Rigblaster Interface No Compatible with ROS Mode

Some ROS users are having problems to run Rigblaster interface with ROS.

The majority of commercial soundcard interfaces use the DATA rear connector recommended by the manufacturer for the AFSK operation. And ROS have been designed to be used with this kind of interfaces.

However, some interfaces such as Rigblaster, use the Front Mic connector to inject audio to the rig instead of DATA rear connector. This option requires a different configuration besides it can generate distortion if you have the Audio Voice processor active or another voice filters.

For this reason, ROS and Opera softwares are not compatibles with this kind of interfaces.

2 Responses to “Rigblaster Interface No Compatible with ROS Mode”

  1. iv3vjhamateurradiostation Says:

    Reblogged this on IV3VJH AMATEUR RADIO STATION.

  2. John Stafford Says:

    My rigblaster works just fine and i use the mic jack not the data port
    U just have to watch your audio level.
    Also the rigblaster can be wired up to the data port if you wish
    i have done both types with my rig and could tell no difference.

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