ROS v7.2.7

  ROS v7.2.7 (Weak Signal Radio Chat) 

  Opera v1.5.4 (Weak signal QRSS Beacon)

  Le ROS, qu’est ce que c’est ?   (by F1UCG)   

  ROS F.A.Q. v3.0  

  ROS F.A.Q. v3.0  

  ROS F.A.Q. v3.0 

  El Modo ROS I, II y III – Revista CQ  (by EA3OG)  

  El modo Opera – Revista CQ  (by EA3OG)  

  ROS Guia Rapida (by EA5HIZ) 

  Análisis Modo ROS (by ANgazu)  

  Windows 7 audio tips  (by EA1II)  

  Signalink USB modifications  (by G8APM) 

  G0HDI’s Ros Mode Page  (by G0HDI)  

  Welcome to the Opera  (by G0HDI)  

  Le mode ROS  (by 14GIM035)   

  ROS tutorial in Portuguese (by CS7AEL)   images (25 x 17)

  ROS Mode (by IK1AMC)   bandera-italia (25 x 17)

  Opera Generator (Source Code)

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370 Responses to “ROS v7.2.7”

  1. Slim Haines Says:

    I have just decided to get back on ROS. I just upgraded to ROS 7.2.7 and now nothing! It simply won’t decode. Well it did just once but never again . I’m running Win 7 and have no problems with any other ham radio mode.
    Ah well looks like ROS is over and done with for me then :-(

  2. Guy Simmons Says:

    The English FAQ link seems to be broken.

    73 de Guy G4DWV/4X1LT

  3. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hi all,

    I need a tester for a new digital mode.

    With Icom Rig + CAT 9600 bps and the TeamViewer software working.

    Many thanks

  4. Whiskey Tequila Says:

    I’m glad to have a frequency where no ROS almost no interference. Back when 27,245 was impossible for noise, we met in the 27,500 to communicate in other digital modes, of all countries.

      Now we can use the 27,635 all together and enhance the intercom for two factors: one is that the new frequency is cleaner and the other that are not diluted at three frequencies or all stuffed into one where there are only operators of CB on AM and FM, phony as doing for decades. We will test the new frequency enthusiastically. So far it sounds very clean, at least much better than the other three previous frequencies. Regards and thanks for the updates! 73.

  5. Ham Radio Says:

    Tnx Jose for special “on line support ” you’re a big ROS boss!

    73 Luca, iw2cxj

  6. Ham Radio Says:

    Hola! Tengo un problema con mi nuevo FT 1200 no se puede conectar el CAT, el programa siempre me dice que cerrar Ham Radio Deluxe …..
    Utilice el mismo cable USB/RS 232 que funciona con otros radio en ROS,
    usted puede ayudar?


    Gracias google traductor!…..Gracias a José!

  7. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    I have no notices about Win 8.1 and ROS at the moment

  8. Richard White Says:

    Guess others are using ROS on Win 8.1 without problem? Same setup receives other modes ok.

  9. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Sorry, i have no idea

  10. Richard White Says:

    Hi Jose, I have an Asus netbook with Windows 8.1 Load ROSv7.2.5 ok. Transmits ok but rx wont or rarely decode; Any clues? (Audio ok tx and rx.). Richard.

  11. ANTONIO Says:

    Non si riesce a scaricare l’ultima versione 7.2.5 da un errore sulla sicurezza, SSL, ho provato in diversi PC e con diversi Browser, stesso risultato. Non è la prima volta che il server da dove si scarica da questo errore, ma questa volta non fa scaricare assolutamente.
    Qualcuno puo’ fare qualcosa????

    Grazie e 73 da IT9IVE ANTONIO

  12. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:


    You can use Teamviewer

  13. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:


    You can use Teamvuewer

  14. Philip Says:

    Has the remote connection been removed from ROS v7.2.3

  15. Luís Filipe Garcia Says:

    VOACAP is back again!!! :) THANKS, JOSÉ ! 73, CS7AEL

  16. Jacek Says:

    Hallo … After new Instal von ROS v7.2.3 on W-XP SP3. have a problem with “Runtime Error!” after first TX (CQ…) or first RX Call… … RX / Internet Info, server is OK ! – It is only a MY problem ?? Pse info to or here… Thanks & 73 – Jacek dl1nch

  17. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Alex, estamos trabajando en ello, para la Rapberry y el ultimate 3

  18. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Many thanks for the video, Luís

  19. Luís Filipe Garcia Says:


  20. Alberto J. Mesquita Says:

    Albierto, necessitamos urgentemente desenvolver o Ros Modem para plataforma Linux.
    Tenho andado afastado por motivo de não utilizar o Windows, e creio que muitos que utilizam o Linux gostariam de estar aqui trabalhando seus contatos.
    Mesquita – PP6AJM

  21. Alex Says:

    Antetodo dar la enhorabuena por este modo digital, es brutal!
    para cuando el OPERA para Linux? seria muy buena opcion poderlo instalar en una Raspberry Pi, daria partido a unos cuantos experimentos y muchos usuarios de Linux nos alegrariamos poderlo utilizarlo.


  22. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Antes te aparecía esta:

  23. Jesus Says:

    He revisado la IP pública de mi conexión y aparece como telefónica de España, ¿cual es la IP de USA que te aparece a ti?

  24. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Tu IP me sale que es de USA. Algo falla.

  25. Jesus Says:

    Pero yo soy español y resido en españa, cual es el problema?
    Gracias y saludos.

  26. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Habla entonces con la ARRL. Desde US no se puede utilizar este programa.

  27. Jesus Says:

    Hola José Alberto, tengo problemas cuando abro el programa me sale el mensaje de que no se pudo registrar o sale el mensaje de que la ARRL no permite su uso y se cierra el programa. Gracias

  28. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    some bugs fixed along the time

  29. Lars Says:

    What’s new in this version? 7.2.0?

  30. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    try now

  31. Luís Garcia CS7AEL - PT Says:

    ” …your registration could not be completed due to internet connection “… what’s happening????

  32. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Será cosa de configuración. Si conoces a alguien que tenga esa emisora que se acerque a tu casa y te ayude a configurarlo.

  33. pablo Says:

    hola jose alberto
    en mi ft-897 no funciona la version 7.1.9 hay que cambiar algun parametro del equipo

  34. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hello Mr Ron,

    You should configure Spot Menu

  35. Ron. Says:

    Hello Mr Jose Alberto,

    No i am not confused, some of the guys have tried it and it seems to work!! in 2 and 7 mode. And why are the other frequencies shielded from showing? In the beginning we all could see whats was going on, now we only see the 11 meter band..

  36. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hi Ron,

    Maybe you are confused. ROS MF modes were designed according features of LF and MF bands (Doppler spread delay and coherence time), not appropiate below 80 meters band, much less 11 meters band.


  37. Ron. Says:

    Hi Mr.Jose Alberto,
    Why are we (11 meter users) limited in the opportunities of the program? When i take a look under skeds we are most of the time the biggest group online, and yet we are limited? We also whant to use 2 and 7 mode ROS and we want to see the others on frequencie line, not only 11 meters. We also testing the software from North to South and from West to East.
    I hope that we get a fair and just answer,

    73`s the 19PG149 Ron.

  38. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Pues ni idea Román

  39. Román Leal Says:

    Hola José Alberto, después de formatear el ordenador he instalado la última version de Ros 7.1.9 y no se inicia el programa me sale el siguiente error:
    Run-time error ‘50003’ unexpected error.
    He vuelto ha bajar el Ros varias veces e instalado varias veces y me sigue dando el error, antes de formatear no he tenido ningun problema todo funcionaba bien.
    En espera de tus noticias Saludos desde Yecla.

  40. Wolfgang Says:

    Hi José Alberto,

    many thanks for your nice work…
    It is a great piece of HAM-software
    73! Wolfgang

  41. Wolfgang Says:

    Hi José Alberto,

    It works now, it seems there was a problem with the WEB or maybe with your server….
    73! Wolfgang

  42. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    try now Wolfgang


  43. Wolfgang Says:

    Hi José Alberto,

    Installing ROS 7.1.9 I get always “Your registration could not be completed….” and I can not enter the the GUI.
    Internet connection is there – I even see the messages coming in at the left upper corner. Do I have to open some ports for make it work?
    73! Wolfgang (DG7RJ)

  44. Ladislav OK1UNL/qrp Says:

    Hi José Alberto.
    Predefined freq. 7040.0MHz is not a good idea. this one freq. is acentre of PSK mode in Eu. So QRM from PSK stns has a high level.
    Originally PSK freq. were 7.035MHz.
    73! TNX Lada OK1UNL/qrp

  45. Vadim Says:

    Dear Hose!
    Im have little problem with Signalink USB
    In BPSK, RTTY, JT-65 programms he is work OK, aber in ROS
    not stay on TX! Soundcard choise is correct USB Audio Codec, RIG – VOX. Help me please. Im like your Programm!

  46. Mario Says:

    Por mi trabajo y mis aficiones a la Radio, al 4×4 no me puedo dar el lujo de solo usar un OS. Es demasiado estrecho, greagario y/o privativo. No tengo problemas en usar lo mejor de las diferentes ofertas existentes pues no hay pasiones ni recelos ocultos en ello. Si me sirve lo uso, si no, no y listo. Si para usar ROS tengo que usar Windows….hago switch y listo ! No me pongo obstaculos ! Sumar fuerzas es la idea.

  47. Ladislav OK1UNL Says:

    Sorry, but I am fully agree with Jose Alberto Nieto Ros opinions.
    ROS offers a lot of features, which hardly you can find in other hamradio software.
    Very easy Remote Control, site communication over Internet especially good for SWL etc…..
    Try it consistently and you will see…
    73! Lada OK1UNL/qrp

  48. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    As ROS is an exotic mode not worth waste of time with others OS

  49. engink Says:

    i’m both linux user and ham radio operator. i don’t want to use ms
    windows for ros operation. will you release source code or native linux port? i cant use it with winehq, it crashes at startup.

  50. Mario Says:

    Tks, José. now all it is ok ! 73 !

  51. Peter Says:

    Hello José,
    today (22 June) I tried it again and it still got registration error.
    Then I have checked my Firewall and recognized that ROS tries to reach and After I opened both IP-Port-Combinations it worked.
    Peter, DG8NBP

  52. Gordon. Says:

    Same for me too , Gordon , g4EBF .

  53. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Prueba a cerrar el archivo .adi

  54. Mario Says:

    Saludos Jose Alberto. Al cambiar a la nueva versión de ROS, presiono el botón ADIF y aparece una ventanita que dice: ” Run time error ´55´: File already open”. Le das OK y se cierra el programa completo y hay que volver a arrancarlo. Todo funciona bien siempre y cuando no se presione el boton ADIF. Saludos José y ya estamos probando Opera de mas wattaje a menos Vs. Australia y Argentina, vamos muy bien. 73 ! Mario 10AD707

  55. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hello Peter, try again

  56. Peter Says:

    Hi José,
    today I switch to a new computer, installed ROS and get a registration after starting ROS: “Your registration could not be completed due to no internet connection”. Have you any idea, what I can do?
    Best regards
    Peter, DG8NBP

  57. Luca Says:

    Well Alberto,now all ok, bad (original!) audio W7 driver in my netbook …
    Tnx de Luca Iw2cxj, ciao!

