VARA is a High Performance HF modem based on OFDM modulation. VARA Modem, brings  state of the  art Military  grade technology to  new  and  existing HF data.

Introduces a new  standard of technology available for Amateur and  Commercial use. Designed for operation within a SSB Bandwidth of 2400 Hz.

VARA (600 x 186)

Providing uncompressed User Data Rate to 5629 bps at a low  (S/N 14.5 dB @ 4kHz)


37,5 bps Symbol Rate with 52 carriers



  VARA HF Modem




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  1. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Shayne, write to

  2. Shayne A JonesWatkiss Says:

    Jose all was working well thankyou however i have recently upgraded my ham licence from M7CQA to 2E0IHV and my vara now shows as unregistered do i need a new licence?
    73 2E0IHV

  3. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    write to

  4. Bradford Burge Says:

    I purchase a registration key for VARA HF but did not get an email with a registration key. How long is a normal wait time?

  5. VarAC: G7RDX Spotted In Hawaii By KH6ML - By G7RDX Says:

    […] Vara HF […]

  6. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Write to

  7. Doug Burrell Says:

    I’ve done that also. still not working. any other ideas?

  8. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    You have to copy and paste from thr original code in the VARA email

  9. Doug Burrell Says:

    I’ve done that and it still wont work

  10. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    You have to copy and paste the code in the 2nd machine

  11. Doug Burrell Says:

    Hi this is Doug w4wac, I installed vara on my 2nd machine but its asking me to pay for it again?

  12. 03hf30 Says:

    Hi again Jose. Thank you. I appreaciate your quick response. I installed the key and everything works fine. Thanks again. Michael

  13. 03hf30 Says:

    Hi Jose,
    I just emailed you as you asked. Michael

  14. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Write to

  15. 03hf30 Says:

    Hi Jose,
    I paid using Paypal for a VARA license on the 13th of February but I have not received the license yet. Is there a problem? Thanks. Michael

  16. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Writing to

  17. David Tremper Says:

    I use a paid and registered version of Vara for my Winlink RMS using the callsign KL7GRM. However, I just got a new vanity callsign. How do I transfer my Vare license over to the new callsign?

  18. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    The email is in your spam folder

  19. Dee Russell Says:

    I purchase a registration key for VARA HF but did not get an email with a registration key. WX4FMC
    Dee Russell,

  20. Bradley Glen Says:

    I have a new mobile which is set up for Vox Vara_FM ..

    The issue is the VOX start-up and engage into TX is not quick enough for the vara_FM repeater .

    If I manually PTT it is all working fine so all is working ,just the time latency for mobile voxPTT to enable , which is about 500-800 ms.

    With this is there any way to configure Vara_FM server side to allow the delay .

    All tests to server for AUTO-TUNE work well on audio side but no consideration of latency is availible in the system .

    Most radios have slightly different VOX latency PTT .

    Thanks in advnace

    Bradley (Jose you have my email ZS5BG)

  21. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:


    It’s not possible, as VARA was designed for peer to peer connection.


  22. pat obrien Says:

    IN your spare time, could you add a CQ macro in VARA CHAT. It would be much easier for one to see on the monitor to make a contact. Plenty of VARA CHAT on 20 meters in North AMERICA at the present time.

  23. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    There is no way due to programming OCX limitations. You can move other ports above #16 and leave space for VARA FM port below #16.


  24. KE4IP bgrigsby Says:

    Recently installed Vara FM. For PTT, it looks like it won’t go higher than comport 16? Is there a way around this? My system has a lot of comports, and everything through 30 is utilized.

  25. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hola Alejandro,

    Por el momento no. Cada vez son mas populares y baratos los miniPC tipo Intel NUC, que te hacen el mismo papel que una Raspi4.


  26. Red Digital del Noroeste A.C. XE2DNN Says:

    Hola Alberto, excelente programa VARA, sin duda muy eficiente por encima de Winmor y Ardop, lo he trabajado con el cliente de Winlink y la mayoria de las veces tengo exito en mis conexiones. Disculpa mi pregunta, pero seria posible en un futuro que pudieras compilar una version que corra nativa en Linux (por ejemplo Ubuntu o Raspbian) sin necesidad de usar WINE o Virtualbox para correrlo en Windows?

