EA5HVK software

10 January, 2011

  VARA HF v4.7.6 (High Performance HF Modem)

  VARA FM v4.2.9 (VARA for FM transceivers)

  VARA SAT v4.3.6 (VARA for QO-100 geostationary SAT)

  VARA Chat v1.3.4 (Easy Text and File transfer chat)

  VARA Terminal v1.2.0 (VARA dumb terminal for BBS’s)


*********** VARA HF Info **************

images (219 x 219)  Wavetalkers Episode 17: Winlink with VARA HF (by W6AH)

images (219 x 219)  Wavetalkers Episode 59: Setting up a VARA HF Gateway (by W6AH)

images (219 x 219)  Wavetalkers Episode 63: Radio Interfaces for VARA (by W6AH)

images (219 x 219)  Sending Images over HF with VARA (by K2MO)

images (219 x 219)  Sending Large Text File Over HF With VARA (by K2MO)

images (219 x 219)  Winlink P2P session using VARA HF (by K8BZ)

images (219 x 219)  VARA HF connection (by NA9LE)

images (219 x 219)  Testing VARA HF 4.0 (by YV4KW)

images (219 x 219)  MicroHAMS Digital Conference 2020 – VARA (by W3RWN)

images (219 x 219)  RMS Express and VARA HF 4.0 (by M0IPU)

images (219 x 219)  Winlink Email. Asynchronous Ham Radio for Preppers (by OH8STN)

images (219 x 219)  Short tutorial on setting up and using VARA HF with Winlink software (by AG5AG)

images (219 x 219)  Winlink on HF using Icom-7200 and VARA HF (by AC3K)

images (219 x 219)  JNOS and VARA. Acces mode demo (by VE4KLM)

images (219 x 219)  Install VARA on a Raspberry Pi 4 (by KM4ACK)

images (219 x 219)  RPI-4 to RPI-4 VARA HF Link (by PE1RRR)

images (219 x 219)  New Winlink record Hawaii to Switzerland 12273 km (by KH6ML)

images (219 x 219)  Modalidad VARA en Winlink (By XE1BRX)

images (219 x 219)  VARA Transmision de datos Alta Velocidad (By XE1BRX)

images (219 x 219)  Net de la Tecnología: VARA (By EA5HVK)

images (219 x 219)  HF Telsiz Üzerinden E-mail gönderme

images (219 x 219)  How to disable the Windows 10 Update permanetly with Simplewall

  VARA HF 4.7 Quick Guide

  VARA HF 4.0 kurzanleitung   germany-flag (25 x 17)

  VARA HF Tactical

  VARA TNC Commands 28-10-2022 (for developers)

  VARA KISS Interface

  VARA Documentation

  VARA Huffman compression

  CM108 Simple Soundcard Interface

  Winlink VARA HF setup with Icom IC-7300


  VARA Modem: Innovation aus Spanien (by HB9AUR)  germany-flag (25 x 17)

  “VARA”, e il modem non c’è più (by IZ2RLJ and IZ5IVV)  bandera-italia (25 x 17)

  VARA Eine innovative Softwarelösung zur Übertragung von Daten über Funk (by HB9NBG)  germany-flag (25 x 17)

  Operación con VARA y Winlink Express (by EA3OG)  

  VarAC-Nueva modalidad digital pra DX (by EA3OG)  

  Tutorial de Winlink Express (by EA1CI)  

  vARIM (by F1RXP) 

images (219 x 219)  Webinar modo digital VARA en español (by XE1BRX)

images (219 x 219)  VARA Chat over HF (OE3FQU<->OE3CQB)

images (219 x 219)  Testing VARA (by K2MO)