  58. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:


    what is exactly the problem with the ports?

  59. Luca Says:

    Buongiorno José, ho un piccolo problema da porti, per motivi di spazio ho deciso di comprare un netbook Acer aspire one 722 con W7. La scheda audio è una Conexant ed ho problemi a decodificare ROS…. Ho provato numerosi settnig della scheda ma nulla da fare, Mi puoi aiutare?

    Grazie, Luca Iw2cxj

  60. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Ok, prueba con el modelo TS570DG

  61. Juan Antonio Says:

    Hola Jose Alberto, tengo el Kenwood TS-570D de las primeras unidades que salieron, y un Sound card adapter 2001 de Astro radio, pero no consigo que me arranque desde Cat, tengo que detectarla desde COM RTS+DTR, asi me funciona bien

  62. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hola Juan, ¿que modelo de 570D tienes?

  63. Juan Antonio Says:

    El programa va genial, aunque el indicador de cpu no me funciona, y tampoco puedo controlar por cat al Kenwood ts570d, por lo demas chapeau, me gusta sobre todo los reportes de los anuncios por internet de todos los que estan en escucha y obviamente conectados a internet, asi puedes saber si te reciben o no, una maravilla, el ros supera con creces a cualquier programa de transmision digital, felicitaciones al programador.

  64. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hello Laurent, you must active internet in order register can be done. Only USA Hams cannot be registered.

  65. Laurent F4GLP Says:

    Hello José, Thank you for the software ROS!

    NB: on the previous versions the software worked without the PC is connected to internet. Since the version 7.17 I have the message “your registration could not be completed to not internet connection ” then the software closes…

    Please, I shall like I can again use this mode without being on WEB
    In advance thank you. 73!

  66. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    good idea, but difficult to implement ROS in a PIC because of FEC mixing with interlaving and mixing with frequency changes.

    Also, for UHF direct path communications a simple RTTY mode is enought. ROS only take sense on HF or MF.

  67. Sebastian, SP6RYD Says:

    Please see the projects of stratospheric balloons where miniature transmitter sends the position of the balloon in the UHF band. I’am looking for the ability to send short message with extremely low power (a few mW) which may indicate the need for error correcting codes. Due to the carrier frequency drift I’am wondering if ROS receiver cant catch that. The transmitter and receiver clock are not synchronized. The transmiter is not connected to the Internet any how. I think we can make a trial test other than RTTY or DominoEX transmit methods. ROS is know for extremely low power budget. It is also resistant, I believe, to change frequency, group delay etc. For now, this is purely theoretical considerations.

  68. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:


    Better try Opera Mode for a Beacon

  69. SP6RYD Says:

    Is it somehow possible to implement ROS in the microcontroller in order to build a small QRP beacon (transmission only). Do ROSmodem protocol is published and available to the public, such as, for example, WSRP?

  70. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    ok, i will do it

  71. Carsten Hirt Says:

    Hi José!
    I upgraded my licence type and have a new callsign now.
    My old callsign DO6CH in the donate list is expired.
    Please change it to my new callsign DL6CH or delete it as you like.
    Awdh de Carsten, DL6CH

  72. Ladislav OK1UNL Says:

    Dr OM José Alberto
    TNX 4 explain.
    73! GL
    See you on waterfall :-)
    Ladislav OK1UNL

  73. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    problem with server

  74. Ladislav OK1UNL Says:

    After 1month my inactivity ROS mode today open me sw ROS 7.1.7
    Comming message “your registration could not be completed due to not internet connection” but spots comming OK and this service requires internet connection. Where is a mistake????
    73! Ladislav OK1UNL

  75. Gorm Helt-Hansen Says:

    I have done nothing at all and now it is working.
    For me it is a strange, unsolved case. But ok – as long it works, I’m happy.
    If I disconnect the internet ROS starts up working, but naturally without the information bars. So I can not make it fail the same way as it did the last two days, even without the internet connection.
    But anyway..
    Thanks for your time and your help.

    73 de Gorm / OZ6GH.

  76. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    then should be OK.

    Test if you have a firewall cutting ROS Server conextions

  77. Gorm Helt-Hansen Says:

    Hi José
    I downloaded ROS 11-04 at 11:20 UTC

    73 Gorm / OZ6GH.

  78. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Gorm, when did you download ROS last time?

  79. Gorm Helt-Hansen Says:

    Hi José
    This error started after ROS has worked perfectly since this version was ready for download. I have tried to download ROS again, removed the old directory and installed the new downloaded file in a new directory. That didn’t help.
    The same happened with the former version of ROS. It then helped by installing the new version – it worked since it was released, but I now have the problem again.
    I belive that if a new version is released, I can use ROS for some time again until the same problem occur once more.
    But why am I restricted to a relative short time working with ROS for every new version?
    At the moment it is impossible for me to work ROS.
    73 de Gorm / OZ6GH.

  80. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Config your internet firewall, or try download ROS again

  81. Gorm Helt-Hansen Says:

    When I try to start ROS a textbox is popping up saying: “Your registration could not be completed due to no internet connection” and when I click on ‘OK’ the program terminates.
    What can I do to make the program work, pse??

  82. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Ésto es lo que hay ahora mismo en el CLUSTER. ¿donde están esos cientos de spots que tanto te molestan?

    G7BXU24945.0NC4MM21:22 09-Apr
    F5PHW18103.9VA7KORTTY LOUD TNX21:22 09-Apr
    CT1ETX50110.0CE2AWWIM67AC FF47 swl 5/821:18 09-Apr
    DF4XG14021.58J3XVIII/321:21 09-Apr
    A71GO14259.5OU1RAEMtnx 4 qso 7321:21 09-Apr
    9Y4SRR7159.09Y4TTnet21:22 09-Apr
    EA3GXJ14038.0A92IOTU21:21 09-Apr
    ON7JM14086.0JG1LHBTNX TAKA FOR 599 RTTY21:21 09-Apr
    J88NFU28555.0JE1LETListening :(21:21 09-Apr
    UR0CB14002.3SU9AFup 1.821:21 09-Apr
    K2QMF14002.0SU9AFQSX up21:21 09-Apr
    EA1VT28010.0EA1XTdx21:21 09-Apr
    JA4CYZ28280.0PJ4/SP9FIHup 7 tnx qso21:20 09-Apr
    PY1ON50115.0CT3NA21:18 09-Apr
    N4FZ18160.0S57DXCQ,21:20 09-Apr
    LZ4TU18104.0VA7KORTTY CQ21:19 09-Apr
    DJ5AV18140.0PJ4/SQ9CNN21:19 09-Apr
    JA2OP24906.05W0Mwkd 5w21:18 09-Apr
    EA7KZ 18130.0EH7DMRspecial call ward 201321:19 09-Apr
    ES6SW436790.0DL9ZADSat SO50 TNX!21:18 09-Apr
    W0TT18071.6OK1AWZ21:18 09-Apr
    WA3GM21280.0PJ4/SP9FIHLOUD iN PA +2021:18 09-Apr
    PD0MHZ7073.0OU1RAEM21:18 09-Apr
    KB2CWN50076.0OA4TT/BEL88QL ES FH16TW beacon heard21:17 09-Apr
    N0JK50125.0WF0NEM28IX TR EM28IX CQ21:17 09-Apr
    YV6BFE14076.0EA3BJO7321:17 09-Apr
    XE2EX21280.0PJ4/SP9FIH21287.21:17 09-Apr
    DM2AUJ18084.0PJ4/SQ9CNNmake ssb, its better!21:16 09-Apr
    E72A21008.5W4CIcq21:16 09-Apr
    W3LPL18089.04O3A21:16 09-Apr
    XE3ARV50089.0LU7YS/B59921:15 09-Apr
    W3LPL24906.15W0M21:15 09-Apr
    W9KXI18160.0S57DXLOUD in upstate NY21:15 09-Apr
    EA1DR21006.9EA1MXLooking ND,OK,OR,RI,ID,VT..21:15 09-Apr
    IZ1MLQ24945.0NC4MM5/721:15 09-Apr
    AB3RU21005.0OA1FFN00AJ TEP FI03BF CW21:15 09-Apr
    PY1AAA 21010.0DL3ASKdx21:15 09-Apr
    KB2CWN50072.0OA4TTEL88QL ES FH16 beacon heard21:14 09-Apr
    E72A21005.0OA1Fcq21:14 09-Apr
    FM5FJ14002.2SU9AFQSX 14003.20 tnx21:14 09-Apr
    AC2K21006.9EA1MX21:14 09-Apr
    YV4MT21314.0WU8RCalling CO DX. Tnx for 2nd. Band…+21:14 09-Apr
    KJ4YGC18143.3DF9ZP5 9+ into TN.21:13 09-Apr
    W3LPL24891.0J6/N7QT21:13 09-Apr
    PB2B24945.0NC4MMtnx Mike21:13 09-Apr
    JA1ERF14090.0IC8ATAeu-031 cq cq ja21:13 09-Apr
    M6BYM7188.0MM3GOE73, Thanks for the QSO21:12 09-Apr
    W3LPL18086.8MD/DL9MWG21:12 09-Apr
    ER4DX7133.0RU3KPCQ DX21:12 09-Apr
    W8FV18086.0MD/DL9MWG21:12 09-Apr

  83. Javier Prados Ariza Says:

    ¿Seria posible que limitarais un poco el envío de spots al cluster?

    Aquí dejo unos ejemplos (cientos de ellos se reciben todos los días):

    HA5AMH 14103.0 HA5TOM ROS TNX For QSO TU 73!.15:50 09-Apr
    HA5TOM 14103.0 HA5AMH/QRP ROS TNX For QSO TU 73!.15:49 09-Apr

    G7JWR 14103.0 HA5TOM ROS TNX For QSO TU 73!.15:12 09-Apr
    HA5TOM 14103.0 G7JWR ROS TNX For QSO TU 73!.15:12 09-Apr

    G7JWR 14103.0 OE5RPP ROS TNX For QSO TU 73!.15:07 09-Apr
    OE5RPP 14103.0 G7JWR ROS TNX For QSO TU 73!.15:05 09-Apr

    ZL2AUB 14103.0 G7JWR ROS TNX For QSO TU 73!.08:55 09-Apr
    G7JWR 14103.0 ZL2AUB ROS TNX For QSO TU 73!.08:55 09-Apr

    ZL2LI 14103.0 F1MVG ROS TNX For QSO TU 73!.08:28 09-Apr
    F1MVG 14103.0 HA5AJC ROS TNX For QSO TU 73!.08:20 09-Apr

    G7JWR 14103.0 HA5TOM ROS TNX For QSO TU 73!.15:12
    HA5TOM 14103.0 G7JWR ROS TNX For QSO TU 73!.15:12

    Si yo voy a 14103 ¿A quién me encontrare a G7JWR o a HA5TOM? Esto no tiene ningún sentido. Entiendo que la estación que contesta a un colega envíe un spot pero porque lo envían los dos?