    Gracias de antemano

    XE2BSS Alejandro

  27. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:


    Maybe you are running another application using the 8300 port.

    Ask in the Winlink forum:!forum/winlink-programs-group

  28. Darrin Lenton Says:

    Hi, I recently purchased Vara modem and have not been able to get it to initialize correctly. While starting Vara FM, I keep getting the following message: Could not connect to VARA FM Command Port 8300 Connection failed: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  29. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    The newest VARA Chat is v1.2.4. It can be downloaded in this web site


  30. pat obrien Says:


  31. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    No, it doesn’t.

    Write to


  32. postmanbart Says:

    I purchased last year the license for full performance of VARA HF, but this year my speed seems to have reverted to the unlicensed slow speeds. Does the license have be repurchased every year?

  33. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:


    Ask to other users in the Winlink Group:


  34. Lewis M. French Says:

    I have a windows 10 computer and have installed Vara HF. The computer is connected to my Yaesu FT 950 through a Rigblaster Plug and Play USB interface. When I select the Vara HF session and before selecting “Start” my transmitter turns on. I have not forund a way to prevent this. When I run other digital modes such and PSK 31 all works well. Do you have any suggestions, Thanks for your help K0LMF

  35. dieterpelz Says:

    Yes. The registered (paid) version works fine with Trimode here.
    Dieter, VK3FFB

  36. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    The free version of VARA works with Trimode perfectly. You have to ask in the Winlink group if you dont know how to configurate

  37. Larry Gage Says:

    The free version of VARA works well with Winlink Express, but does not work with Trimode. Do I need to upgrade to have VARA work on Trimode? Currently we’re just testing the gateway and were reluctant to pay the $70 until certain that it will work.

  38. Pete Pritchard Says:

    There is a group of us using VARA here in Alaska for message traffic back and forth to the Cont. US. Works great under our horrible high latitude conditions of late. Thx and great work.

  39. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:


    VARA FM only does the PTT switching. You have to select the COM port number in VARA FM. If unable open Com3, the Com3 is not actived


  40. Peter Albrecht Says:

    oe5drp peterJan 1 #967

    i use an FT847 + SCU17 ( USB Interface ) to work fine in FT8/FT4 with WSJT-X.
    Com2 (enhanced) for Cat Control and Com3 (standard) for PTT-Control the intergrated SB in/out.

    Now my Problem:
    The same Configuration i want to use by Vara-FM, but Com3 will not accepted:
    “anable to open Com3, maybe in use by other application”??

    But it is not used by any application.
    Supports Vara-Fm (and Vara HF ) only enhanced Com Ports??

    vy 73 from upper Austria + Happy New Year Peter OE5DRP/DF4DR

  41. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Yes, the license allow simultaneous instances and simultaneous computers


  42. Dean Groe Says:

    Does the license allow for multiple simultaneous instances of VARA FM on the same computer?
    Such as one instance on a VHF channel and one instance on a UHF channel. I currently have it setup that way in evaluation mode and it is working OK. Of course some features are not available and I am limited on speed.


    Dean KD4TWJ

  43. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Yes, submitt the false positive to WEBROOT.


  44. Russ Connors Says:

    I am a user of VARA HF modem.
    I recently added anti virus/malware program called WEBROOT and it is blocking Vara Chat. Best Buy store tech says I have to disable WebRoot in order to use Chat. Do you recommend a better solution? By the way….we love Vara and Vara Chat.
    Russ, AA2GS

  45. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:


    VARA does change any parameter of your rig. You have to read the Icom 7600 manual and learn how select the ACC connection.

    Anyway, the PTT is configurated in the Winlink application, not in VARA HF. I think you should ask to Winlink.


