New ROS v7.4.0

A new error correction code have been implemented in ROS mode and improves slightly decodification in HF conditions.

The new algorithm will start operating on November 9 with the v7.4.0

73 and enjoy ROS


18 Responses to “New ROS v7.4.0”

  1. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    then unistall the antivirus

  2. Sugar Delta Says:

    Jose wow many thanks for the advice but I did that allready, many other digi ops are having the same problem

  3. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    then disable your virus checker or ask in forums how to use the antivirus softwares

  4. Sugar Delta Says:

    I cant open the new download for ROS 7.4.0 is an exe file is it my virus checker thats stopping me ? the old version will TX but I get no decodes, any help will be very welcome.
    I have spoken to other digi fans that they have the same problem.
    73’s 21SD153 Colin

  5. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:


    In the VARA quick guide explain how run VARA in Linux. I think for ROS will be similar. The other option is to use windows.


  6. bradlington kirsten1 Says:

    I am unable to run ROS on linux Mint 17,2
    It is placed on the Desktop after install but will not run . – any suggestions
    Bradley ZS5BG

  7. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hello Eric, not at the moment. The waterfall is only a reference

  8. Eric Thompson (N6SPP) Says:

    Hello group- Can we adjust the waterfall contrast or change it’s color? TU, 73 Eric n6spp

  9. ik1naf Says:

    It should be a very good idea insert a personalized message in SKED -> Internet support many tks , 73

  10. mundopacket Says:

    para cuando ROS para linux ???

  11. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hello Martin, download it again and try it
    73 Jose Alberto

  12. Martin H. Says:

    Hi, FT840 homemade CAT Interface is not working, because there´s no option to check RTS. On Hamradio the interface is working well with RTS checked.
    On ROS only changing frequ. is working but no PTT possible.
    Any help?

  13. F0FYF - Jeff (@F0FYF) Says:

    Always any version for linux users ?

  14. Maurizio Picerni Says:

    Many thanks – Just installed today 73 de IK1NAF

  15. Ham Radio Says:

    Thanks alberto, we always appreciate your work.


  16. Philippe Says:

    Thanks a lot Alberto !

  17. Pete Moore Says:

    Look foward to using it hi, Slight problem how to erase receive screen it gets full up and can not get rid of I try right click but delete is still “greyed” out 73 de Pete zl2aub

  18. Luís Garcia Filipe Says:

    Thanks Aberto, always on top 🙂 73, CT7AEL

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