  84. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    I will try Chris

  85. Chris Lawlee Says:

    Hi José,
    I have a problem with using a special event callsign EI13CLAN in ROS. When I try to save the QSO via ADIF I get an Error “Adif, your callsign is wrong”

    Is there any way to fix this?

    Many thanks for great software

  86. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hello Viktor,

    Last version need to be registered in order to filter USA

    Sorry for the inconvenience

  87. Viktor Says:

    Hola Jose,

    I am using ROS since version 6.5.1. I always kept it up to date. After the release of the recent v 7.1.7 I’ve noticed that a different number of QSOs were decoded by using v7.1.3 compared to v7.1.7 – why? For that reason I want to install ROS 7.1.7 on a Laptop without internet connection, but it simply does not work. Any idea how to overcome this problem?

    Best regards,

  88. Robert Says:

    Great digimode, but will you ever distribute ROS as free software?
    This would surely fasten up the development of this mode and quality, too. And btw it could be a platform independent piece of software.

    best regards Robert

  89. Diaz Juan Jose Says:

    ok Rama ,me alegro mucho el haber podido ayudarte ,el AVAST dejo de ser el antivirus amigable como era antes ,a mi me causo un problema tambien en la internet ,me borro todos los puertos ,la conexion ,etc , despues de solucionarlo con mucho trabajo coloque el AVG internet security 2012 .
    Un abrazo .Juan 73 ( LU4FT Rosario Argentina )

  90. Rama Says:

    gracias. solucionado el tema. la nueva version del antivirus avast al detectar el puerto de coneccion lo cierra solo. antiguamente no lo hacia, pero parece que han cambiado el motor del antivirus. con desconectar el antivirus, habrir el ros y volver a poner el antivirus salio andando de maravilla. un abrazo a todos.

  91. Diaz Juan Jose Says:

    Rama ,b.dia ,mira estoy pensando si tal vez puede ser el cortafuegos del antivirus que se seteo negando al programo ROS la salida de internet ,para pbar,esto desconecta el cortafuegos o el antivirus unos minutos y Pba. otra cosa no se me ocurre y suerte .
    Juan 73( LU4FT ) .

  92. Rama Says:

    si, es correcto, cuando no tengo internet lo hace, pero esta vez esta conectado a internet y sigue con el mismo problema, como que no registrara la coneccion a internet que tiene y luego se cierra. mientras tanto el opera funciona muy bien. solo con el ros me pasa. espero poder solucionarlo ya que lo uso mucho. gracias por la respuesta.

  93. Diaz Juan Jose Says:

    Rama ,b.dia , te comento q’ lo mismo me sucede a mo estoy conectado a internet ,supongo que el programa chequea que la persona que lo esta utilizando este registrada ,pero al estar disponible la web ese problema no me la hace.
    Juan .73(LU4FT.Rosario .Argentina)

  94. Rama Says:

    buenas… tengo un problema, cuando arranco el ros me pone un cartel que dice “registration error. your registration could not be complete due to not internet connection” y luego se cierra, ya he instalado otra vez el XP y sigue con el mismo problema. la pc esta conectada a internet. actualice los parches del sistema operatico xp sp3 y sigue con el mismo problema. alguien pudo solucionarlo. Gracias.

  95. agustinostolaza Says:

    Hola José Alberto,
    Más de lo mismo sigo sin conseguirlo y la verdad es que leyendo el programa, sigo sin poder, ya te comente que necesito algo para torpes. Cuando intento el CAT, después de scanear me emite el siguiente mensaje RIP NOT FOUND/ CiERRA HAM RADIO DE LUXE.
    No habrá ningún video en youtube o Vimeo para verlo.
    Bueno amigo, a ver si se te ocurre algo para que pueda acceder a la radio a través de tu programa.
    Un saludo,

  96. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hola Agustín,

    Bajate el manual en español de hay en este blog

  97. agustinostolaza Says:

    hola José Alberto, llevo una semana peleándome con el programa y no termino de en tenderlo:
    1/ no soy capaz de conexionar, programa con la radio, seguro que es una tontería pero estoy atascado.
    2/ En digital se habla normalmente o es solo comunicación por el Chat?
    3/ no me funciona en ningún modo CAT, COM etc.
    En fin que estoy echo un lío. dime si hay un manual para torpes y donde encontrarlo
    Perdona mi chapa, pero estoy muy ilusionado en entrar en lo digital, además si es de casa mejor.
    Mi correo es el mi nombre es Agustín ostolaza.
    Un saludo,

  98. vicente Says:

    ok gracias

  99. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    esperarse a mañana, el servidor está colapsado

  100. vicente Says:

    Paco , noes posible la descarga de la nueva version 7.1.7 no deja

  101. CX2ABP Says:

    Ya solucione el problema con una reinstalacion desde cero. Gracias por tu respuesta, 73!

  102. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Tendrás un firewall puesto que no deja conectarse con el servidor

  103. CX2ABP Says:

    En las versiones 7.1.6 y 7.1.7 del ROS, al arrancar el programa me aparece un cartel que me dice “Your registation could not be completed due to no internet connection”. Le doy OK y el programa se me cierra. Esto me ha forzado a seguir utilizando la version 7.1.5. Alguna idea? Obviamente que mi conexion a internet esta operativa… 73 de CX2ABP

  104. Mario Says:

    27.610 works just great !!!!! very nice !! a lot of DX’s to Europe and South America, today ! Thanks, 73 !

  105. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    SSB Data Mode Bandwith is configurable

  106. Sri Bintoro Says:

    Hi Jose,

    SSB Data mode IC-7410 only has a bandwidth of about 600 hertz to waterfall, I never use it on another of data mode such as psk and jt65. CMIIW.


  107. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hello Bint,

    Icom Data Mode was designed exclusivelly for Digital Modes usage.

    Read the manual of your Rig to learn more about it

    Jose Alberto

  108. Sri Bintoro Says:

    Hi Jose,

    I have installed ROS 7.16, my RIG is Icom IC-7410. So far it works great, it’s just that I am not comfortable with the default settings SSB Data mode, I always switch to SSB to get good reception. I hope the default setting for SSB Data mode on ICOM IC-7410 deactivated.


  109. Kirk Says:

    Tried to download ROS 7.16 but got the following message: Download not available
    The following download is not available:
    The file of the above link no longer exists. This could be for several reasons:
    The file was deleted by the user who uploaded it.The file contained illegal contents and was deleted from our servers by our Anti-Abuse team.The link is incorrect.The server is busy and can not process the request.

    File owner’s public traffic exhausted. (da3c7b74

  110. Mario Says:


  111. Ron. Says:

    its nice to be heard,but nicer to make contakt.
    27.610 it is,tnx.
    Hope to see you and all the others on my screen, 73`s

    Ron 19PG149

  112. Mario Says:

    Well……….now we are on 27.610 MHz in ROS.
    Nice frequency, no problem for “Las Americas”.
    Finally 27.500 it is free for narrow modes and 27.610 is ready for ROS mode.
    We just test it and we make some excelents Dx today ! Thanks for oportunity to use ROS on 27 Mhz. See you on 27.610 !!! Hasta la vista !


  113. Ron Says:

    I made contakt to Eric (9FDX075) a few times now,its verry nice to talk to him and others.
    Thats point that he mentioned about ussing all of the frequencie is wat i was trying to say.(tnx Eric)
    I think still that 27.510 is a good frequencie for Ros,nearby other digital frequencies.


  114. Mario Says:

    Eric 9FDX057 talk to me today in 27.500 and he say we are making total use of 27.500 in ROS using all usable water fall. So we going to make a research for a good frecuency for Americans from Canada to Argentina. I going to ask every one of the DIGI-friends and look for a good frecuency for us. ROS is growing like beer foam and it is excelent ! So ….lets try, lets try !

    Mario 10AD707

  115. Mario Says:

    Tnx fot the answer, Ron:

    May be, may be……the only one problem i see is the “dissolution”. If we divide our selves, the possibilities of contact are reduced ! We are very few ! Always the same 40 guys on frequency: 4 from Canada, 4 from Germany, 6 from France, 4 from British islands, 4 from Spain 3 from Italy, 1 from Argentina, 1 from Uruguay, 1 from Brasil, 4 from Mexico, 2 from Australia, 1 from Indonesia and 4 from USA … more, We know each other very well !! And never you going to see 3 communications at same time on 27.500
    Here in 27.500 we do Olivia 8/250, RTTY45, BPSK31, ROS, even SSTV !!!, Hell Scriber, etc…….. No problem because the frequency it is practically desert :-( We must try to be together to increase the possibilities in frequencies with out regional interference and every body is going to be happy. Do not put us in different frequencies, please ! We need to be together and if and only if we saturate 27.500 then we can do a split : narrow modes here an the other modes there…… Please,lets try to be together in the beginning and when we look like 28.120 MHz then lets star to think in splits. BTU Ron.

  116. Ron Says:

    Mario,tnx for the answer.
    It is not that i dont like ROS, i use it myzelf and i am happy with this mode.
    But what is the problem to take it to 27.510 ? everybody happy i think.
    Why must men take the channel for DX psk and other digital modes and where several calls can make a qso on the same time,i dont think that can with ROS.
    So put it on 27.510 and its nearby and we all can enjoy the hobby.


    Ron 19PG149

  117. Mario Says:

    Ron: I know you are trying to set some order in 27 MHz and it is a great idea. Please, you must take information about all especific regions in the entire World for a better settings of frequencies. What it the needs in South Pacific ? Asia ? Canada ? USA ? Latin America ? Africa ? Rusia ? Europe ? So we goning to use more frequencies to cover all needs in the world. Here, Ron, in this area of World, from Alaska to Argentina 27.695 it is a Contact frequency in LSB. This guys use a very powerful amplifiers and roger beeps, noises, toys, etc. And every time i try ROS in USB on 27.695, they come like killer bees and put a hell of noise all time. 27.245 it is CH25 for voice service in USA and they do AM, USB and LSB all time, day and night and you know they are very well armed too. So this frequencies may be good for you area but not for this Continet.
    Here, 27.500 it almost desert. We have not problems of saturation. We want to see pepople doing digital modes there, from 2,000 Hz wide or less….no problem for us. Please consider put this frequency for “Las Americas” in you chart. Thanks very much for your attention.


  118. Ron. Says:

    Yeah sure why not on tripple 5,there are so many listning on that frequencie that ROS will get the attention it needs

  119. Ladislav OK1UNL Says:

    Hi guys,

    give please info about fix 27.500Mhz for DIGI (BPSK, RTTY, OLIVIA and ROS) to AT, AD and others HQs.
    Without discuss, it is the best choice for CBrs ops.

    73! Ladislav OK1UNL
    ex 329AT121

  120. Ron Says:

    Last thing i heard that ROS whas not allowed to be used in the USA,or is it changed? and the other thing is that try to received ROS when there are many stations calling with ROS,only the strongest will be heard!
    I am a ROS user to ,but on its own frequencie and not on the frequencie where i hunt for DX stations in psk.
    What whas the problem to set the frequencie for ROS on 27.510?