  46. Jonathan Fox Says:

    Jose, the HF side of KJ6LV uses an Icom 7600 with a Microham Digikeyer II to handle all the audio and keying. The VARA software however, always forces the radio to disconnect and go to the USB connection rather than the ACC connection. Is it possible for you to allow us to select the proper connection through the radio software? Thanks, Jonathan

  47. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Here a Raspberry Pi compatible with Win10:

  48. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    No idea, try with a Intel NUC

  49. Tomateros (@Tomateros7) Says:

    We have problems searching a low power consumption system under windows platforms.

    We can run Linux with 5vdc devices on battery and solar pannel systems.

    Our Pactor modem only takes max 300mA of power consumption.

    What hardware recommended for Vara?

  50. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hello Dave,

    It’s a false positive. Here the submission site:


  51. Dave Scarfe Says:

    When I downlaod VARA HF, Windows Defender stops the download with a detection of Trojan:Win32/Azden.A!cl. Defender’s signatures were updated earlier today. 73, de VE5UO

  52. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:


    The RA Board uses a special command using low level USB programming. It’s not COM, neither CAT, neither VOX. It’s not possible to do PTT in Winlink, unless the Winlink programmer does changes.

    Try with BPQ of John Wisemman.


  53. john KC5LAA Says:

    Winlink Express does support VARA HF, but must use a sound card. The DRA-30 (not the DR-30) sound card connects fine to to VARA HF, but apparently uses COM port, CAT command or VOX for PTT. My question is how do I do that?

  54. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:


    RMS Express does not support the DR-30. So, you only can use DR-30 with VARA FM.
    However, if you use BPQ with VARA HF, then you can use the DR-30.


  55. john KC5LAA Says:

    I am trying to set up VARA HF through a DRA-30 soundcard to a Kenwood TS570S transciever. How can I set up push to talk (PTT)?

  56. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:


    Here there is a quick guide:

    And here a Scott Currie presentation, with IC7100 example:


  57. Harry Keith III Says:

    I am attempting to set up WINLINK with VARA on an ICOM m710. Is there any documentation to discuss the hardware side of this?

    Harry — KC3IAF

  58. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hello Edward,

    Contact with VARA author:


  59. Edward Feustel Says:

    Please tell me how to change my registration from N5EI to AI1R (my new call)! efeustel at hughes dot net. see qrz for confirmation.

  60. Don McCubbin Says:

    José, Thank you. Works great!

  61. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    in VARA FM none settings


  62. Don McCubbin Says:

    Rgr, thanks. I saw the setting in Winlink, but was wondering if there is a corresponding setting in VARA-FM? Will give it a try.
    73, Don, KM4DC

  63. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hi Don,

    In Winlink express->VARA FM setup, you have to replace the “” IP adress by the new IP adress (where you are running VARA).

    But i think you must open VARA manually. Better ask in the Winlink group.


  64. Don McCubbin Says:

    Hi, I saw the figure above showing Winlink on one PC and VARA-FM on another connected by a LAN. I would like to use this config but can’t figure out where to set an address and port in VARA-FM. Could you point me in the right direction. Our testing here routinely has VARA-FM running at level 6. Thanks for a great product.

  65. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:


    that’s is for the automatic notification when a new version is avaiable. Recommended if you want to stay up to date.


  66. Jason Fouts Says:

    My firewall recently started blocking traffic from VARA going out to on port 8002. It does not seem to be affecting operations, but is the traffic needed?
    The address traces back to Spain and google flags it as malicious

  67. Dieter Pelz Says:

    Hi – re-started testing VARA last weekend with a friend in New Zealand. Very convincing, so I bought a licence today. Now I am looking for QSO partners in the VK-ZL or US, EU region. Propagation to EU still exists via LP on 20m on many days every month and US is almost daily within reach. 73 Dieter, VK3FFB

  68. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hello Albert,

    I have just sent you an email


  69. Albert Mitchell Says:

    José Alberto Nieto Ros,
    I’m currently the system operator for:
    AFA0AM = message board for Air Force Mars region 10
    AGA0MC = message board for Air Force Mars
    AFA0AM = my personal call for Air Force Mars
    I would like to know the price to license for all three stations.

