ROS Yahoo Groups

2 New Official Yahoo Groups for help and question about ROS mode. In English and Spanish.

English version: 

Versión española:   

by Felo YV5GRV

10 Responses to “ROS Yahoo Groups”

  1. David Grubbs Says:

    7044 kHz as only 40 m frequency is usually busy with CW and RTTY. A better frequency for 40 m (for US hams) would be 7080 kHz +. Thank you.

  2. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    I dont know what is the backgroung noise of PLCs, but with a portable you will found the problem easily. Could be your neighbourg.

  3. kim g0okx Says:

    Good morning Jose Alberto, Thanks for coming back. Yes, laptop power supply is noisy and have isolated that, along with printer, phone/broadband line etc., radio run from linear pwr supply. However, noise is picked up off dipole antenna. Now, solid white noise s5 on 14Mhz and less, up to S8 with pwr line noise on top, intermittently. Will have to borrow portable radio to trouble shoot. I wonder if it is PLC (power line communications)? What is your background noise on S meter and is it White Noise and/or usual powerline noise? Cheers.

  4. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    disconnect the Power Supply of your Laptop

  5. kim g0okx Says:

    New subject: Good morning. I’m back on the air after an absence of many months. However, at this QTH dreadful “White Noise” 1.8-14Mhz up to S6, 18Mhz=S2, 24Mhz=S3, others <S1/2. Bands virtually unusable! Is there anyone else who suffers from the same malaise?

  6. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Usually, i am disagree with who says “ROS is a virus” or “a NATO proyect that uses to Hams” or “must be illegal in USA” and others stupid things.
    ROS users want a free trolls group. As Groucho Marx said, a child of five years would understand this.

  7. K2NCC Says:

    Why do you hate people who disagree with you? You spend more time fighting than you do working OM!

  8. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    ROSDIGITALMODEMGROUP was used to do campaign anti-ROS during the first days.

  9. K2NCC Says:

    Joined yours, but membership should be approved. Allowing someone to join without moderation invites spammers.

  10. K2NCC Says:

    But there is already a good English Yahoo group for ROS!

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