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EA5HVK software

10 January, 2011

  VARA HF v4.3.1 (High Performance HF Modem)

  VARA FM v4.0.4 (VARA for FM transceivers)

  VARA SAT v3.1.3 (VARA for Es’Hail-2 Satellite)

  VARA Chat v1.2.2 (Text and File transfer P2P app)

  VARA Terminal v1.1.3 (VARA dumb terminal)


*********** VARA HF Info **************

images (219 x 219)  Sending Images over HF with VARA (by K2MO)

images (219 x 219)  Sending Large Text File Over HF With VARA (by K2MO)

images (219 x 219)  Winlink P2P session using VARA HF (by K8BZ)

images (219 x 219)  Testing VARA HF 4.0 (by YV4KW)

images (219 x 219)  MicroHAMS Digital Conference 2020 – VARA (by W3RWN)

images (219 x 219)  RMS Express and VARA HF 4.0 (by M0IPU)

images (219 x 219)  Winlink Email. Asynchronous Ham Radio for Preppers (by OH8STN)

images (219 x 219)  Winlink with XieguX5105 and Xggcomms interface (by OH8STN)

images (219 x 219)  Modalidad VARA en Winlink (By XE1BRX)

images (219 x 219)  VARA Transmision de datos Alta Velocidad (By XE1BRX)

  VARA HF 4.3 Quick Guide

  VARA HF 4.0 kurzanleitung   germany-flag (25 x 17)

  VARA HF Tactical

  VARA Documentation

  VARA TNC Commands (for developers)

  VARA Modem: Innovation aus Spanien (by HB9AUR)  germany-flag (25 x 17)

  “VARA”, e il modem non c’è più (by IZ2RLJ and IZ5IVV)  bandera-italia (25 x 17)

  VARA Eine innovative Softwarelösung zur Übertragung von Daten über Funk (by HB9NBG)  germany-flag (25 x 17)

  Operación con VARA y Winlink Express (by EA3OG)  

images (219 x 219)  Webinar modo digital VARA en español (by XE1BRX)

images (219 x 219)  VARA Chat over HF (OE3FQU<->OE3CQB)

images (219 x 219)  Testing VARA (by K2MO)


*********** VARA FM Info **************

images (219 x 219)  STAN CO ARES VARA FM presentation

images (219 x 219)  VARA FM and UV5X on UHF (by N3MLB)

images (219 x 219)  VARA FM with a FT3D (by N3MLB)

images (219 x 219)  Simple VARA direct cable interface for EMCOMM (by KH7O)

  VARA FM 4.0 Features

  VARA Winlink Presentation 2020 (by NS7C)

  VARA FM guides (by K6OLI)

  VARA FM and Winlink Setup Guide (by AE7G)



  Opera v1.6.5 (Weak signal ASK Beacon)

  El modo Opera – Revista CQ  (by EA3OG)  

  AirScatter 144Mhz with Opera (by EB5AL) 

  Welcome to the Opera  (by G0HDI)

  Opera Dynamic Search (G0NBD)

  Windows 7 audio tips  (by EA1II)

  Signalink USB modifications  (by G8APM)

  Opera Generator (Source Code)

  ROS v7.4.0 (Weak Signal Radio Chat)

  Le ROS, qu’est ce que c’est ?   (by F1UCG)   

  ROS F.A.Q. v3.0

  ROS F.A.Q. v3.0  

  ROS F.A.Q. v3.0 

  Análisis Modo ROS (by ANgazu)  

  El Modo ROS I, II y III – Revista CQ  (by EA3OG)  

  ROS Guia Rapida (by EA5HIZ) 

  G0HDI’s Ros Mode Page  (by G0HDI)

images (219 x 219)  ROS tutorial (by VE1XOP)

  Le mode ROS  (by 14GIM035)   

  Tutoriel – Icom IC-7300 et logiciel ROS de EA5HVK (Radioamateurs France)   

images (219 x 219)  ROS tutorial (by CS7AEL)   images (25 x 17)

  ROS Mode (by IK1AMC)   bandera-italia (25 x 17)