  70. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hola Antoine,

    Hasta 450 bps ambos modos son similares. A partir de 450 bps el 2300 empieza a tomar ventaja hasta llegar a los 7050 bps. El Modo 500 solo llega a 1540 bps.


  71. Antoine Daly Says:

    Saludos Jose,

    Primero, gracias por el gran trabajo tuyo y de tu equipo. Tengo una pregunta técnica sobre el comportamiento de funcionamiento en la v4.0. Me explico, a igual condiciones de ruido, señal, etc. ¿La conexión a 2300 siempre será más rápida que la de 500? Y, de ser así, ¿por cuánto? Doble, triple…

  72. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hello Gary,

    The license is valid for both VARA HF and FM.


  73. William Mothena Says:

    Downloaded VARA HF and VARA FM and purchased a license. I am awaiting the license key – looking forward to getting VARA setup for Winlink. Is a separate key (and $69) needed for VARA FM?
    73 Gary N4GKM

  74. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hola Emilio,

    Sí, se puede hacer el pago mediante transferencia bancaria. Te mando un email

    Jose EA5HVK

  75. EmilioRafael Martinez Fernandez Says:

    Queria ante todo decirle que gracias a su trabajo, el VARA es una gran ayuda para para nuestra red de emergencia, felicitaciones, va estupendamente en las diferentes situaciones que lo hemos probado en la version de prueba, queria solamente saber si puediera existir otra forma de pago que no sea por internet, ya que resulta muy dificil tener en nuestro pais una tarjeta para este tipo de pago. Saludos

  76. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    yes, writing to the author: :-))

  77. w5rmw Says:

    any way to recover key? page is not accepting my email

  78. Mexican Amateur Radio Volunteers Providing Communication in Wildfire Response – Storm-Tech Nomad Says:

    […] had been using Winlink but added the weak-signal software Vara HF, after José Alberto Nieto, EA5HVK, provided a Vara license on short notice. Tom Whiteside, N5TW, […]

  79. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hello Jim,

    In 45 min i arrive to home and send you the registration code


  80. Spitfire Says:

    Hi Jose,

    I just bought Vera 3.04 from the trial box in Winlink. I got a PayPal receipt but how do I activate it in Winlink? Thank you.

    73 – KF4LGV, Jim

  81. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hello Kurt,

    depend on the consditions. But you can test negative SNR condition with the trial version even.

    73 Jose

  82. W. Kurt Dobson Says:


    For the Vara modem, you show 11 different speeds. Can you provide what SNR the speed changes at. Specifically I am interested in whether the Vara modem will operate in a negative SNR condition.

  83. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:


    En radioafición, aunque fuera de 200dB no vas a notar ninguna diferencia, ya que el ruido radioeléctrico y la distorsión del canal es infinitamente mayor que el propio de la tarjeta de sonido. Cualquier tarjeta de sirve de sobra


  84. Pirat3 Box Says:

    Es mejor para VARA una tarjeta de sonido con mejor SNR? He visto que algunos equipos como el FLEX o ICOM traen incorporadas unas tarjetas bastante pobres (pcm2901) con un SNR bajo, de 89DB y he visto otras tarjetas mas profesionales como algunas Sound Blaster que traen un SNR de 116DB y en definitiva, todo bastante mejor, como la “respuesta de frecuencia” o la “distorsión armónica”.


  85. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    funciones de sincronizacion

  86. ANgazu Digital Says:

    Hola Jose Alberto

    Segun los analisis, el modem usa una libreria de 48 tonos para los MFSK y OFDM.
    En algunos ACK y algún final de emisión en MFSK , aparece un tono 49 en la parte superior del espectro. ¿Tiene alguna función especial?


  87. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Son señales de calibración de VARA SAT

  88. Pepe potamo Says:

    Gracias por responder.

    Las grabaciones las efectue del satelite EsHail2 y antes de la llamada del modem aparecen las partes en banda estrecha.

    Si me envias un correo a te manso el espectrograma y algun tros de señal para que lo veas.


  89. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hola Angazu,
    ¿que grabaciones?

  90. Pepe potamo Says:

    En algunas grabaciones hay una especie de llamada usando 7fsk con los mismos parametros que la llamada normal del VaraSat modem. ¿Pertenece a este modem?