    73`s 19PG149 ERC 195

  121. Mario Says:

    19PG149 Ron Says:

    26 November, 2010 at 14:42

    great idea, used it now for sometime on 27.500 mhz usb,because its the digital frequencie,there are not so many stations yet,but i made a connection with a french station. I will give it a try to see if anyone responds to me in ROS,keep up the good Work.

    greetings the 19PG149 Ron

    Still the same Ron: …on 27.500 there are not so many stations but lets try ! This is another opportunity to improve our contacts ! Lets do it ! Lets use ROS like others use Olivia 8/250 in 27.500. Thanks very much and Hasta la vista, Ron. 73


  122. Jedrusia Says:

    Pleasu upload again.
    Link for. ROS 7.1.5 not active

  123. Mario Says:

    ROS it is a digital mode too !!! or not ?

    We here in Canada, USA, Mexico, Central America and South America use 27.500 for modes like BPKS31, Olivia 8/250, RTTY45, and now we use ROS ! Thanks very much, again, for inclusion and for adjust the software to the real use and not tue use to the software. This inclusion must be usefull for operator in America as continet and now we can participate in ROS MODE DAY´s to be really World Wide.

    We have not problems for saturation on 27.500….we wish ! but nop ! Here we are a few guys using psk31, ROS and Olivia but what we want here is have more user,more operators !!! more digital users !!! If we want more contacts we need to adjust our realities to realities of other operator in other Countries around the entire world and then try to contact them. The secret for growing it is the inclusion not the exclusion. 27.500 it is like desert ready to be used in this part of world. Put you station in this area and you will see the same thing we see. Here in 27.500 we are only a few bounch of guys ……no more. i like to see 27.500 like 28.120 with a lot of pepole in contact ! a live frecuency !!! Thanks for this and Hasta la vista !!!


  124. Ron. Says:

    Hello Ron,

    I put the calling frequencies where Hams are using ROS. Explain then to 10AD707 why he TX ROS on 27500, not me

    Is this a serious answer? is it so simple? nothing to do with other users, i made for years now contakt on 27.500 in digital modes,same as all the other countrys all over the world and now because some one ask to put 27.500 as frequencie for ROS it has to be done.
    Put it on 27.510 or so but not on a international calling frequencie for digital modes.
    I hope you see the point that i mean,

    Ron. 19PG149 ERC 195

  125. Mario Says:

    Thank you for including the frequency 27,500. Seriously they are very grateful for thinking of all of the Americas. I respect the position of European operators that use the frequencies allowed in their respective countries but in America, as a continent, we have many years using 27,500 and other frequencies, within 11 meters without legal problems as well as authorities I have always allowed to have no other assignment for them and allow their use by us, called mtristas eleven. Since ROS frequencies established as 27,245 and 27,695 for use frequently, I tried like crazy, use no success but I can say that I have made ​​many enemies in trying it here, on this continent, these frequencies are for use by telephony and Americans use 500watts amps up and not let anything there, is the law of the strongest! So I appreciate the inclusion of this frequency (27,500) as an option for this robust software and I hope to keep in touch with the guys from Europe who “sag” usually by this frequency. Thank you very much again and I want to add that in America we have 27,500 in density can be seen, say, in the 28,120, in 10 meters ….. even close! The 27,500 is very little digital transmission and in fact would be a huge pleasure to see some saturation there. If we can saturate the width of that frequency would be wonderful, but I doubt it because in 27 MHz not so many users and achieve. Besides the stroke of ROS is a path very friendly and nothing interfering in bandwidth, from a distance.

    Thank you and continued success. Thanks for making something more Uiniversal ROS!

    January 13, 2013
    Chihuahua, Mexico

  126. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hello Ron,

    I put the calling frequencies where Hams are using ROS. Explain then to 10AD707 why he TX ROS on 27500, not me

  127. Ron. Says:

    Hello Mr. Jose Alberto Nieto Ros,
    Why did you put the callingfrequencie for Digital modes on the ROS list? 27.500 is for the other modes, you dont put the SSTV frequencie (27,700)also on the ROS list.
    I think its a bad dessiccion and hope you will take it out of the list.

    With the most regards,

    19PG149 Ron ERC 195

  128. Agus Says:

    Gracias por tu pronta respuesta, tendré que desempolvar mi . A ver si no tengo problemas,
    Gracias de nuevo.

  129. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hola Agustín, feliz Navidad.

    Con un MAC no te va a funcionar, funciona en Windows como la mayoría de aplicaciones de radioaficionados

    Jose Alberto

  130. Agustin Ostolaza chato Says:

    Hola José, soy un radioaficionado nuevo, nuevo por la acreditación estoy interesado en trabajar con ROS, mi ordenador habitual es un MAC ¿Hay algún problema? me gustaría me orientases tengo un Yaesu FT 857 y la verdad es que no se ni por donde empezar.
    Que tengas un Feliz año.
    Un saludo,

  131. Lars Says:

    Waiting for next version of this excellenta software

  132. 91rsn6011 Says:

    Thank Jose, i have downloded it and it work well

    73, Mustafa

  133. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hello Mustafa,

    Download ROS again and select the IC-7410 in the Rig list

    73, Jose Alberto

  134. Mustafa Says:

    Hi Jose Alberto…
    I am runing ROS v7.1.3 with ICOM IC-7410, connected by USB interface, CI-V address on my radio is 80h. Com port is detected by ROS but i am not able to transmit.
    My radio works fine with DM780 using USB interface, usually i work with PSK31.

    73 GL

  135. Ladislav Says:

    Hi José Alberto

    For example 27MHz division country list.

    73! GL
    Ladislav OK1UNL

  136. Juergen Says:

    Dear José Alberto,

    your ROS Mode Software is great. I use it many times without errors on CB (27.245 MHz).

    Some Ideas to realize:

    1. Please attach an Hz/kHz Lineal to the Waterfall
    2. Please realize a LOG Function, eMails send!

    Best regards from Germany

  137. dmtry Says:

    Please help me start ROS on Windows 7 64bit. He need mscomm32.ocx file. I’m download him, but all the same can’t work

  138. Jan Says:

    where is my comment which i posted morning?

  139. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hello Jan, i only have considered 2 digits for the division. Perhap i have to change the protocol.

    could you send me information about divisions?

    what is the maximum number of divisions?

  140. Jan Says:

    Hi all, i have a big problem and I would like to solve it. My problem, when I get in operator callsign 329AT101 or 329CZE001 or 329LV101 so can not transmit because progrem writtes my “wrong callsign”, don no why, when i get 32something so it works… any bug for 329 division? thanks for answer, Jan.

  141. G Says:

  142. Gino Says:


    thank you very much for your work, but in this latest version the bandwidth is fixed at 2000Hz, why?
    would be useful to be able to change this, as it was in previous versions.

    Best 73′

    Gino iw3gxw

  143. Graham Says:


    There is no reason to join the yahoo Opera group, the download is open for all users on the ROS web site, for some time now, the latest version has been so located.

    The group’s posts and archives are open for public viewing , only posting is members/moderated to prevent miss use by spam posting

    Download link >>

    Good luck with the mode ,

  144. Robert Says:

    Out of curiosity why should somebody be forced to join yet another Yahoo group just in order to download the latest beta version of Opera? Just started trying out opera and it would be nice to start out with the newest version………

  145. Kepa Moreno (@EA2DCF) Says:

    Buenos días José, ya lo había hecho y he hecho las pruebas pertinentes, pero seguia sin salir audio, hasta que he probado a ejecutarlo como administrador y a funcionado!! Tengo W7 64bits. Gracias.

  146. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hola, bájate la guia rápida de ROS por EA5HIZ donde se explica el procedimiento para ajustar el volumen de salida de la tarjeta de audio, que lo tienes a cero.

  147. Kepa Moreno (@EA2DCF) Says:

    Hola a todos, estoy intentando transmitir pero a pesar de hacer CAT correctamente y poder cambiar de freq y hacer PTT cuando transmito no sale audio. Tengo una FT-950 a la que le paso el audio por el conector trasero, el resto de programas q tengo funcionan perfectamente (HRD, JT65HF…), tb he comprobado que tengo correctamente seleccionada la tarjeta de sonido… que puedo estar haciendo mal? Gracias de antemano. EA2DCF

  148. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hola Iñaki, con hotmail no funciona. Mejor usa la opcion de gmail.

  149. iñaki Says:

    Alguien puede decirme cual es la configuracion para el email de hotmail (smtp y puerto)?, no me deja mandar emails… gracias

  150. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    volunteers experts :-)

  151. Ladislav OK1UNL Says:

    Hi dr om Alberto.
    You need not volunteers but experts – programmers. It is really different.

  152. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Yes, a map with graphics is possible, only it’s necesary a volunteer to do it.

  153. Ladislav Says:

    Opera is able to replace NCDXF beacon net! Much more stations are giving an exact measuring. So is a possible to add graphic diagram (map) like WSPR ??? ASCII log is a very good idea.
    73! Excellent job Alberto.
    Lada OK1UNL

  154. Mauro IK1WVQ Says:

    many thanks Jose’ …

    ! hasta la Victoria (Silvstedt) siempre. Ferrari o muerte. ! …. HI!

    Mauro IK1WVQ

  155. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hi Mauro, good idea for future versions.

    73 e Forza Alonso e Ferrari :-)

  156. Mauro IK1WVQ Says:

    hi Jose’ Alberto,
    it is possible to automatically save in ascii text file the spots received by OPERA software ?? (substantially the info presented in the left windows , with possibly a date time stamp ).. this is because I use OPERA in a remote location not connected to internet, and every power failure I lost all data received ..
    compliments for your work .. thanks a lot for attention .. 73 de Mauro IK1WVQ

  157. Peter/OZ1PMX Says:


  158. oz1pmx Says:

    CUDA support:

    73 de OZ1PMX

  159. oz1pmx Says:

    Good idea Sq9dhx !

    73 de oz1pmx

  160. kukasz Says:

    Graphics processing unit -or GPU -Graphick card procesor cuda or direct comuting tehnology with using procesing decode or code

    vy73 de Sq9dhx

  161. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    what is gpu?

  162. Lukasz Says:

    Posible add to ros gpu suport for beter decoding ?
    Vy73 de sq9dhx

  163. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Yes, there is a guide by EA5HIZ, but in Spanish

  164. Dave Says:

    ok manage to download, is there a user guide download ? as the faq(english) times out ?

  165. Paul Says:


    Paul M0YMJ

  166. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hello Paul,

    All the info i have is here. Try translate the Spanish articles.

  167. Paul Says:

    I am looking to write an article for my club newsletter in respect of ROS . Do you have any articles I could use with your permission to best illustrate the technical and other aspects of this interesting software


    Paul M0YMJ

    BRATS CLUB (Breadhurst Receiving & Transmitting Society)

  168. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Yes, from here all is right

  169. Dave Says:

    Hello is your download working ??? as page keeps failing

  170. Walter Says:

    Hallo Jose Alberto,

    many thanks for Mail.

    Now is all O.K. !!!!!!!

    vielen Dank


  171. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Look like a mediafire temporal problem

  172. Frank Says:

    Opera 1.4.1 = “There was a problem with your download.”

  173. Joan (John) EA3TC Says:

    Hola de nuevo José Antonio!
    Te respondo por este medio ya que me han vuelto a devolver el
    e-mail con la nueva dirección. Debe ser cosa de mi servidor.

