New ROS4/2000

On Saturday, 27 November at 23:59:59 UTC, the new ROS4/2000 will be available.

This mode will have a better rejected against interferences maintaining the same noise sensivity than current ROS4.

Also, others changes have been done for the others modes, so old audio files cannot be decoded with new versions from 28 November.

If you use ROS this Saturday remember restart the software at  23:59:59 UTC to update changes.

4 Responses to “New ROS4/2000”

  1. Len Inkpen Says:

    got new computer where can i download ros program yors len


  2. Chris Says:


  3. Graham Says:

    Traveling at the speed of ‘Ros’ time slows down ?

  4. sigi Says:

    my calendar says 28 of november is a sunday (and it is today) so … have you a different calendar in spain … just kidding ..

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