    Saludos y gracias.

  91. Jabi Aguirre Says:

    Hola Jose. Me dice Aitor de Gasteiz que estas buscando beta tester para el QO-100. Cuenta conmigo.Mi email es:
    73,s de Jabi, ea2aru.

  92. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    send me some screenshot to my email

  93. Peter Knol Says:

    I did ask a om here in my area to instal Chat + VaraSAT. He, PA4GB (also QO100 active) has the same problem. TCP led stays red. No communication. Today I did switch all virus scanners off, but also no luck…

  94. Peter Knol Says:

    I did delete all VARA stuf. After reinstal and start Chat, Windows Defender Firewall asks if it is ok that VaraHF gets acces to network. Same happens when I start VaraFM. That Windows Defender Firewall does not pop up when I start VaraSAT. Looks like it does no request to acces the network. But I will focus at firewalls and virusscanners now…

  95. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    maybe your antivirus have blocked TCP connections in VARA Sat

  96. Peter Knol Says:

    Yes. Vara Sat. I will reinstall the software. On a 2nd computer where the results the same. I did on both computers that ‘ virus check over rule ‘ thing. Map C:/VARA. I’ll try again…

  97. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:


    have you installed VARA SAT?

  98. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Here it’s working perfectly. You have to check if the path is right

    73 Jose

  99. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Ok, after i will test it at home

  100. Peter Knol Says:

    I tried such befor. I tried port 8400. Did not work. I just tried 8320. Still no TCP connection. When I hit Connect I get the message ,VARA Chat is not connected with VARA modem, !

  101. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Then there is a conflict with TCP ports. Select 8320 port in both VARA SAT and VARA Chat. Then try again

  102. Peter Knol Says:

    Yes. In Chat i select Varasat. No TCP connection but modem starts o.k. Works fine when I select VaraHF modem. Then led TCP is green. PATH TO varaSat is ok, otherwise it wil not strar the modem…

  103. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    In Vara Chat setup you have to select “vara sat”.

    73, jose

  104. Peter Knol Says:

    Hello. I did install VaraSat but it does not comminicate with chat. When i sellect Vara HF it does work. VaraHF works via local loopback cable between 2 computers. It does not work via QO100. Timing problem ? But back to the top: Chat does start VaraSat, but that TCP led stays Red…

  105. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Yes, it’s my development. 73, Jose EA5HVK

  106. KarapuZ (@India_Papa_Golf) Says:

    Sorry, “razarabotki” = development!

  107. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    what is razarabotki?

  108. KarapuZ (@India_Papa_Golf) Says:

    Question to the respected author and developer of VARA HF – Alberto, work on the frequencies of the QO-100 / Es’hail-2 satellite is marked
    modem, presumably in ARQ mode, with signal parameters: MFSK-48 (dF = 46.74 Hz V = 46.75 bps) and MFSK-24 (dF = 93.5 Hz V = 93.75 bps). My colleague and friend Cryptomaster published a material with signal analysis at the link:
    Actually the question itself – do your razarabotki to this signal related?
       Regards and best wishes from Russia!
    Danila (KarapuZ).

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    […] had been using Winlink but added the weak-signal software Vara HF, after José Alberto Nieto, EA5HVK, provided a Vara license on short notice. Tom […]

  110. The ARRL Letter for June 6, 2019 | Big Island ARRL News Says:

    […] had been using Winlink but added the weak-signal software Vara HF, after José Alberto Nieto, EA5HVK, provided a Vara license on short notice. Tom Whiteside, N5TW, […]

  111. Mexican Amateur Radio Volunteers Providing Communication in Wildfire Response - Town Of Islip ARES/RACES Says:

    […] had been using Winlink but added the weak-signal software Vara HF, after José Alberto Nieto, EA5HVK, provided a Vara license on short notice. Tom Whiteside, N5TW, […]

  112. Mexican Amateur Radio Volunteers Providing Communication in Wildfire Response Says:

    […] had been using Winlink but added the weak-signal software Vara HF, after José Alberto Nieto, EA5HVK, provided a Vara license on short notice. Tom Whiteside, N5TW, […]