    No sé a que te refieres, tengo la emisora configurada
    a 1200 bauds y la dirección a 28H.
    En cuanto a los drivers si te refieres a los del adaptador USB/serie
    ya los reinstalé.
    Me bajaré el TeamViewer y ya te avisaré.
    Muchas gracias.

  174. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hola, mi email es

  175. Joan (John) EA3TC Says:

    Hola José Alberto!
    Te he enviado un e-mail a tu dirección
    y me ha sido devuelto.
    Por casualidad has cambiado de dirección?
    Joan EA3TC

  176. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Tendrás otro programa que está usando la emisora

  177. juan carlos Says:

    He instalado el programa correctamente,pero cuando le doy a conectar el ft+950 con el cat, no me deja me dice que cierre ham radio deluxe, y la cuestion es que no lo tengo abierto.Saludos

  178. G.. Says:

    And why when I set Rx 4 baud and tx 4 baud , the Rx switch stays at 4 baud ?

  179. sigi Says:

    hi jose
    when i tx a beacon in 4bd … why does rx switch go from 4 bd to 8-16 ????

  180. Pete Says:

    Thanks Detlef we also have ZL2LI Len and ZL2FT on ROS at the other end of the world hi not sure how many ZL in Total using ROS. 73 I got no reply as using 28103 28105 instead of 28195
    any comments? 73 de Pete

  181. Detlef (DL7DET) Says:

    Hi everyone !

    Just worked ZL this morning from DL !
    On my side 63Watts – other side only 25Watts using the long way.
    See all information and screenshots here (sorry, only german):

    => Point 5 – Empfangsberichte (reception reports)

    Excellent software !
    Thanks to ZL2AUB (Pete) and certainly to José Alberto !

    Vy 73…….DL7DET (Detlef)

  182. Detlef (DL7DET) Says:

    Thanks for the help, José Alberto gave me this afternoon.
    Fast and complete solution to all errors.
    Main problem was the Bluetooth-driver (bluetooth-stack deinstalled). After that and discovering some weird things in combination with HRD, all runs fine now. (Be sure to switch your rig off after leaving HRD – mine is a TS-480SAT with USB-serial-adapter).
    Excellent work !

    Vy 73…….DL7DET (Detlef)

  183. Detlef (DL7DET) Says:

    Hi ROS-Team !

    I am running v6.9.2 & v6.9.4 with my Kenwood TS-480, but I am not able to connect it via rig-mode. Via Vox is no problem, com-Mode and rig-mode are resulting in a “hung” application. Are there any suggestions to solve the problem ?

    I will be happy to test any improvements !
    btw. Using it with WinXP SP3 & USB-Com-Adapter (which is running fine with all other apps [HamOffice, HamRadio deluxe and others]).

    Vy 73…….DL7DET (Detlef)

  184. Ladislav OK1UNL Says:

    Ahoj José Nieto,

    Thank you José Nieto, so this high speed data mode is usefull on VHF/UHF/SHF, main reason is a wide band transmition???
    This mode will replace Pactor maybe???.
    There is more aspects, data speed (rate) , anti-jamming ability
    Sorry, but this is only theory.

    Generally, ROS is a perfect developed program and also Opera.
    Ladislav OK1UNL.

  185. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hi Ladislav,

    It is possible to implement any thing. The question is that i think it is not practical for a QSO mode.

  186. Ladislav Says:

    Hi José,
    Is a possible implement into the ROS modem theory of Adaptive modulation??
    see here:

    and here

    So in my opinion is a possible use the evaluation quality CRC BAD or OK for switching between ROS 8 or ROS 16 etc….
    Or another way is a counting bit rate for switching “robust” mode.
    Of course on start and end of transmition must be send /receive packet for changing mode of the far radio.
    The same theory using RSID (MultiPSK, Fldigi)
    73! and Thanks for replay.

  187. Paul PC4T Says:

    Hi José, thanks for the Megaupload link, download is done.

  188. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Try with Megaupload link

  189. Paul PC4T Says:

    Hi, the download page for Opera 112 doesn’t work. So I can’t download the latest version.

  190. sigi Says:

    hello jose (guessing this is fastest way to catch you)
    for opera left window: what are black brown and red received signals are?!? different signal levels? (local or dx)
    0 to -20db black
    -20 to -30 orange
    -30 to ? red
    i was just gussing after i have seen different levels in different colours …
    your bettatester

  191. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hello Eric,

    Then you have to configure the Digimode Filter. Has not sense that a Digimode could not work as Digimode.

    Ask to VE3DVV or KA1GMN how configure PowerSDR for Digimodes

    73, Jose ALberto

  192. eric Says:

    Hello roberto
    i use powersdr and soft switch in auto on digi mode , mode which dont run nice with ros. Does it possible to switch in sub mode in auto? I tried to run in digimode the bandwith is not not enough great to tx or rx ros signal .
    thank in advance for infos
    eric F1SMV

  193. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hola, prueba a ejecutar el archivo de instalación

  194. Christian Says:

    Hola Jose Antonio y feliz año 2012.

    Acabo de instalar la nueva version v6.9.1 pero al intentar conectar el Yaesu 857 al CAT usando el interface Digicat, después de escuchar varios reles en la radio, el programa se pasa a ícono rojo e indica que cierre el Ham Radio Deluxe, cuando el HRD no lo tengo instalado.

    Con las versiones anteriores la detección del CAT era en segundos. ¿Que podría estar pasando?

  195. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Now open your Gamil again and try ROS test 3

  196. Will Says:


    I’ tried ROSTEST2.

    INIT1 thru INIT6 >OK

    and then INIT7 click halted.

    How is this?


  197. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hi Will,

    Now open your Gmail again and repeat the test with a new file

  198. Will Says:

    A Happy New year.


    TNX! I’ve recived your mail, and I tried ROSTEST.

    And then result is as a below.

    START1 >OK
    START2 >OK
    START3 >OK

    TEST1 >OK
    TEST2 >OK
    TEST3 >OK
    TEST4 >OK
    TEST5 >OK

    so, how shuld i do??


  199. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Will, i have sent you an email

  200. Will Says:

    Will /JQ1TIV

    The error occures start up.
    i mean when click “ROS V6.9.0″icon.

    my windos7(Japanese Ver.)may have ploblem
    (natural noproblem work on WinXP)
    Though regrettable, there is only giving up.

    Tnx Jose! 73 Will.

  201. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    i have no idea. when appear the error exactly?

  202. Will Says:

    Will / JQ1TIV

    I’ll try to install R.O.S latest versin (6.9.0)
    install seems OK but apper the ERROR6 Overflow.
    Two other Window machine ,Windows7 and Windows VISTA
    NG both.

    However WindowsXP mchine is OK runs good
    but my windowsXP machine is toooo slow.

    Does anyone has idea?

    Happy Holidays 73!

  203. Dave Says:

    Dave CT3/G3ZXX

    Hi All, finally QRV on 20m with ROS from Madeira Island, AF-014, IM12mp, am calling CQ and listening for ANY calls … Anyone out there ?

  204. Dave G3ZXX Says:

    Christmas 2011 in Madeira (CT3) and ROS

    Hi All,

    I hope this is of interest to some.

    I shall be on Madeira, CT3, AF-014, IM12mp, from the 19th December, through to the 26th December.

    I’m taking the FT817 (sorry just the 5 watts) with me and a homebrew portable 1.3m Mag-Loop, for 20m to 10m. Primary activity will be on 17m and 12m.

    Activity will be on ROS, Olivia, JT65, and WSPR; and if I really cannot find anyone to have a QSO with, I’ll revert to PSK and 20m …. Hi Hi.

    The loop, just about loads up on 30m, so I may give that a try.

    If anyone wants to set up skeds, from 2200z on the 19th through to 2200z on the 25th, then please contact me via:

    I’ll be using the callsign CT3/G3ZXX from IM12mp94nc, which is the Royal Savoy, in Funchal.

    If I don’t manage to work you while I’m there, then please have a Happy Christmas and Seasons Greetings to All.

    Cheers & 73’s
    Dave, G3ZXX.

  205. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Thanks Pierre, arranged in 6.9.0

  206. f5bqv Says:

    Ros v6.8.9
    Problem solved
    After using ros v6.8.9 with cat system on Yaesu ft-897 the speed of port com, used by Cat as been put on default (4800 bauds) menu 19, so others programs like HRD ,Easypal … where i had put on 9600 bds no longer working.

    73 all users Ros mode
    Pierre F5BQV

  207. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:


    Contact with


  208. SOTO HENRI Says:

    Comment trouver le mode de fonctionnement et la config de ce système .
    Merci d’avance.
    73s flo

  209. pHIL Says:

    Works fine with my Flex 5000A. I encountered no installation issues. Nice work Jose. Many thanks.

    Phil de KA1GMN

  210. URC News » ROS nouvelle ver. 6.8.4 Says:

    […] Téléchargement ICI […]

  211. sigi Says:

    ok 1st of december
    installed new version
    sometimes the rig is found but many times it is not!
    soft says rig not found, close ham radio deluxe
    but i have no hrd running
    sometimes when receiving the soft hangs (maybe someone using old version and the soft can not decode?!?) or is there another fault?
    the cat scanning worked superb in the previous version
    you know we had the problem with the ic765 were we made the teamview meeting … did you change the cat control or the scanning?
    if yes … please chage it back or find a different solution … cause before it worked fine (even if i changed the port from com4 to com 6) one click and rig was found
    …now it doesnt work :-( or better say only sometimes rig is found)

  212. Le logiciel ROS encore plus performant Says:

    […] Site de l’auteur. […]

  213. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    after 1st of december :-)

  214. Sigi Says:

    will new mode be after installing … or just after 1st of december??? (so i have to fool windows calendar hi hi)

  215. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Because it was taking as reference others software that have a bad measure. So, now is OK.

  216. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hello Arnaund,

    That is because of you are connected to Cluster in other software. Disconnect from Cluster then start ROS.

  217. Arnaud Says:

    hi José,

    Why did you rescale the S/N measure on last version of the software ?


  218. Arnaud Says:

    Good morning José,

    I lost the way to display on the main screen a copy of the cluster (small windows with time, frequ and short text) and i’m not able to find anywhere the solution.

    Can’t you help me (as usual ….)?
    Vy 73’s

  219. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Links OK again

  220. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    There is a problem with WordPress, now they not allow external links

  221. Daniel Choclin Says:

    Hola José Alberto!
    estoy tratando de bajar el programa actualizado, pero que pasa con los link? los han bloqueado aparentemente…
    te saludo desde Miramar
    Daniel LU3ECQ

  222. Andre Skarzynski Says:

    José, I am not able to download the latest version of ROSmodem. When I click the the link, it sends me to a message saying that affiliate links are not allowed in wordpress.

    vy 73, André

  223. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    through the poles? Bad new then for the Anti-ROS digital Group :-)

    Great Job Sigi

  224. sigi Says:

    tnx jose for that great soft
    got a new record
    zl1cdp 17940km -17db in ros8

  225. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Ok course Ladislav,

    I will contact with

  226. Ladislav OK1UNL Says:

    The best solution ia a users choice between these databases: or or

    Sorry TNX!!!
    de Ladislav OK1UNL

  227. Ladislav OK1UNL Says:

    Ahoj José Alberto.
    Is a possible to implemennt into ROS modem a configurable link to this online database – calbook??

