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ROS v7.4.0

10 January, 2011

  ROS v7.4.0 (Weak Signal Radio Chat)

  Opera v1.6.4 (Weak signal ASK Beacon)

  Le ROS, qu’est ce que c’est ?   (by F1UCG)   

  ROS F.A.Q. v3.0  

  ROS F.A.Q. v3.0  

  ROS F.A.Q. v3.0 

  Análisis Modo ROS (by ANgazu)  

  El Modo ROS I, II y III – Revista CQ  (by EA3OG)  

  El modo Opera – Revista CQ  (by EA3OG)  

  ROS Guia Rapida (by EA5HIZ) 

  AirScatter 144Mhz with Opera (by EB5AL) 

  ROS according the ARRL “technical experts”  

  Spread-Spectrum?- No, it’s not!  (by G4WNC)  

  Windows 7 audio tips  (by EA1II)  

  Signalink USB modifications  (by G8APM) 

  G0HDI’s Ros Mode Page  (by G0HDI)  

  Welcome to the Opera  (by G0HDI)  

  Opera Dynamic Search (G0NBD)  

  Le mode ROS  (by 14GIM035)   

  ROS tutorial (by CS7AEL)   images (25 x 17)

  ROS Mode (by IK1AMC)   bandera-italia (25 x 17)

  Opera Generator (Source Code)