  113. Mexican Amateur Radio Volunteers Providing Communication in Wildfire Response - - RF News & Info Says:

    […] had been using Winlink but added the weak-signal software Vara HF, after José Alberto Nieto, EA5HVK, provided a Vara license on short notice. Tom Whiteside, N5TW, […]

  114. rafael manuel lorenzana ruz Says:

    thank you very much, for answering, sorry they know of some manual, for the program trimode, to activate the server

  115. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hello Rafael,

    That was the very old version. Now VARA is integrated in Winlink. You can put a Gateway with Trimode software

    73 Jose

  116. rafael manuel lorenzana ruz Says:

    Greetings, with this version 2.2.1, as I can put it to be a gateway, to be a server.

    with the previous versions you only selected it, in this new version I no longer see this option.

    Thank you

  117. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Its a false positive Howard, dont worry. Add an exclussion to c:\vara folder

    73, jose

  118. Howard Waxman WZ4K [AKQ] Says:

    I know this has been addressed but feel compelled to revisit the “false-positive”. I’m using SuperAntiSpyware and it gives a specific positive hit:
    Trojan.Agent/Gen-SmokeLoader.Process-2 – (Variant 332449)
    Trojan that may log user information and possibly block access to certain security related sites. Threat Level (1-10): 5

    Please advise, thank you, 73, Howard, WZ4K

  119. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hello Warren,

    It’s a false positive


  120. Warren Yursik Says:

    I downloaded the zip file VARA Modem v2.2.1 (High performance HF modem). McAfee halted the installation when it discovered a virus.

    Is this a fact or is it a false positive?


  121. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hello Curtis,

    You need to do an exclusion to C:\VARA folder in Windows Defender.

    This quick guide explains how:!TSR0RABa!pIrpYBMED3YHT5wTs8WgvtxMWJn3YNL_LPI5VGwiLAU

    73 Jose

  122. Curtis Price Says:

    I have downloaded and uncompressed the VARA HF files. Run the setup as an administrator. I finally was able to find the .exe file, however that file gets erased or deleted when it is opened. Any ideas? Running Win10 pro on a Surface and HP desktop same thing happens on both computers. RMS express is the latest version.
    Curtis Price, K6IBP

  123. Rafael Muñoz Says:

    perfecto, gracias José Alberto¡

  124. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Apúntate al VARA google group. Ya se están haciendo pruebas con la versión de VARA FM:!topic/varahfmodem/0Mcplhmr-Vw

  125. Rafael Muñoz Says:

    Intentaré hacer pruebas porque sería muy interesante reinventar un packet 2.0 mejorando con respecto al FSK 300bd.

    Por cierto con Winlink funciona perfectamente, enlaces con VE y USA desde EA sin ningún problemas y a velocidades razonables incluso con S/N negativo.

  126. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hola Rafael,
    Supongo que sí que es posible, ya que lo que se hace al fin y al cabo es enviar información de A a B.

  127. Rafael Muñoz Says:

    ¿se podría utilizar este modem para construir una red packet radio con aplicaciones como ui-view o digipiater, etc??. Podría ser interesante por su eficiencia con niveles de baja S/R

  128. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hello Rien,

    You need to download Winlink Express


  129. Rien Aarden Says:

    Hello I’m brand New And Have download VARA but I’m realy do not know how to configurate the software .
    is there someone who can help me with this or is this only for Users that are pay for the software?
    I’m realy new with this and hope that I can try this mode with some help from someone!
    Tnx Rien, PA7RA

  130. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    It’s a false positive, not a virus

  131. Hugh Wardlaw (@HEWscsi) Says:

    VARA does not work. It has a virus.

  132. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Yes, it is a modification

  133. KarapuZ (@India_Papa_Golf) Says:

    A question to the respected author is that in a frequency range of 40 meters there are 52-channel OFDM with Symbol Rate 41.6 bps in channels and a frequency shift of 46.8 Hz. Is this a modification of your VARA HF modem?
      Here is a link to this material:

  134. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

  135. Juhani Tuovinen Says:

    Hello José!