    This is the same database – callbook as but link is a direct without password.
    Another SW like Fldigi has a user choice between them.
    Thank you
    Tchuss 72/73! Ladislav OK1UNL

  228. Pinto Says:


  229. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    In theory, at start ROS VFO change to VFOA.

    i have sent you an email

  230. leon F1HKN Says:

    Hi All,

    I use a TS2000 kenwood and a signalinkusb interface which is ok without modification. However, the cat doesn’t work properly to drive the frequency automatically, i must use the vfo to display the correct frequency on TX/RX. The other functions (PW, AT) are ok but i note the AT is “on” by default at the sofware opening while it is “off” in the ROS window: clicking twice on the tuner button shut down the AT on TX/RX.

  231. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hello Phil,

    The 3 mins marge is neccesary to give priority to QSOs, but i am sure there is enough QRGs in this moment for all ROS users.

    Difficult copy you on 40meters, i have no good reception, but EA5DV copied and others european stations can copy you better. Could you put the bcn on 30meters?

  232. Phil Says:

    Hello Jose,

    I’m new to ROS, and must congratulate you and friends for this great software.
    It has some very nice tools for propagation research, like the bcn mode with report. I’m quite involved in long DX VHF/UHF terrestrial.

    I wonder if in next versions, maybe, there would be a possibility to include a free qrg that you can enter on bcn mode. In the mean time, while bcn mode, avoid the 3 min listenning, after rxing a signal on the band.

    For more details on our work on tropo here anyone can have a look to

    I would really love to try the bcn features in VHF/UHF DX work, and see how it goes.

    With best 73 – Phil – FR5DN

  233. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hola Christian, si te refieres al Remote sí que es posible, no tiene mas que poner el FunCube en un ordenador y conectarte remoto con otro PC

  234. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hello, bettter ask to Dave 2E0DPQ, he is using Softrock with ROS.

  235. Garcirrey28022 Says:

    Buenos días Jose Alberto. Me gustaría poder usar ROS con el Funcube Dongle USB ( para que todo lo que escuche en la banda de 2 metros, en estos tiempos de tropo, lo meta a internet a través de tu software. ¿Esto sería posible? Otro día quedamos para hacer qso con la antena de aro magnetico ALexloop que te comente días atras. 73 de Christian EA4EUN

  236. Arnaud Says:

    Good Morning José,

    Thank you for your help last friday but signal weaker than minus 18 db are still mosly “bad crc” labelled.
    I tried with another radio : softrock + emu0202 + ROS.(sdr option)
    How can I monitor the phase and gain for best rejection ?

    Thank you for this nice piece of software

    Vy 73’s

  237. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    It is a problem searching the COM ports and it is not because of W7, but for your computer.

    I dont know the reason.

  238. micky Says:

    Why does it take 2 -3 minutes for the program to load in
    windows 7?

  239. G.. Says:

    If we could use wider bandwidth , then we could increase the dispersion and reduce the power in each discreet ‘tx’ pulse , to the point , no one would know ‘we’ where transmitting , just merge into the broad band plt noise :)

  240. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    The problem is the same for any frequency.

  241. Dave Says:

    Hi All,

    Not been using ROS for a while, but got back on to 20m with ROS during the last week, with the latest version.

    Lots of NEW gimmicks, etc.,

    However, can someone please clarify, which frequencies we should or should not be using on 20m.

    I note from a quick search of the NET that 14101 and 14107 appear to be used for other modes. Certainly there appears to be lots of complaints from users of other modes, about ROS on these frequencies.

    Is this why I’m yet to hear a station on 14107 and can call and call on 14101 with very very few responses, all of which have been kept very short.

    14103 and 14105 seem to be quite busy.

    Are we avoiding 14101 and 14107 ?

    If so, why are these options in the programme ?

    Also, are there any other frequencies, on other bands, that I should be avoiding ?

    Any clarification would be much appreciated.

    Dave, G3ZXX.

  242. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hola Jorge,

    Como te comenté tendría que mirarlo con el Team Viewer

  243. Jorge Says:

    Hola Jose Alberto.
    Veras te comento un problema con tu programa y el Yaesu Ft-2000.
    no consigo hacer funcionar el cat con tu programa.

    El cat esta configurado: Com6: Cat Ft-2000 Activar RTS y Baudios a 19200.

    cuando en tu programa le pincho el menu de Emisora y selecciono CAT.
    Le doy Yaesu, y busco Ft-2000, cominza a realizar un scan tu programa pero termina diciendo que no encuentra la emisora.

    sin embargo con el Ham Radio de Luxe lo hace a la primera.

    Decirte que solamente busco el cat en tu programa con todos los demas programas desactivados y sin usar el puerto com con otros programas, para que no de fallo.

    para evitar conflictos entre programas que quieran compartir el cat.

    Me puedes decir, que supongo sera un problema de configuracion del programa, ya que no he visto que en ningun sitio pueda ponerse los Baudios a 19200 y activar el RTs en el puerto Com6.

    Alguna sugerencia…
    Comentarte que el control de ptt con la tarjeta sonido y un pequeño interface funciona correctamente.
    pero tengo el problema que no funciona el cat, para llevarme a las frecuencias…

    Un saludo.

  244. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    ¿En que frecuencia estas?

  245. Christian - EA4EUN Says:

    Hola Jose Antonio. Estoy haciendo pruebas de ROS SWL con un receptor Degen (DE-1103) conectado al ordenador. De antena uso un cable de 7 metros sacado por la ventana. 73!! Christian

  246. Sergio ik3ery Says:

    me quedo solo ROS (ver. 6.7.0)
    Mi PM-SDR ser actualizado con el firmware más reciente
    (Ver. 2.3.0) + (EXTIO_PM SDR-3.5.1)
    Gracias Alberto

  247. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Prueba a cerrar todos los programas y abrir solo ROS.

    Sí, también cambia el filtro automáticamente. ¿tienes la ultima version de PM-SDR?

  248. Sergio ik3ery Says:

    Tengo un pequeño problema con ROS, ya que el programa pueda conversar con el
    Martin PM-SDR de tipo de cambio (sólo setare la función adecuada).
    El problema es este, si lanzo directamente ROS
    , Esto no es un diálogo con mi Rx-PM SDR (la casilla correspondiente etiqueta se mantiene el rojo (no “la oportunidad de gestionar las frecuencias).
    Después de varios intentos descubrí que sólo si inicia por primera vez el software se ejecute ROS Simon “SDR de consola” y luego me voy a lanzar de inmediato ROS, entonces y sólo ahora el diálogo entre ROS y PM SDR-está bien (placa de color verde, entonces vamos y posibilidades “tipo de cambio).
    Esto no sucede si el primer lanzamiento “Winrad” o sotware que yo uso para más con mi PM-SDR “HDSDR”.
    Parece que hay algún parámetro de la comunicación a través de USB que se establece en el valor en Aceptar para comunicarse con los ROS que sólo “SDR-consola” utiliza.
    El problema es que soy un ignorante!
    ¿Me pueden ayudar a resolver este problema!
    Otra pregunta, la banda cambia el PM-SDR recibe la orden de selección del filtro en la?
    Gracias de antemano.
    73 Sergio ik3ery

  249. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Change the macros to:

    CQ de /QRP
    de /QRP


  250. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hello Arnaund,

    Yes, that is a very particular case, unfortunatelly no possible to cover all the options without adding complexity.

    Continue QRO at the moment :-)

  251. Arnaud Says:

    Hello José,
    thanks for your good work and efficient software;

    I’m using qrp rig Flexradio 1500 (5w) and i didn’t succeed to configure the software to obtain “/qrp” after my call.
    The single way i know is to use 5% of the power with APC and 5% of 5w is not to much :)
    What am I missing ?

    best 73’s


  252. f5bqv Says:

    Hello Jose Alberto
    I installed version 6.7.5 (in the same folder as the previous version) when starting the new version I get a popup “profile error character not valid” after “OK” I get new popup “Run-time error 5 Invalid procedure or argument.
    So ros don’t run.

    here Windows XP pack 3
    I am using 2 profiles
    the file ros.ini is stored in the folder \program Files\ros

    I am using without problem ros 6.7.4
    have a good day

    73s de Pierre F5BQV

  253. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    En la Revista CQ se está publicando un manual del ROS en tres partes.

  254. José Manuel Says:

    Gracias José Alberto, me he bajado este ultimo y lla lo tengo funcionando bien. Ahora toca hacerme con el programa jejejeje.
    Gracias 73+.

  255. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Pues no sé. Mira ver si éste documento te sirve. Hay mucha gente con el Windows7 y no le dá ningún problema.

  256. José Manuel Says:

    Buenas José Alberto, si la clavija esta tanto Rx como TX ya que yo hago Psk31,sstv con HRD y sin nigun problema e incluso cuando estaba con XPpro hacia ROS y fantastico, pero desde que he querido instalarlo en win7 nada mas que cartelitos y es por eso nada más. Gracias

  257. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Tienes que insertar la clavija del audio para que Windows7 te habilite la tarjeta de sonido.

  258. Jose Manuel Says:

    Gracias por la respuesta josé Alberto, lo tenia en otro lado. Ahora de dice que le audio device input not available y se cierra y nada de nada. He mirado por la web y el programa dice que es compatible con Win7!. ¿ Que tengo que hacer para configuralo con Win7?.

  259. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hola Jose Manuel,

    La cosa creo que está clara, te falta el archivo cty.dat

  260. Jose Manuel Says:

    Hola a todos
    Tengo un problema al instalar la version 6.7.3, cuando cliqueo Ros.install me sale un cartel que pone “installed successfully” y cuando le doy al exe de ros para iniciar el programa me pone
    “File C:\Users\Usuario\Desktop\jose\Ros\cty.dat not found” utilizo Win7. En Xp no me daba ese problema. Gracias.

  261. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Ok, but Elecraft K3 has until 100W output, amplifier not neccesary.

  262. Frank Says:

    Hello José, I am using Elecraft K3 with an external amplifier 6W in 600W out. So I do ROS sometimes with 1-2W Input and get 150W out. I am using CAT. With pwr <5W ROS automatically added /QRP to my callsign. That´s not right, because 150W going out. A software switch (external PA) should solve the problem, that not /QRP is added if pwr of my transceiver is <5W.
    73 de Frank, DL2GRF

  263. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:


    Do you have to close others programs that use the CAT

  264. FROIDURE Fabien Says:

    Hi dr José,

    I have installed the last version on my computer but my Cat System is not recognized. My trx is FT840 and my interface CAT is MAX232 on com port 3. For info my rig is: Yaesu FT840, Cat System home made, SignaLink interface, Asus P4 Intel dualcore 3Ghz, 4mb ram

    73’s from Belgium

  265. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Yes, and Region 1 is limited to 500Hz from 10140 to 10150 but you can see all kinds of unnattended stations of more than 500Hz, ALE, Pactors…etc…


  266. Pat Says:

    Hello Jose,

    I see that the FIX QRG’s are changed in the ROS version 6.6.3. on the 30meterband in 10132, 10133, 10134 but in the region 1 are the bandwitch on those freq. 200Hz and ROS is 500Hz .

