24 hour ROS marathon!!!

Hello ROS fans.

24 hour ROS marathon!!!

Short rules for ROS Marathon:

Date: 27.07.2013 – 28.07.2013
System: ROS symbol rate 4 and 8
Channel: 25
Frequency: 27.245 MHz
Modulation: USB
Start: Saturday 12:00 UTC
End: Sunday 12:00 UTC

Please “no beacons” on! This can destroy QSOs!
Please used as mentioned above, the TX symbol rate 4 or 8

Please tell all on. Not everyone has internet!
Those who wish may copy and publish this on.



One Response to “24 hour ROS marathon!!!”

  1. Bernd Says:

    OK Nice I am Standby de 21SM13 ,Bernd in Sweden 73 !!!
    HP is http://www.hamburger-frogfoto.de RUBRIK is 13DL22 by by

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