*********** VARA FM Info **************

images (219 x 219)  Wavetalkers Episode 53: VARA FM (by W6AH)

images (219 x 219)  Wavetalkers Episode 58: Setting up a VARA FM Gateway (by W6AH)

images (219 x 219)  STAN CO ARES VARA FM presentation

images (219 x 219)  99 miles Ham Radio Email. Winlink VARA FM (by KH6ML)

images (219 x 219)  25,210 bps maximum transfer rate for VARA FM (by KN4DQE)

images (219 x 219)  VARA FM and VARA Terminal. Connection to a BBS (by N3HYM)

images (219 x 219)  VARA FM and UV5X on UHF (by N3MLB)

images (219 x 219)  VARA FM with a FT3D (by N3MLB)

images (219 x 219)  VARA FM install and initial setup (by AG5DL)

images (219 x 219)  Cheap and small VARA interface for EMCOMM (by KH7O)

images (219 x 219)  Icom IC208H VARA FM Wide Signalink Black (by KH7O)

images (219 x 219)  VARA FM Smallest High Speed adapter Microlink (by KH7O)

  VARA FM 4.0 Features

  VARA Winlink Presentation 2020 (by NS7C)

  VARA FM guides (by K6OLI)

  VARA FM and Winlink Setup Guide (by AE7G)

  Winelink. Run RMS Express & VARA on a Raspi4 (by KI7POL)

  VARA FM Gateway configuration (CVADN)

  Yaesu FT-991A configuration for VARA (by OE5DMF)

  PinPoint and VARA FM Examples (by KH7O)


*********** VARA SAT Info **************

  VARA SAT v4.0

  Winlink Email Server & WebSDR SAT QO-100 (by IS0GRB)

  Hardware for VARA SAT Operation (by IS0GRB)

images (219 x 219)  VARA SAT QO-100 Winlink (by OE3XRC)

images (219 x 219)  Sending Email with VARA SAT over ES’HAIL-2 geosat (by I6IBE)



  Opera v1.6.5 (Weak signal ASK Beacon)

  El modo Opera – Revista CQ  (by EA3OG)  

  AirScatter 144Mhz with Opera (by EB5AL) 

  Welcome to the Opera  (by G0HDI)

  Opera Dynamic Search (G0NBD)

  Windows 7 audio tips  (by EA1II)

  Signalink USB modifications  (by G8APM)

  Opera Generator (Source Code)

  ROS v7.4.0 (Weak Signal Radio Chat)

  Le ROS, qu’est ce que c’est ?   (by F1UCG)   

  ROS F.A.Q. v3.0

  ROS F.A.Q. v3.0  

  ROS F.A.Q. v3.0 

  Análisis Modo ROS (by ANgazu)  

  El Modo ROS I, II y III – Revista CQ  (by EA3OG)  

  ROS Guia Rapida (by EA5HIZ) 

images (219 x 219)  ROS tutorial (by VE1XOP)

  Le mode ROS  (by 14GIM035)   

  Tutoriel – Icom IC-7300 et logiciel ROS de EA5HVK (Radioamateurs France)   

images (219 x 219)  ROS tutorial (by CS7AEL)   images (25 x 17)

  ROS Mode (by IK1AMC)   bandera-italia (25 x 17)


3 September, 2017

VARA is a High Performance HF modem based on OFDM modulation. VARA Modem, brings  state of the  art Military  grade technology to  new  and  existing HF data.

Introduces a new  standard of technology available for Amateur and  Commercial use. Designed for operation within a SSB Bandwidth of 2400 Hz.

VARA (600 x 186)

Providing uncompressed User Data Rate to 5629 bps at a low  (S/N 14.5 dB @ 4kHz)


37,5 bps Symbol Rate with 52 carriers



  VARA HF Modem



New ROS v7.4.0

26 October, 2016

A new error correction code have been implemented in ROS mode and improves slightly decodification in HF conditions.

The new algorithm will start operating on November 9 with the v7.4.0

73 and enjoy ROS

15 July, 2016



15 May, 2016

In order to inform new entrants and keep proving the oldest utility, easy handling and operation mode ROS, the ROS EUROPEAN CLUB. invites radio amateurs world, the ROS Weekend, a weekend exclusively for those interested can test the ROS mode and share experiences.