    73 de Pat ON2AD

  267. samuel Says:


    thank you for your response.

    It’s ok now. Level of my input signal was not enough strong.

    73… see you

  268. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hello Samuel,

    Read the ROS F.A.Q.pdf in French, question number 16.

    73 de Jose Alberto EA5HVK

  269. samuel Says:

    I have problem with time beacon. time is good when beacon start. but after a few minutes, time beacon don’t work correctly and beacon can not transmit message.

    thank for your investigation

    best regards
    Samuel F4FGI

  270. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hello Doctor Sigi :-)

    Possibilities and combinations are infinite, but i think is not practical for the system and for ROS users, in the 99.9% of the situations, that a third could break.


  271. Sigi Says:

    hello DR.ROS :-)
    could you explain why you make it this way???
    (ok it is that more stations can share a qrg … right?)
    no third station could make a break in a running qso
    and i think that is not ok
    in the other solution a third could sent a break to one of the 2 stations … way better i think … but we could ask the other users …. so to all ros fans, users , club members:
    WHAT DO YOU THINK? … should it be possible if 2 ststions are “linked” for a third station to break in the qso ?
    beta function control
    i would like to have a good explanation for that from jose

  272. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    No, i think it is better like it is now.

  273. sigi Says:

    only f1 does work …. and only if focus is on ros

    no other f-buttons do work

    jose you got mail (subject decode switch)

    you send the sendings station call in start … would it not be better to sent the receiving stations call sign in start?
    like an adress in packet?
    greetz sigi

    ps i explained my idea further in direct mail to you that you understand better my thoughts …

  274. ik2aos Ricky Says:

    I have found a (very)smalll quirk but it is a little annoying to me :-)
    It seems that ROS reacts to keyboard function keys even if it does not have the focus.
    So, doing other things while running a ROS beacon in background, every time I press (for example) F5, the STATION macro text is appended to the beacon string.
    Sometimes I unintentionally make the beacon text very long! :-)

  275. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    I think you should test it before doing so many questions.

  276. sigi Says:

    New DECODE Switch for selective decoding.

    DECODE to ALL: Decode any message
    DECODE to “EA5HVK”: Decode only messages from EA5HVK
    decode only FROM ea5hvk or decode only TO ea5hvk ??? what is correct?
    so does if the switch is set to on the soft only decodes messages that are to you or from you???
    i know that it is for 2 stations to stay “connected” … so far so good …
    i guess you send something in the start sequence … ok on that …
    but question is does the soft only decodes text from the other station (that i have in the callsign field) …means in start you send the (others)call as “sent from” text …
    or does the soft receives only text that is sent to “me” ??? so in start you sent (my) call as “sent to” text???
    example: we both have qso (bfc and hvk) …
    if we both switch decode switch to on … you sent text to me … now is my soft receiving only FROM hvk or only TO bfc??? (2 different things for sure!!)
    i ask cause in the first way nobody else could intrude in our qso … in second way somebody else could say “break pse qrx to bfc (or to hvk .. depends on who the third will speak to)… so question is do you sent the callsign as sent to or sent from text?!?!? (or both?!?)
    should be possible for a third station to get into our qso (example: jesus gets to us and wants to say hello to you or to me)
    greetz beta function control

  277. Ladislav OK1UNL Says:

    Hi José,
    In cause ROS modem 6.5.3
    Thanks for great SDR support.
    Another way:
    I found improvement support of PL2303 chip, another cheap variant of FTDI 232 chip. This is used in low cost CAT cable. Now is this RIG CAT definitevely works great.

    Virtual COM 3 works perfectly with FT-817 under older OS Win XP SP3 (home)
    I suppose success progress also with O.S. Win Vista and 7.
    Thank you very much
    GL, 73!
    Lada OK1UNL

  278. Pete Says:

    Hi Len ZL2LI is having problem with rig set up using COM 3 his programme has reverted to COM 1 and he cant change it how is this done v6.5.1 at present 73 de Pete zl2aub

  279. Juan - LU4FT-Rosario.FF97MM Says:

    Felicitaciones por regalarnos este nuevo modo digital ,mi problema es q’ casi siempre el Vumetro de adquisicion de trama esta en la zona roja ???
    Y el Vumetro de viterbi (no se que indica ) tambien esta de igual manera en la zona roja, ya logre comunicar solo una vez .

  280. Manuel Durán (EA7HAZ) Says:

    Hola a todos:

    Felicidades a Jose Alberto por esta ultima versión del ROS, comentar que las últimas versiones de este programa me habían dado problemas a la hora de la rececpción y la transmisión pero esta última me funciona muy bien. La incorporación del VOACAP y la subida automáticas de los QSO al, hrdlog y son funcionalidades geniales que no he visto en otros programas de comunicaciones diigitales.



  281. phil Says:

    Hi guys. Jose advised using ROS 6.4.5.

    This worked first time in Windows 7 ‘home edition’ I did NOT use the Install exe file though. Just unzipped the files into the WORKING directory and ran from their. Both variants (icons/no icons) work.

    Am using on-line SDR as input source in this setup. Seems to work fine.

    Well done Jose.

  282. Phil Says:

    tried all sorts to get ROS running in Windows 7. Failed.

    Seems to be a compatibility issue.

    Has anyone tried MS XP compatibility download …

    ROS works fine on my old XP PC

    egards – Phil (G0DOR)

  283. Brian Gregory Says:

    There are still no instructions on how to install this.

  284. Graham Says:

    ROS CAT option to execute – Start up and Exit script , so can configure the rig for data on start up etc , then re-set on exit – eg FT897 048 – dig audio processing – off for data , on for ssb

  285. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Me temo que no. Funciona solo en Windows.

  286. Agus Ostolaza Says:

    ¿Es posible instalarlo en un ordenador MAC?
    Gracias un saludo.

  287. sigi Says:

    hello jose
    as usual ros work fine :-)
    voacap ptp and voacap map work superb
    beta fuction control

  288. Brian Gregory Says:

    Thanks José. Obviously I ran the Install exe and it said installed successfully or something but nothing at all has happened. No icons to click, no uninstall entry to undo anything the install program did can be found. Running the other 2 exe files does nothing, they terminate immediately with no error message or anything. I’m worried that a faulty install program which clearly says installed okay when it isn’t installed at all might also have done other silly things like overwriting my system DLL or OCXs with older versions.

  289. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    I will fix it

  290. Peter Says:

    re ver 6.4.3 VOACAP Point to Point

    Jose: VOACAP coverage works very well but Point to Point is different.
    You say to press SHORT or LONG buttons and you show them next to the callsign area in the picture.
    I do not have those buttons on my screen.
    Any suggestions?

  291. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hello Brian,

    This is the main Website. For installing run the file “ROS Install.exe”

  292. Brian Gregory Says:

    I need some help installing on Windows 7 starter edn.
    Is there a main website for ROS somewhere??

  293. Raul Says:

    Gracias, José Alberto.

    Miraré las FAQs que comentas y seguramente conseguiré ponerlo en funcionamiento. De todos modos, tratandose de un programa originado en España, entiendo que sería interesante disponer de una página con material de consulta y foro en nuestro idioma.

    Felicitaciones por tu trabajo, por el éxito obtenido por este nuevo modo y por la gran acogida que se ha puesto de manifiesto.

    Saludos cordiales.

    Raúl – EA7LU

  294. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hola Raúl,

    Hay un enlace para descarga que se llama ROS F.A.Q en Español con preguntas y respuestas básicas. Lo que es el manual creo que no hace falta porque es muy sencillo de manejar y está en 12 idiomas incluído español.

    73 Jose Alberto EA5HVK

  295. Raul Says:


    Llevo bastante tiempo trabajando modos digitales, y estoy intentando comenzar con ROS. Acabo de bajar el programa, pero no encuentro ninguna página en español que nos facilite las cosas a quienes no hablamos inglés.

    ¿Hay alguna página con detalles de configuración y uso en nuestro idioma?

    Agradecería una respuesta.

    Saludos cordiales

    Raúl . EA7LU

  296. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hi Eric,

    Run the ROS “No Icons version” file

  297. Eric Says:

    Hello Jose,i’m having big trouble to run ROS with Win 7 as soon as i execute install exe this causes computer to crash.I tried dowloading from the 3 different sources and they all do the same.It seems to open up correctly on win xp using a virtual computer on my win 7 but now i can’t seem to get it to connect,it shows no port.I’ve tried 3 versions since 6.2.9 including the most recent.Each time deleting the older version.Has Anybody got it working on windows 7 ?.

  298. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hola Francisco,

    Solo hay un programa ROS, y además no puede ser más sencillo.

  299. Francisco Says:

    Hola jose: Hace un par de dias que estoy batallando con el programa ROS v6.3.5, pero todavia no he conseguido hacerme con él, debido a que no encuentro un modo de empleo que se adapte a este programa, tengo hecho muchos comunicados en PSK31, y con el ROS, que encuentro que es magnifico, me parece que no me he bajado el programa adecuado para HF.
    ¿Puedes indicarme de donde me puedo bajar el programa adecuado para HF? Gracias anticipadas 73 de Paco EA3PZ

  300. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    At the moment the manual is this blog :-)

  301. Stephen Says:

    Hi Jose

    Thank you for this software which is great fun. However it does need a good operators manual, the FAQ is not enough in my opinion.

    Kind regards

  302. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hi Stephen,

    The logical is to use DIGITAL USB for Digital Modes. What is the difference with USB only?

  303. Stephen Says:

    Thank you Jose. I do wish v6.3.5 would not use DIGU when using PowerSDR. Would much prefer standard USB with DIGU as a user option


  304. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    doing double click on PTT

  305. Stephen Says:

    ROS looks like fun, but how do you get PTT to auto stop at end of TX ?

  306. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Kim, have you recieved my email?

  307. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hi Kim,

    I would need the FT-747 manual. Please, send me to

    Meanwhile, you can select Rig Control by COM.

    73, Jose Alberto

  308. kim g0okx Says:

    Dear Jose, After many years, at the behest of a friend I have taken up ham radio again. Your Ros v6.2.7 Beta amazing, signal buried in noise at slow data rate; beats cw. Am using Toshiba P200D with Vista to Yaesu FT747, no vox. And USB to RS232, to TTL converter to CAT. RX, TX, RTS, CTS are available. I cannot get RTS to key (PTT). ROS doesn’t list FT747 as a supported radio. Can you help?
    Many thanks.
    Kim G0okx

  309. sigi Says:

    635 works stable here
    did not try out remote yet … but all other things are ok
    beta function control

    ps no new version since a few days … are you okay???

  310. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    No problem, I will include it for the next version.

    thanks for the report.

  311. ricardo Says:

    ts-590 I can not configure with the cat version 6.0.3 worked
    73 thanks

  312. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hi Ladislav,

    I/Q outputs in ROS are only outputs (for TX, not for RX).

