VOACAP Online. Coverage Area Maps

With this tool you can get the Coverage Area Map for each Band.

For a better use of VOACAP, ROS sends the EIRP for each Band according the features of your station. So, the power that appears in the Map is the EIRP, and the antenna will appear in the map as “isotropic”. 

You must enter the Antenna Gain and others parameters to get the EIRP easily.

Note: If you have an ATU close to antenna (on the roof) , set SWR as 1.0. If the ATU is in the Radio Shack, then enter the SWR measure in the antenna. Also, for the Antenna Gain, consider that it decreases if there are objects near the antenna.

Example: Coverage Map for EA5HVK on 20 meters (Short path)

This service would not have been possible without the support of Jari Perkiömäk OH6BG.  Thank you!

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