New ROS v7.4.0

A new error correction code have been implemented in ROS mode and improves slightly decodification in HF conditions.

The new algorithm will start operating on November 9 with the v7.4.0

73 and enjoy ROS

37 Responses to “New ROS v7.4.0”

  1. Tony Ward Says:

    There is still alot of love for RoS even today,It helped alot of operators get into digimodes and works well in low conditions… very well.. Its particularly still liked in 11 meters, with a few FB pages still going and its own frequency…. very busy when the propagation is flowing…it a mode that never dies lol…probably because its very very good…… if the “live chat” returned along with 2 step email and a few modern buttons it would last forever….. a great piece of sofware and helped alot into digimodes….

  2. Jaime Silva Says:

    Instalé la versión 7.4.0 y el programa no detecta el TS-480, dice que tengo que cerrar “Ham Radio Deluxe” y no tengo el programa abierto.

  3. Fabio 1RPS70 Says:

    Hola José, estoy respondiendo a tu declaración del 31 de mayo de 2020.
    Es una verdadera lástima haber leído tu respuesta. Ha creado este protocolo que me parece fantástico y no soy el único que lo piensa. En mi opinión no debería abandonarse porque hay muchos que lo prefieren al js8 por ejemplo, al menos en 11 metros.
    Deberíamos dedicar más tiempo a difundirlo tanto como sea posible con concursos y más.
    Y una actualización sería maravillosa.
    Piénsalo Josè, nunca abandonas tu propio proyecto.
    73, Fabio 1RPS70

  4. Mark Sanderson Says:

    Hi–does not work on my Windows 10 computer

  5. Ingo Berger Says:

    Where can I find a download for ROS v6.9.0.

  6. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Anyway, it is not worth. There is no activity in that mode.

  7. listener85 Says:

    Thanks, I tried and tried without success from here in the UK then had the idea to use a VPN to pretend to be in New Zealand and then it downloaded with no problem at all!

  8. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Here the link is working

  9. listener85 Says:

    Hi, I wanted to try your ROS 7.4.0 software out, but the download link seems to be dead. Is there an alternative download link I could use please? 73, Mark

  10. Mark Sanderson Says:

    Using a Icom ic7300 I can not select com port–where can I go to change the com port to 3 please ?

  11. ROBIN Guillaume Says:

    Hello, could someone fill me in, please?
    I can’t find the SoftRock SDR interface anymore.
    Has it been removed? Where can I find a version of ROS that still supports SDRs with an I/Q interface?
    Thank you very much.

  12. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    ROS was designed for chating via radio. With JT8 Ham radio today is, basically, collect stamps. I have never had interest on it. 73

  13. rimugu Says:

    10AD2706 JS8 seems to be eating away ROS (as seen in pskreporter), while it is too new and too short release cycle, they are releasing and ROS has nothing new for literally years. They also have native linux app and are paying attention to raspberry users. I like ROS better, but it seems is going the way of other unused digital modes

  14. Antonio Reina Says:

    Hola Jose Alberto.

    He probado la IC-7610, funciona perfecto el reconocimiento del equipo, así como sus funciones básicas.
    Tan solo configurar el conector CI-V en modo:

    CI-V USB PORT -> Link to [REMOTE]

    Sino se cambia no lo reconoce.

    Gracias por todo.


  15. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    OK, prueba ahora si rula

  16. Antonio Reina Says:

    Gracias por tu pronta respuesta.
    La ID por defecto es la 98h.
    Aunque el modo ROS este siendo dejado en su uso habitual, siempre que puedo procuro tener esa posibilidad disponible.
    Te reitero las gracias José Alberto.
    de EA7HGL.

  17. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hola. ¿cual es el identificador que trae la IC-7610? de todas formas el ROS es un modo en desuso

  18. Antonio Reina Says:

    He intentado conectar el ROS 7.4 mediante CAT al ICOM IC-7610, y al no aparecer en la lista (al menos a mi no me sale) esto no es posible.
    ¿Alguna solucion o actualizacion para solventar este problema con los nuevos equipos?, que no sea el cambiar el identificador en el equipo para que lo identifique con uno de la lista.

  19. Osmar Fernandes Says:

    I’ve just installed ROS on my Windows tablet and I can’t ajust the size of the program to fit on the tablet screen, it’s too big, tryied so many times to change the resolution but it didn’t work. Anybody to help me ?
    Julio, Rio de Janeiro- Brazil

  20. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    then unistall the antivirus

  21. Sugar Delta Says:

    Jose wow many thanks for the advice but I did that allready, many other digi ops are having the same problem

  22. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    then disable your virus checker or ask in forums how to use the antivirus softwares

  23. Sugar Delta Says:

    I cant open the new download for ROS 7.4.0 is an exe file is it my virus checker thats stopping me ? the old version will TX but I get no decodes, any help will be very welcome.
    I have spoken to other digi fans that they have the same problem.
    73’s 21SD153 Colin

  24. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:


    In the VARA quick guide explain how run VARA in Linux. I think for ROS will be similar. The other option is to use windows.


  25. bradlington kirsten1 Says:

    I am unable to run ROS on linux Mint 17,2
    It is placed on the Desktop after install but will not run . – any suggestions
    Bradley ZS5BG

  26. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hello Eric, not at the moment. The waterfall is only a reference

  27. Eric Thompson (N6SPP) Says:

    Hello group- Can we adjust the waterfall contrast or change it’s color? TU, 73 Eric n6spp

  28. ik1naf Says:

    It should be a very good idea insert a personalized message in SKED -> Internet support many tks , 73

  29. mundopacket Says:

    para cuando ROS para linux ???

  30. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hello Martin, download it again and try it
    73 Jose Alberto

  31. Martin H. Says:

    Hi, FT840 homemade CAT Interface is not working, because there´s no option to check RTS. On Hamradio the interface is working well with RTS checked.
    On ROS only changing frequ. is working but no PTT possible.
    Any help?

  32. F0FYF - Jeff (@F0FYF) Says:

    Always any version for linux users ?

  33. Maurizio Picerni Says:

    Many thanks – Just installed today 73 de IK1NAF

  34. Ham Radio Says:

    Thanks alberto, we always appreciate your work.


  35. Philippe Says:

    Thanks a lot Alberto !

  36. Pete Moore Says:

    Look foward to using it hi, Slight problem how to erase receive screen it gets full up and can not get rid of I try right click but delete is still “greyed” out 73 de Pete zl2aub

  37. Luís Garcia Filipe Says:

    Thanks Aberto, always on top 🙂 73, CT7AEL

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