Opera S/N data recovery from PSK- map now operational

We can now announce that the recent issue of Opera version 1-4-3 S/N data recover for individual spots, uploaded to the PSK-Reporting map is now operational.

Access to the data may be achieved via two routes

1 Using the Map, entering the call-sign of the wanted station , selecting the ‘show logbook’ function , then allows recovery of spot data in ADIF format of the last 24 Hours or Last 7 days

2 Using a URL provided by Philip, in command line format, the station and the number of days may be directly entered. This method provides the user with a definable number of days and the data is presented in a zipped CSV format, directly compatible with excel allowing searches etc to be performed, the download limit being 50,000 records


This is the general format of the URL search equerry , this is a temporary method to allow direct access, to use, replace the call with the wanted one , and the number of days that are required .

Philip is undertaking general review of the search facilities, the outcome of which, will be a more streamlined interface. To this end , if users have any suggestions as to what would be useful in terms of searches , parameters etc , then please post them for consideration .

Conversely, if users are able to code spread sheets or mapping applications using the recovered data, these would also be appreciated by the wider user set.

Many thanks to Philip for providing this function for the Opera system , this representing a major advancement in the project, the lack of data storage / recover has been a major deciding factor in the wider use of the system and we look forward to future improvements.

Graham, G0NBD

One Response to “Opera S/N data recovery from PSK- map now operational”

  1. G Says:

    Additional search parameters may now be used …

    Search parameters may be set using the URL command line entry , its now possible to recover ALL who decode a station TX , ALL a station has decoded and , both data sets. the data is recovered in a zip CSV file and may be directly loaded into Excel


    To use the facility , set the number of DAYS=X and the search parameter to :-





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