Australia-Canary Islands 17948 Km!!

New interferences  🙂 of John VK7XX in Europe. This time with Jorge EA8TL. ¡¡17.948 kms!! with ROS4.

S/N: 0 dB  (It means 29 dB!! of Fade Marge for ROS4)

Congratulations to John and Jorge for this Great QSO.

4 Responses to “Australia-Canary Islands 17948 Km!!”

  1. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    But how you know if the contact is in long path or short path? i prefer show only the short path.

  2. John - VK7XX Says:

    Yes, but this “Farthest Contact” distance is calculated by short path distance. This distance is also shown on my logging software (Logger32).

    DX Watch ( says that long path to EA8 is 22217 kilometres

    Maybe Jose could add a long path calculator… Almost all contacts from VK7 to europe on 20 metres are long path. Not every one, but almost all.

  3. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Look in Stats Menu what appear as your “Farthest Contact”.

  4. John - VK7XX Says:

    Jose, this is not the longest distance contact for me. I had LONG PATH contacts with LA2XPA, RN6AM and F4FHY.

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