    We have tested the OH7TE OH5ZN test version of the VARA FM by getting through OH5RM, please send me your email address for the test results
    OH7TE “Yussi”

  136. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    It’s a false positive

  137. Mark Carpenter Says:

    Windows Defender gave me the following message when I downloade, VARA 2.1.0 setup:


    Alert level: Severe
    Status: Quarantined
    Date: 3/24/2018

    Recommended action: Remove threat now.

    Category: Trojan
    Details: This program is dangerous and executes commands from an attacker.

  138. Winlink Express: ARDOP & VARA integrated – "What hath God wrought?" Says:

    […] there is a beta version of Winlink Express which integrates the new Modes ARDOP and even VARA. There is also an update for the corresponding RMS Trimode software (the counterpart für RMS […]

  139. guillermo albizua Says:

    Lo probe desde Bolivia y funciono en 20m via Bern. Conecto en la primera, excelente, ahora por lo visto no hay buenas condiciones y veo a la mayoria en 40 m pero no tengo antena para ello, Felicidades

  140. Carlos Gascón Saso Says:

    Gracias Alberto, he estado mirando de que se trata el sistema Winlink. Lo he puesto en modo automático y cada cierto tiempo emite la señal e intenta conectarse con la estación Gateway a ver si le voy cogiendo el truco. También he puesto un mensaje de prueba en la bandeja de salida del correo. A ver si se conecta y lo consigue enviar.

  141. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Hola Carlos. Para manejarlo primero tienes que estar familiarizado con el sistema Winlink. No se trata de un modo tipo QSO.

  142. Carlos Gascón Saso Says:

    Saludos a tod@s. He descargado el programa VARA y lo tengo ya instalado, pero hay unas cuantas cosas que no entiendo muy bien, a ver si me podéis explicar un poco.
    – Cliente y gateway
    – Hay que colocarse en alguna frecuencia específica como en Ópera o en Ros???
    – Etc…
    Si me podríais explicar un poco para poder empezar a manejarlo, aunque sea por encima para hacerme un poco a la idea de su funcionamiento.

  143. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    it’s not my development. The commercial version of VARA is already in this site


  144. KarapuZ (@India_Papa_Golf) Says:

    I see very similar signals outside the amateur bands. But the OFDM segment of the modem has differences – 60 channels with a speed of 40 bps and a spacing of frequencies between them of 50 hertz. In this connection, the question for the respected author is – tell me, this is one of the versions of your modem, maybe commercial, or it’s just a coincidence and it’s not your development.
      The records of the 60 channel modem are available via the link:

  145. Juhani Tuovinen Says:

    We test also 80 m here under aurora zone and bad selective fading -but working very well!
    Yussi OH7TE

  146. Juhani Tuovinen Says:

    VARA workin fb here in OH, v high speed connects.

    73 tu OH7TE Yussi

    Sent 1 message. Bytes: 93437, Time: 07:30, bytes/minute: 12456

  147. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    Así funciona la cosa Roberto, por eso dudé si subirlo a internet o dejarlo guardado en el disco duro.
    En Marzo me llega un toroide de ferrita y tendré operativa una estación EMCOMM en 30m con VARA. De momento lo tengo provisional en 10 metros.

  148. Roberto Sánchez Says:

    Gracias por tu trabajo, muy bueno por cierto.
    Ayer pude conectar a HB9AK y con niveles ridiculos estuvo enviandome la informacion, de 10 la robusted del protocolo.
    Lastima de no ser Norteamericano, seguro que ya habia cientos de personas usandolo 😉
    Un abrazo de EB1HHA

  149. IV3VJH Emanuele Says:

    Nice 👍

  150. Peter Martinsen Says:

    VARA 7050 for a few hours (Gateway) de OZ1PMX Peter

  151. José Alberto Nieto Ros Says:

    you are right, Luis

  152. Luís Garcia Filipe Says:

    Alberto, is a new moden for winlink, correct? 73 CT7AEL

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