ROS CAT: Virtual Ports

Now, with the v6.4.1 Beta, ROS CAT can works until the Virtual Port Number 40.

2 Responses to “ROS CAT: Virtual Ports”

  1. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hello John,

    I dont understand, but FT-736 work fine for EB4FMT and DG3GBE. Ask them

  2. John Says:

    Hi, I run several Radio’s and am very pleased to find that I can now get much higher Comports. I use Two RigExperts so very usefull. Help!, FT-736 Cat is always Closed and I need to start with sending,
    This opens the Port. Is there any way that this can be done within your Program or can it be added to your setup as others must get similar problems with the FT-736R.

    Thanks, John.. (G4VQZ)

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