With the purpose of giving to meet the new hams and continue demonstrating to the veterans the utility, easy handling and ROS operation, the EUROPEAN ROS CLUB, convenes to the Hams of the world, the ROS WEEKEND, a weekend exclusive for those interested can use ROS and share experiences.

1.- Date: from March 23 at 00:01 UTC until March 24 at 23:59 UTC.

2.- Call: CQ, CQ, ROS WEEKEND.

3.- The award can be requested by any Ham or CB user (except USA).

4.- To obtain the award will require 30 contacts. Only one QSO per station per band. The use of the cluster is allowed, but not allowed self-advertising.

5.- The award will be awarded in ROS MODE.

6.- The application bands will be of 10, 15, 20, 40, 80 or 160 meters, and the only valid mode is the explained in section 5.

7.- The QSO duplicates will not be valid.

8.- The lists must be submitted in ADIF format generated by the program itself, via email to: diplomas@europeanrosclub.com indicating in the subject “ROS Weekend”.

9.- The award will be sent by e-mail in DIN A4 size in JPEG format.

10.- These RULES can be modified at any time by the organization of the award, if there are reasons for this. Decisions taken by the award organization, must be respected by the users.

 73, EA5HJY-Manolo


14 Responses to “1st. ROS WEEKEND AWARD”

  1. G. Says:

    SS is simply not permitted below 220 MHz. Para 7 refers to this:

    Until someone changes that its game over

    7. We disagree with the suggestion that a limit of ten watts PEP “would hamper amateurs
    who would try to use [SS] over long distance links.”18 Because amateur stations that want to
    communicate over long distance links can use other emission types and higher power in frequency bands
    where SS emissions are permitted, we conclude that limiting amateur stations transmitting SS
    communications to ten watts PEP does not preclude amateur stations from communicating over long

  2. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hello John,

    This is the wrong site, try in http://www.arrl.org


  3. John Zumbro (KD5HIP) Says:

    I think that all should look at FCC 11-22 WT Docket No 10-62 RM-11325 that was adopted Feb. 22, 2011 and release Mar. 4, 2011 regarding the legality of amateurs operating Spread Spectrum in the USA. Bottom line is that Spread Spectrum is legal at 10 watts PEP on all bands (at least as I read the document).
    Mr. Ros, how about making a version of the code that works in the USA, ROS v7.1.7 somehow knows that I am in the USA when I try to run it.

  4. Jose Says:

    The rule number 4 is bad explained (my fault) you are allowed to contact the same station in different band in different day, if you contact me in all ham bands, the saturday and sunday you have 12 points.

  5. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    You are right Pete, Olivia is a Direct-Sequence Spread Spectrum mode. Walsh Codes are used as Spreading sequence.

    But the history ended, USA are out of this game.

  6. Pete Says:

    I suppose “spread spectrum” can be applied to any mode that is wide? I dont work many USA stations on Olivia 32/1000 is that also not allowed by FCC ? I have worked many on 8/250 16/500 so would it be Ok for ROS 500 versions ? SSB @ 2700 is “wideband” in this definition also spread spectrum made up of different audio variatiion/tones Thats my thoughts may be simple logic but seems daft that most of the world is using the system and the Uncle Sams lads no allowed ..?

  7. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Kirk, if i’m not mistaken is USA the only country in the world who cannot use ROS. Who dug his own hole then?

  8. Kirk Says:

    Early on Senior Jose Ros defined ROS to be ‘spread spectrum’! In doing that, he (for lack of better words), dug his on hole! FCC ruled that ROS is indeed spread spectrum which is specified and defined in FCC rule “Section 97.305. Personally, I’m not in agreement with this but nonetheless, as a FCC licensed U.S. Amateur Radio Operator, I’m obligated to follow these rules. Please keep in mind that the Amateur Radio Relay League (ARRL), does not levy these rules nor do they enforce these rules. They do however, convey and make available these rules. If Senior Ros had been forthright from the outset, I doubt there would be a problem today!

  9. 1st. ROS WEEKEND AWARD | URC news : Les nouvelles du monde de la radio Says:

    […] Le règlement est ici […]

  10. Pete Says:

    Kirk please tell us all why USA hams cant use ROS hf bands,most of us understand that ARRL/FCC say no ??

  11. Pete Says:

    Hello error in 4 Should it be 1 contact per station per band,to get 30 points we havnt got 30 bands hi ie if I work Manalo on 14103 thats one point then again on 21110 that another point de Pete zl2aub

  12. Kirk Says:

    By doing what all the others who can’t transmit, receive only! We can still provide receive reports via the internet!

  13. Manolo Sanchez Says:

    Hello Kirk,

    If you cannot transmit below 220Mhz in USA, could you explain me how you think to participate in this contest?


    Manolo, EA5HJY
    Presidente fundador European ROS Club

  14. Kirk Says:


    Many US hams would love to participate. Unfortunately Jose Alberto Nieto Ros has disallowed US Hams from participation. Mr. Ros has said that the ARRL has indicated that US Hams cannot use the ROS program. I have been in contact with the ARRL and now understand the complete and true story. Unfortunately Mr. Ros has been deceptive in saying that the ARRL has said US Hams cannot use the program. US hams can and would enjoy the use the ROS program. Our constraint is that other than to receive, we cannot use this mode on HF frequencies. However, it can be used to transmit on 220Mhz and above. I’m a long time member of the European ROS Club and the first US ham to join. Speaking for all the US Hams, we would very much like to participate. Thanks for your notice.


    Kirk, K6KAR

    Niceville, FL

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