The opinion of experts about ROS

Jim Shaffer WB9UWA 

IMHO, this is no more spread spectrum than JT65x, WSJT or PSK31 is.
If you understand the reason for the spread spectrum rules, then
it becomes easy. There is a lot more room above 222Mhz.
A mode that fits inside an SSB bandwidth should never be
considered spread spectrum. By definition, if it fits inside
the SSB bandwidth then the signal is not spread out. That’s
so easy even our XYL’s would understand it (Ok, maybe eventually).
You can argue about FM if you want to, then we talk about how
wide is wide and it becomes less clear. Even FM is off limits
below 28Mhz. It’s a bandwidth issue. IMHO the person saying
that the ARRL is using an illegal mode needs further education. 🙂
The FCC said it’s up to us to decide, right? It’s clear to me
that ROS can not be spreadspectrum due to its narrow bandwidth.
That’s as silly as saying that a CW signal bounced off an Aurora
becomes Spread spectrum. Encription is a separate issue and we
could easily encript CW if we wanted to.


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