In order to inform new entrants and keep proving the oldest utility, easy handling and operation mode ROS, the ROS EUROPEAN CLUB. invites radio amateurs world, the ROS Weekend, a weekend exclusively for those interested can test the ROS mode and share experiences.

1. Date, from June 4 at 00:01 UTC until June 5 at 23:59.


3. The certificate may be requested by any amateur or SWL.

4. For the AWARD 10 contacts will be needed. One QSO per band and day of competition. The use of cluster is allowed, but is forbidden self-advertise.

5. The AWARD will be awarded in ROS MODE.

6. The application will be the bands 10, 15, 20, 40, 80 O160 meters, and in the manner set out in paragraph
7. shall be valid QSO with the same correspondent can repeat band and day throughout the contest. Duplicates will not be valid. In order to prove a station must appear at least ten lists
8. The lists must be submitted in ADIF format generated by the ROS program itself to e-mail indicating in the “subject” ROS Weekend.Nombre and surname, for making award

9. The AWARD will be sent by e-mail in DIN A4 size in JPEG format.

10. These bases can be modified at any time by the organization award whenever there are grounds for it. Decisions taken by the organization of diploma, for the proper functioning, must be complied with by the participant.

Eb5ag-manolo sanchez

5 Responses to “ROS WEEKEND HF AWARD 2016”

  1. Alex (@M0SFR) Says:

    Hi there, is Opera QSO mode available at all?

  2. Maurizio Picerni Says:

    hi i partecipate a contest but had a big problem about LOG ADIF i set a file . stored every contact and when i go the folder cannot find any trace of this file ! seems that autor do not help about this.. really amazed about this log handling. i keep some contact on paper but not all… probably ros 7.3.2 need a revision… thanks IK1NAF

  3. Anthony Ashpaugh Says:


    Thank you for the info. I did get it installed and participated in the ROS Weekend 2016 event. The bands were bad but I had a lot of fun.


  4. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hello Anthony,

    It’s a FALSE POSITIVE. Please notify to your antivirus support

  5. Anthony Ashpaugh Says:

    Greetings, I am having a problem installing the ROS software. It seems to have a Trojan.Gen.2 imbeded in it and it will not install on a Windows 10 PC with any antivirus software. I would love to participate in the event but not until I know if this is a true threat or not.


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