test”

  1. Andrew O'Brien Says:

    The digitalradio group has “opinions” just like other groups. Some are quite positive about ROS.

  2. sigi Says:

    why are the mythbusters here on this page?!?
    cause the myth that ros work over polar path is now well tested (and passed) ?!?
    greetings from dl

  3. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hi hi, known as “Anti-ROS Digital Group”

    Here you have the prediction with Europe:

  4. peter Says:

    any one know the band and times ???,,,, the gringo’s on digitaradio
    will be foaming at the mouth and trot out all the conspiracy theory’s
    once again !

  5. G.. Says:

    Bill and Ben the flower pot men I presume , some time on ?

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