1. Date, from June 4 at 00:01 UTC until June 5 at 23:59.


3. The certificate may be requested by any amateur or SWL.

4. For the AWARD 10 contacts will be needed. One QSO per band and day of competition. The use of cluster is allowed, but is forbidden self-advertise.

5. The AWARD will be awarded in ROS MODE.

6. The application will be the bands 10, 15, 20, 40, 80 O160 meters, and in the manner set out in paragraph
7. shall be valid QSO with the same correspondent can repeat band and day throughout the contest. Duplicates will not be valid. In order to prove a station must appear at least ten lists
8. The lists must be submitted in ADIF format generated by the ROS program itself to e-mail diplomas@europeanrosclub.com indicating in the “subject” ROS Weekend.Nombre and surname, for making award

9. The AWARD will be sent by e-mail in DIN A4 size in JPEG format.

10. These bases can be modified at any time by the organization award whenever there are grounds for it. Decisions taken by the organization of diploma, for the proper functioning, must be complied with by the participant.

Eb5ag-manolo sanchez


29 November, 2014

5-7 December 2014 on 27.635 Mhz

More info in EuropeanROSClub.com


ROS Tutorial in portuguese

4 April, 2014

Complete and comprehensive tutorial how to install and use ROS in portuguese:


By Luís Filipe CS7AEL,




Le ROS, qu’est ce que c’est ? by F1UCG

12 March, 2014

Excellentes ROS de guidage faites par Daniel F1UCG en français

  Le ROS, qu’est ce que c’est ?   (by F1UCG)   



2nd. ROS Weekend Award 22-23 March

8 March, 2014

With the purpose of giving to meet the new amateur radios and continue demonstrating to the veterans to the utility, easy handling and operation of ROS, the ROS EUROPEAN CLUB, summons the world of amateur radio, the ROS WEEKEND, a weekend exclusive for those interested can use ROS and share experiences.

1.- Date: from March 22 at 00:01 UTC until March 23 at 23:59 UTC.
2.- Call: CQ, CQ, ROS WEEKEND.
3.- The diploma can be requested by any radio amateur or SWL.
4.- To obtain the Diploma will require 30 contacts. Only one QSO per band and day in all the contest (2 contacts weekend with same station). The use of the cluster is allowed, but not allowed self-advertising.
5.- The diploma will be awarded in ROS MODE.
6.- The application bands will be of 10, 15, 20, 40, 80 or160 meters, and the only valid mode is the explained in section 5.
7.- Will be valid QSO with the same correspondent and can repeat band and day throughout the contest. The duplicates will not be valid. For credit a station must appear in at least ten lists.
8.- The lists must be submitted in ADIF format generated by the program itself, via email to: diplomas@europeanrosclub.com indicating in the subject “ROS Weekend”.
9.- The diploma will be sent by e-mail in DIN A4 size in JPEG format.
10.- These RULES can be modified at any time by the organization of the award, if there are reasons for this. Decisions taken by the award organization, must be respected by the contestant.

facebook weken

QSL 30laj34

Opera in eQSL.cc

25 December, 2013
Despite of some ARRL members opposition, Opera has been added to the Data Modes listing of e-QSL by VA3KAB.

First Opera eQSL:  M0WAY<–>EA3FHP

eqsl 1st 
Click on the Opera eQSL link:
and click on Auto QSO function for an automatic 2-way notification:


23 October, 2013


1.- The award may be requested by any ham or SWL.

2.- To get the award you must get a minimum of 2 QSOs on different bands with the special call EG5ERC.

3.- The award is granted on ROS, PSK, RTTY and SSB.

4.- Valids QSO between 15st November at 00:00 hours UTC and 04th December at 23:59 hours UTC of 2013.

5.- Bands are 2, 6, 10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 30, 40, 80 ó 160 meters

6.- QSOs should be sent for e-mail on Adif or Cabrillo format to: diplomas@europeanrosclub.com

7.- The award will be sent by e-mail in A4 size JPEG format.

8.-These bases may change at any time by the organization