    But i could do it for RX too if you need I/Q inputs. Send me information about your RX home made and i will see what could to do.
    My email,

    Jose Alberto, EA5HVK

  313. Ladislav OK1UNL Says:

    Please your advice: SDR
    I connect directly I/Q output from RX home made DR2 (final version)
    designed by Mr. Tasa YU1LM directly to integrated sound card LINE IN
    I check Stereo I/Q output and coose right sound card.
    But not works! Can you tell me your know -how , advices and helps
    how to????
    Thank you and 73!
    Ladislav OK1UNL

  314. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    I dont recommend the use of soundcard managers or similar softwares that adds extra processing.

    Installing the SoundCard drivers is enough.

  315. David Says:


    I have found a small problem when the manager of my sound card is open the Ros software doesn’t work, so i close “soundman.exe” and it work

    My sound card is a realtek

    Best 73

  316. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:



  317. Dick Pache Says:

    English FAQ no longer available for download

    Dick HR1/K2lct Tegucigalpa Honduras

  318. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Yes, because have had changes in some frequencies, like on 30 meters.

    However, I will disconnect DXfun cluster for the next ROS version. Sorry for the inconveniences.

  319. ik4idf raf Says:

    v6.2.6b jose check the 30m band ..make internal spot ok but not is send to dxfun cluster… just for info

  320. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:


    Download 6.2.6 again an unzip the files in other folder.

  321. Franco I6QFZ Says:

    Hello Jose
    sorry but i use the new ROS INSTALL EXE included in zip file v.6.2.6
    and have this problem.
    Also i uncompress the zip file in a folder named ROS in windows program directory
    Franco I6QFZ

  322. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    OK, you are using the old “ROS Install.exe”

    You have to use the new “ROS intall.exe” included in the .ZIP file. Be careful how and where are you uncompressing the archives. You’re making a mess with directories


  323. Franco I6QFZ Says:

    Hello Josè
    thanks for response , but I still have problems
    after unzip the ros zip file i have 5 file and 2 folders .
    i run the ROS INSTALL EXE and i have the response “ROS installed successfully” but when i try to run ROS v6.2.6 exe file i get the response ” File c:\windows\system32\Hook-Menu-2.ocx not found .Run ‘Install.exe’
    In the OCX folders there are 13 ocx file but no the
    where am I wrong ?
    Franco I6QFZ

  324. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Yes, in OCX folder you have the new file. You need unzip all the new files in your PC, not only .exe files.


  325. Franco I6QFZ Says:

    i have a problem with ros sw.
    when i try to install the sw , i get the response ” File c:\windows\system32\Hook-Menu-2.ocx not found .Run ‘Install.exe’
    even if I have already installed Install.exe
    Can you help me ?
    Franco I6QFZ

  326. Sigi Says:

    hello jose
    623 (w64) works fine on 1.8 gig laptop, win xp sp3, cat works fb after we solved the cat with ic765 (you remember the session on my pc with teamview?!?)
    delta golf nine bata fuction control

  327. Les M0ARM Says:


    In answer to your question – In the case of USB-D, do you need do PTT by COM port? – No, in USB-D I can PTT with CAT mode selected.

    73 Les M0ARM

  328. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hi Les,

    Yes, it makes many sense.

    Question: In the case of USB-D, do you need do PTT by COM port?

    I have send you an emial. Open it, please.

    73 Jose Alberto EA5HVK

  329. Les M0ARM Says:

    Hi José,

    A small ‘bug’ has crept in with ROS recently with CAT operation.

    With the Icom IC-756PROIII I have the mode generally set to USB-D (USB Data) to enable the Accessory Port for digital operation.

    On starting ROS with CAT enabled, this mode is reset to USB which then requires the operator to manually change back the mode to USB-D.

    For some operators, USB is fine if your SignaLink USB (for example) is connected to the front “Mic” socket, but for those who use the “ACC” ports at the rear of the rig USB-D or its equivilent is needed.

    I hope this makes sense!

    73 Les M0ARM

  330. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    If you don’t install Team Viewer i cannot help you.

  331. Jedrek Says:

    I have Yaesu VR-5000. Created RIOG not working. Non stop dispaly : searching …. and for 3-5 minuts: RIF NOT FOUND. My connection os ok. Other program (FTBCAT) normally working with CAT on this (my) radio. Any ideas ? Any other CAT from ROS not working (RIG NOT FOUND)

  332. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hi Mike,

    i have send you an email.

  333. Mike G0AMO Says:

    Ros.6.2.1 Beta

    Using an IC706 with this version the CAT connection drops out periodically and you have to re search for the rig. Connects back immediately. Anyone else found this? Excellent software – enjoying the mode 73 de Mike

  334. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hi Stefan,

    Source Code is no impediment to share development. At least, no more than censorship.

  335. Stefan Rehm Says:

    Dear José,

    I just read your interesting interview ( Many thanks for providing us with your great mode.
    One thing that concerns me as (soon to be) ham with a linux-only system is the unavailability of the source code and/or the mode’s specs (Running ROS in a windows emulation layer such as Wine isn’t a really great option, as running linux programs under windows inside a virtualized linux is, esp. on low-end hardware such as netbooks). I understand your concerns about the challenge to release a moving target, but on the other hand, many open source projects achieve fast progress with shared development.
    Anyway, it is your idea and your code, so it’s your decision ;)


  336. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Yes, there is a macro doing double click on PTT button.

  337. Lada OK1UNL Says:

    Is possible to make any automatic makra for switch T/R ???
    for example or

    Thank you 73!

  338. Zoli Says:

    Thnks Jose
    I sent you email


  339. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    do you have other email account?

  340. Zoli Says:

    Well i’m blocked here….
    I have the sound card on mainboard, also have a second soundcard (PSI) in my computer.
    I use USB soundcard (Signalink) for digimodes.
    But i get this error, and can’t pass…. Try to locate older version , to see if it works with it..

  341. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Win64 doesn’t recognize the soundcard unless insert the audio connector.

  342. Zoli Says:

    Thanks for answer Jose
    I use Signalink USB for digimodes….
    But can’t select it to be used by ROS.


  343. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Look like your sound card is being used by other program.

  344. Zoli Says:

    Have problems with the 6.2.1
    After i installed on win 7 (64) when i start it gives me an error : Sound card error . “Audio Device Input not available”
    Can you advice me what to do ?


  345. SIGI Says:

    hello jose
    620 and 621 … tried both and both worked from the first moment …
    but i have one question: why in the versions before you store ros ini in different folder as now and why is it set to c:/programs/ros. ini regardless if ros is installed on a different drive and folder
    for the shortcut on desktop i set to be e:afu/ros to be the workfolder but ros ignores that and makes an own folder in drive c …
    is that needed by the vista or win64 users or why it is nozt stored where it was befor??? could it not be stored in the rosfolder???
    all other things as before … fine software :-)

  346. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Thanks, download 6.2.0 again

  347. F5SZY Says:

    Hello José.
    ROS 6.2.0 does not accept the long passwords. For the radio i use a password 12 characters ( numbers and letters ) but ROS 6.2.0 accept only 10 characters.
    Other problem in ROS6.2.0
    In the ADIF window the button under HAMLOG.EU is not readable . See screenshot in the attachment. I suppose it is a button archive !!!! but not sure.
    Best 73’s José

  348. Jedrek Says:

    please create rig for VR-5000 Yaesu

  349. Jedrek Says:

    ROS 32bit not working on my windows 7 x64

  350. Jedrek Says:

    Ros 6.1.9 x64 very slow running on windows 7 x64 ….1-3 minutes. :/

  351. malc wallace Says:

    well i just reinstalled evrything onto my win 7 pc … and omnirig wont run my ft897d where before i reinstalled it was ok … weird cuz the only difference is i have put 64bit win7 on where i was using 32bit before

    73 de m6mal

  352. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Si, après la configuration de la carte son bien

  353. trioen daniel Says:

    pas possible de recevoir R O S avec window-vista ! ?

  354. trioen daniel Says:

    impossible de décoder r o s avec window-vista !

  355. sigi Says:

    cat polling does make rfi problems
    i have a slight crack-crack.crack.sound in my transmit audio
    set poll interval to 1000ms … every second that cracking sound
    set to 200 … guess what… every 0.2 second that sound
    785 uses 1200 baud but can be switched to 4800 and 9600
    didn´t try that yet … maybe different baud does not make that noise …
    (or falls out off audio passband)
    but for that i have to open the rig and flip some switches
    would it be possible to stop polling of usb while transmitting??
    only one at start (for the rigs that uses cat for ptt) and the next poll at the end of transmitting…

    i have seen that there is another (not needed) poll if you switch from trx to rx
    direct when pressing ptt button a second time … that should only be at the end when buffer is empty (so a few seconds later)
    if the poll would only be at begin and end there were no rfi noises anymore ….

  356. sisi Says:

    hello jose
    in 603w64 cat does work fine
    in new616(noicons) cat does not work with ic765…
    in 503 i could set cat to com4 (usb-cat-cable) and ptt to com1
    (real seriell rs232 with optocoupler for ptt)
    in 616 the soft says rig not found
    and there is no option to set cat and ptt to different com ports like in 603

  357. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hi Sigi,

    i am usually QRV on 28295. I don’t know why others version don’t work in your PC, besides you don’t have Servipack SP3 installed.

  358. Sigi Says:

    hello jose
    i have waited … and success … 616 (no icons) does work
    so maybe now you know why other version(s) did not?!?
    or what is reason for 2 different one??

  359. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Te acabo de enviar un email

  360. avr Says:

    ya lo he intentado pero no hay manera, me pone: “Error registering. Close all aplications an run ‘install.exe’ again. MSCOMM32.ocx”

    Un saludo y gracias por tu ayuda

  361. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:


    Prueba a reiniciar el ordenador y ejecutar ROS install.exe

  362. avr Says:

    Me he bajado el programa pero no soy capaz de instalarlo, cuando ejecuto el programa de instalación, me sale un mensaje de error, y me dice que cierre todas la aplicaciones y vuelva ejecutar el programa, pero tengo todos los programas cerrados.

    ¿Cómo hago para instalarlo?


  363. Leslie Says:

    The CAT operation for the FT847 works just fine using a Rig Expert modem interface. This automaticaly does the rs232 null modem condition. Beware it may require a null modem, crossed 9-pin rs232 to work, for some rigs. These can be bought as a unit or a rs232 plug can be re-wired, quite simple.
    Would this program like it to be incorporatedsay, MixW, as a program selection, as for other modes..

  364. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    email sent

  365. francesco Says:

    buon giorno mi chiamo francesco ik1lry non riesco a scaricare il file 6.1.5 per favore mandatemi il file grazie iklry

  366. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:


  367. Ladislav OK1UNL Says:

    Hi José.
    congrats for a obtain your new and first callsign.
    Many successful and see you on waterfall.
    73! Lada OK1UNL

  368. Henk Says:

    It is oke now, the ft 847 works correctly

  369. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Henk, you have an email

    FT-847 need first a special command to turn on the CAT. So, it is very strange it can work with 817, 857 or 897 that no require that command.

  370. Henk Says:

    I have a ft 847. If I take the transceiver config. for this radio, it doesn’t work.
    Switch I to the config for ft 817 or 857 or 897, it works. How is this possible?

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